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Unclear on the Concept

Go Green!

Go Green!

Bonus Fail:

Why, yes.  I DO own a boat.  Why do you ask?

Why, yes. I DO own a boat. Why do you ask?

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10 Responses to Unclear on the Concept

  • Uh, I need to page someone. Hold just a second…

    “Mike Hunt? Mike Hunt? Is there a Mike Hunt here?”

    Whoa. ‘Nuff said.

    • Do you, by any chance,  know Dick Hertz?  He’s originally from Holden.

  • Not that I don’t get the irony, but the “green” hummer is actually some sort of prototype hybrid thingy.  I something about it somewhere a while back. (unless this is a different thing…)

  • It took me a second, but now I get it. Yes, I do own a boat.

  • I don’t get the “why yes, I do own a boat, why do you ask?” reference.  I must be dim today.

  • I looked up the Ecosmart company and it seems they are a tankless water heater company.    

  • Careful on that Hummer.
    It looks an awful lot like the one I saw a few years ago that was running a diesel, was running french fy oil and got somewhere on the order of 21 to the gallon. Last I saw the thing, they were considering putting a hybrid rig out of an Escalade in it, too, except they were trying to work out how to get the hybrid into the Diesel environment.