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Research: people can’t distinguish dog food from pâté

Perhaps because of my cross-grained hillbilly upbringing, I’ve long been a bit cynical about high cuisine. An old steakhouse commercial summed up my feelings: “Cuisine is something that’s a lot like food, only it costs a lot more.”

I’ve had pâté at a few receptions, and wondered what the fuss was about. So I got a good hard laugh out of this posting about how people can’t distinguish dog food from pâté. There’s a link to the original research paper.

I’m sure there’s some clever political metaphor in there about not trusting elites, but I’m too lazy to tease it out. Commenters are invited to do so if they are so moved.

(Originally found at, which you programming and math types ought to put on your daily reading list.)

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2 Responses to Research: people can’t distinguish dog food from pâté

  • This isn’t that surprising.  Viktor Belenko, who defected to Japan in a Soviet fighter plane some time ago, had an interesting trick that he’d play on Russian guests:  He’d feed them cat food… just to emphasize the point that American cats eat better than Russian people.

  • I like pate, but there is indeed a certain snobbery surrounding it. To me it is pretty much the same as liverwurst, or meatloaf made with the insides of animals instead of the outsides.

    Then again, some folks get a little strange about the things they drink, too.

    De gustibus non es disputandem, as we elitists say.