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Houston, You Have A Problem …

That problem would be putting up with me for 4 days.

I’m in Houston at the invitation of the American Petroleum Institute (who is kindly picking up the tab) to cover the Offshore Technology Conference here. About 75,000 oil folks are converging on the place for 4 days of conferences and panels on various topics.

Today, the “Meeting The Energy Challenge” panel meets and it should be interesting. We’ll have the president of Shell Oil, a Senior Fellow of the Progressive Policy Institute, the president of the API, the presidents of the American Trucking Associations and Air Transport Association, the president of the Consumer Energy Alliance, the Executive Director of the National Council on Energy Policy and Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) here to talk about that – I’m looking forward to it.

And Pogue – if you read this and can respond, yes, I will be glad to buy you a beer – just let me know when (other than monday night) we can do it prior to Thursday before I fly out.


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22 Responses to Houston, You Have A Problem …

  • pedro can’t wait to hear bruce regurgitate big oil talking points in the days to come.  pedro would prefer to whore himself out to an industry that meets in nicer places than houston tejas though. perhaps the hotel and restauranteers of amedica?  they sound like they gather their ho’s in hawaii.  but heck, even vegas is better than houston.

    • jose can’t wait to hear pedro regurgitate leftist talking points in the days and weeks to come. pedro is such a whore he cannot imagine doing anything that is not whoring. he would prefer to whore himself out to an industry or anyone else that meets in nicer places, but if that ever happened he would no doubt drop the faux foreign affectation for his johns.

      • Ja, der nasty oil industry that employs many blue collar vorkers, this vee must willify.

  • I accept your challenge.  How does Wednesday sound?  Assuming you’re staying close to downtown, there are several pubs worthy of a monumental gathering such as this. 😉

    The Flying Saucer – over 85 beers on tap.  ’nuff said. (of course, all of my favorite watering holes have at least a decent selection.)

    The Ginger Man – A hot spot with the Rice University crowd.  And of course, it being one of many in a college crawl,  it can draw an eccentric clientele.  There’s also a place next door that might still have their $3 pints of Guinness happy hour.

    Kelvin Arms – two blocks north of the college crawl lies Houston’s “only Scottich pub.”  Many of my credit cards have been worn out here while sipping on their wide selection of single malts and admiring their shrine to Sean Connery.

    The Richmond Arms – If you’re in the mood for British ex-pats hollering over the Premier League on the big screen.  Of course, I’ll have to check and see if I’m allowed back in.  It’s not exactly the best place to go, you see, on St. Paddy’s singing The Wild Rover with an attitude.

    Then there’s the Mucky Duck – usually not one of my favorite places to go, but…  on Wednesdays, it is open session.  Houston’s small yet talented collection of Irish musicians gather to ceili.

    There are a few others, but those are the best IMHO.

    Unfortunately, I think Wednesday is the only night I’ll have free.  So if that works for you, great.  If not, maybe some other time.
    Enjoy your stay in Houston.  Other than the fine bars and eateries, I can’t think of too many attractions Houston has to offer.  There’s always NASA, but I think if you have a way to get there, the Battleship Texas, the only WWI era dreadnought still in existence, is pretty cool.


    • Awwwwwwww, he can go see San Jacinto too!  
      USS Texas is pretty cool though.   I love the main battery turret configuration.

    • Pogue – Wednesday is a perfect.  And I’m a block away from the Flying Saucer and most likely will visit it tonight for a recon.

  • I would be particularly interested in their view of the recent announcements of large natural gas discoveries within the US. 

    The cynic in me suspects that these are deliberately overblown to cut the political legs out from under the alternative energy folks.  I further suspect that these deposits are either deep or tight or both.  That would reduce their EROEI and raise the costs.

    • If the stretch of land around DFW regional Airport out through areas west and south of Fort Worth are any indication well wise, there’s a LOT of that gas out there hereabouts, and they’re taking it out of the ground, based on the storage facilities, well and pipeline sites I’ve watched be built in these areas over the colurse of the last year or so.  If someone’s only hyping, they’re laying out a lot of costly maskirovka to do it.

  • Oh, come on, Pogue.  Nothing wrong with any of those places, but they’re not exactly local flavor.   Take him someplace with a genuine Texas vibe.  I’m pretty sure Blanco’s is still in business. 

    Or hit any one of a dozen taquerias or pupuserias in that general area.  Or the Black Knight, for a good blues bar (if it’s still open).  Or if you’re not up for that, Pogue (I know McQ could handle himself at the Black Knight), who’s playing the Big Easy on Wednesday?

    • Or BBQ.  Goode Co.  Or Ragin’ Cajun.  Mudbugs and a bucket of suds.

    • Yeah, I respect that Phil.  The problem is “Texas flavor” usually means Bud Light.

      Never heard of The Black Knight.  Blancos is still hapnin’, if you’re into honkey-tonkin.  Tacquerias are great, … love ’em, but again, maybe you’ll be lucky if they serve Negro Modello.  Goode Co., Ragin’ Cajun, Pappa’s, etcetera, are all good places and very popular, but there’s always that “Well, we have Heineken” fear.  Which then forces me to drink G&T’s, and then it could get out of hand. 🙂

      If we were close to The Big Easy, it might be worth checking out.  Good enough beer selection.  And we might get lucky with the band.
      I remember many o’ moons down there listening to this little asian guy named Rick Lee play the blues.  He would tear that guitar up, and if you listening to him and not looking at him, you would swear he was a 300 pound black guy by the way he sang.  I don’t know if he plays there much anymore, haven’t been there in ages though.

      I think The Flying Saucer is a good choice to start.  A beer selection for the gods.


      • Rick Lee is the bomb.  I saw him at the Big Easy, he’s exactly as you describe.  And if you’re talking about going to the Gingerman they’re a block apart.  Speaking of which, Gingerman means cask strength St. Arnold’s Amber.

  • Um, McQ?

    When all these Texicans get done with you, we’ll expect a full, detailed, blow-by-blow account of your off-duty time there! :~)

  • If you would care to look me up here in Houston, just send me an email. I can take you to some nice places to eat. My wife still works for one of the EEVIL oil companies, But I am out of that business now. I got so tired of the ups and downs.

  • Fajita Flats.

    Best margaritas in Houston. Great Tex-Mex cuisine…and YES, they serve Negro Modelo…jeez.