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This Can’t be Good…

Treasury Department Issues Emergency Recall Of All US Dollars

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6 Responses to This Can’t be Good…

  • Do you think this was inspired by FDR’s Gold Confiscation of 1933?

  • There is no time to think about it, just do it,  eh? Just like the stimulus package.

  • The Onion seems to be one of the few general humor outlets prepared to skewer the Obama administration. The late night guys have mostly wimped out.

    I laughed even harder at the cutaway line for this video. “Moving on now, a single, elderly black woman is still following President Obama around and shedding a single tear whenever he does anything.”

  • Maybe that was SUPPOSED to be humor, but seeing everything controlled by the gang of thugs running this country, I am never too sure. Let’s wait, and see if this is not humor, but prescience.

  • At least they finally found a way to pay for BO’s spendthrift ways…

  • This one covered so many bases it’s….well…I should say it’s frightening, but it’s STILL funny.

    EPA declaring substances to be suddenly harmful
    government generated crisis
    ‘trust us’
    no time to think about it