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Yes Virginia, There Really Is A Pogue

I‘ll be traveling most of the day, but I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with “Pogue Mahone” from our comment section.

We had a fantastic time. Great discussion and enough humor that my ribs hurt when I got back to my room.

More on it later (with a pic as soon as the photographer in question sends it to me), but in the meantime, thanks Pogue!


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One Response to Yes Virginia, There Really Is A Pogue

  • I tell you I had a great time, McQ.

    Everyone there was just super nice.  The other bloggers were fun and the gals from API were the epitome of classy southern ladies.
    We only stayed for one more beer after you left.  I’m probably going to get their names wrong because I’m terrible with names and I was drinking.  Kevin from Red State, Chris the “raging liberal”, and Joy’s reader J.C.
    I don’t quite remember all of what we talked about.  There was something to do with elitist cigarettes … populist beers …  Something along those lines.  LOL

    I do remember one thing with the Red State fellow.  I had to ask him about the RedState Strike Force.
    He denied any knowledge and told me that if it did exist, it was probably a satirical stunt made to rouse the lefties.  Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. 🙂

    Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I’d love to do it again.  Like I said, I might be headed to Atlanta sometime in the future and I’ll definitely look you up.