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Cheney: Obama Endangers the Nation

Before everyone goes ballistic about this, I just want to remind our friends on the Left what they’ve been telling us for the past 8 years: “dissent is the highest form of patriotism“.

So, how do you like all that “speaking truth to power” stuff now?

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34 Responses to Cheney: Obama Endangers the Nation

  • Yeah, freaking seriously. 

    Funny how Bush = Hitler-like policies and statements the O-Team makes are completely ignored.
    All those “Police State” posters and where are they now?

    What the hell is wrong with people?

  • Sorry, all, but I don’t think standing behind Cheney is at all helpful.  The man is a poison pill.  He’s fine when he’s preaching to the choir, but at this stage he could say the sky is blue and be disbelieved by the public.  It’s THAT BAD.

  • He’s fine when he’s preaching to the choir, but at this stage he could say the sky is blue and be disbelieved by the public Left.

    There, fixed.

  • Well that’s weird; the strikethrough looked okay in the box, but bombed on posting…

  • BJS,
    I don’t think my statement needs fixing, and I am not on the left.  Not even close. But, I do embrace reality, no matter how unpleasant.  Mr. Cheney is incredibly unpopular, fairly or unfairly.  Not everyone thinks he is the evil genius that the Left portrays, but he could still help his party best by shutting up and working on his golf game.  Let others, with better reputations and without the taint of an unbelieveably unpopular administration, deliver the message.

    • I see your point, but I fear that there really aren’t any others to deliver the message BECAUSE they don’t want to wind up like Cheney: tarred and feathered and slimed by the filthy democrats (spit) and their MiniTru mouthpieces.  Look what happened to Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, or anybody else who dares to criticize the left and its idiot policies.  Good grief, even Miss California has been smeared and slimed by lefty dumpster divers because she DARED speak an opinion that they don’t like.  The fact is that the left cannot tolerate dissent, and therefore will not engage in discussion about actual issues.  Their reaction to the thoughtcrime of offering criticism of their policies is one of personal attack: the issue itself is lost in a flood of vitriol and personal destruction.

      Cheney is already “unpopular”: he therefore has nothing to lose by bucking TAO and (liberal) conventional wisdom.  Further, because he’s the former VP and a well-known public figure, he can say things and get them out into the public’s view.  The only other person on the right who really has this sort of voice is Rush Limbaugh, who is equally hated by the left and for the same reasons.  Thank heavens they’ve got the guts to stand up to the left and MiniTru.

      • Hmmm…not really sure what a good solution is.  In my view, Rush is an echo chamber guy, just like Cheney.  Overall, he would probably be more effective, but he is still mostly preaching to the choir.  There must be SOMEONE out there who is fresh and untainted that could lead the charge against bad policy.  If it is done with logic and empiricism, and leaves out the vitriol, it could have some effect. 
        Due to the unpoplarity of so-called “conservatism” in general, and Republicans in particular, this is a long haul.  And I don’t think Cheney is the best person to be doing the hauling.

        • Double DThere must be SOMEONE out there who is fresh and untainted that could lead the charge against bad policy.  If it is done with logic and empiricism, and leaves out the vitriol, it could have some effect.

          1.  Any conservative spokesman for the GOP will get the Sarah Palin treatment and quickly become tainted.  MiniTru will see to that.  Ask yourself what Cheney has done to become such an object of hatred.  There is no good reason for it other than the fact that he is unphotogenic and dour-looking… and dares to adamantly and competently pursue policies that the left can’t stomach.  What did Sarah Palin do to become the target of such universal scorn and contempt?  For that matter, consider Bush: an object of hatred on the left even though his policies, except for foreign affairs, were generally rather liberal (NCLBA, prescription drug benefit, amnesty, etc).  The left rejects logic and empiricism and hence needs to replace them them with hatred and a “Goldstein” on the one hand and on the other the cult of personality and a “Big Brother”.

          2.  MiniTru has done what it can to select our spokesmen for us.  That’s how Yosemite Sam got to be the nominee in ’08, how that mincing idiot Graham is on the Sunday press shows every other week, and how Meghan McCain is suddenly the greatest political thinker in the GOP.  It’s pretty cool for the dems (spit): it’s like playing football when you get to pick your opponent’s head coach, starting lineup, and arrange for his star players to fail their drug tests.

          3.  There is no logic and empiricism where the left is concerned.  It’s all about feelings, spin, and political advantage.  Consider the whole mess about WMD: the left persists in the belief / policy that “Bush lied” about WMD despite (A) Slick Willie and the Congress had the same belief; (B) Saddam actually used WMD; and (C) Congressional investigation shows that the evidence, while incorrect, was there.  The dems (spit) found it convenient to vote FOR the war in ’02 / ’03, then convenient to be totally against it later on.  Consider SanFran Nan and her shifting position on waterboarding: she was apparently all for in back in ’02 / ’03, but now wants Bush crucified for ordering it.

          H*ll, forget logic and empiricism: let’s try for basic honesty from the left.  We’re not likely to get it.

          4.  American politics is a bloodsport.  Our politics here in No. Carolina are rather notorious for mudslinging, and every couple of years all the talking heads lament about how dirty the race for US senate, governor, or local dogcatcher has been.  I reached the conclusion a long time ago that people resort to dirty politics and mudslinging BECAUSE THEY WORK.  While it certainly helps to talk about the good things you have done / will do if elected, I’d say that electoral victory is difficult if not impossible without smearing the other guy: convince people to vote AGAINST him.  Sucks to say it, but people are politcally motivated more by fear / hate than by hope / love.

          • Can either of you two get past the MESSENGER and analyze the MESSAGE?

            Quit playing and trying to unravel the left’s game and get past the lame left/modernist rhetoric.

      • Oh, and about that Miss California crap…someone should be beating these idiots up day and night about that crap.  If we had anything like an honest press, on any side, they’d be on the job.

        • Use reason, the left have totally bought into the Saul Alinsky method.  They go on the total ballistic attack with the most horrendous sleaze at the slightest whiff of an effective person on the right.  This method has worked well for them.  And they control nearly all the media except Fox and talk radio so they will never be called on it.

          No, the ONLY thing that will end the reign of terror of the left is when the economy finally tanks for good. Then the public will finally be tired of hearing their crap and will be looking for alternatives.

          If the Republicans want to be that alternative they had better really embrace smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and individual rights. Or a third party might form and that would be a disaster.

          • kyle8No, the ONLY thing that will end the reign of terror of the left is when the economy finally tanks for good. Then the public will finally be tired of hearing their crap and will be looking for alternatives.

            Perhaps.  The thing is, the left has a track record of economic disaster from Jimmuh in the ’70s (to be fair, Bush screwed the pooch in his last year).  People have short memories.  Anyway, MiniTru is doing a thorough job convincing people the prosperity is just around the corner.  Look at the consumer confidence index and even the DJI: they are UP even as unemployment increases.  The dems (spit) understand that you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time.

            So, I’m not so sure that, even if the economy gets measurably worse under TAO, the public will blame him or even notice.  So long as they get free health care on American Idol, they’re happy.  And if they AREN’T happy… well… It’s All Bush’s Fault (TM).

        • You just proved docjim505’s point.

          • I too am now convinced that a partisan MSM/Hollywood is a very dangerous thing. Compare Sarah Palin to Obama, Edwards, or Hillary Clinton (never mind that she was the VP nominee.) If you can be objective you could easily find corresponding weaknesses on the Dem side, but somehow those never get touted daily and Tina Fey never has Hillary calling Gen. Petraeus “Betray Us” on SNL. Edwards had a kid out of wedlock, but never got caught. LOL. Obama has so much stuff its insane.

            I used to say: so what. The right’s ideas are better and will win out in the end, blah blah blah. (Note that the GOP has really helped in this regards)

            Now I think the MSM is much, much more powerful than I ever thought, maybe because they have closed ranks on Obama more than they did for anyone else. Republican or libertarian ideas and criticisms are not going to get a fair share of air time. Their leadership will be belittled to make sure no threat emerges until 2016.

            Only a double dip recession based on inflation killing or taxes being imposed too early could stop this. And of course, a foreign policy blunder. I am not sanguine about this. 

  • Cheney is perhaps the least popular and most disliked politician in America.  Obama’s political advisors must be smiling broadly whenever Cheney grabs headlines as the ‘voice of the opposition.’  It also opens up Cheney to attacks that his policies were the cause of so much grief, thereby making it harder for the GOP to regain any kind of  traction.  So, sure, he has the right to speak out if he believes strongly that Obama’s policies are bad.  I do not begrudge him that right for a second.   But he might want to consider if he may be helping Obama and harming the GOP by being the center of attention.

    • Scott,  You are too quick to judge lasting impressions.  First, comparing Cheney to Biden, one expects Cheney would come off much better.  Second, the issues now become one of comparison when it was not before.  For example, polling shows the country support the enhanced interrogation, and we find Pelosi has been lying.  That is certainly in his favor.

      Guantanamo is another issue.  The Obama administration  is flailing away trying to figure out what to do.  It is clear Americans do not want the detainees sent to the US and in spite of the acclaim for the Obama worldwide apology tour, not one country stepped up to taking any of the detainees (maybe France said one).   Obama has gotten himself in quite a box over Guantanamo.  It is fun watching him twist and turn over it.

      Essentially, I am suggesting as the current administration wrestles with the actual problems rather than offering simplistic campaign slogans, Cheney is likely to be rehabilitated.  Remember, the left went after Cheney as they did Palin, the California Miss Universe, Gingrich, etc.  Always, they are personal attacks and never attacks on the issue of the day.  Eventually, the Alinsksy rule 12 plays out.  All Cheney has to do is continue to give interviews and note how many of the Bush administration policies are actually being continued by Obama and how many of the differences are not actually working out.


      • I’m sorry, I understand what you and docjim are saying and all, but I just don’t see it.  Sure, maybe Cheney will eventually be “rehabilitated” in the minds of the public, but I think that is long ways off (if it happens at all).  Right now, everything but the economy is a sideshow.  That is, Obama can fail at anything and it will barely register with anyone who is not already against him, unless it is really HUGE.  I mean, people will notice things, but it won’t occupy their attention for long enough to be useful.  He has, quite cleverly, convinced the public to give him lots of time and leeway with the economy.  If it improves, people will start to look at other things, but he’ll have a tremendous amount of added capital.  If it tanks (God forbid!) or stagnates, he’ll be vulnerable on a number of fronts.  But right now, he’s still the Man of the Hour, with (give or take) a 70 percent overall approval rating.  Attacks on his policies or character motivate the base, but they clearly aren’t sticking with most Indies and Libs.
        Still, you have to do something, so people should keep speaking out and pushing forward.  I just don’t think Cheney is the right guy to be doing it. 
        And folks going on about stupid crap like his choice of mustard is NOT helping.

        • There seems to be this belief that what is true today will be true tomorrow.  That works pretty well for physics and mathematics, but is decidedly untrue in politics.  Going back to 2004, the Democrats were doing exactly what the Republicans are doing today.

          I also don’t agree that “everything but the economy is a sideshow”.   Just this weekend we see more evidence that Israel is aligning with Arab nations, in direct contradiction the Obama’s policy, to oppose Iran.  W had the late Friday release of military tribunals at Gitmo.   How likely will it be that Obama can get away with stealing from the senior debt holders at GM to reward the UAW?  There are far more bondholders at GM than at Chrysler.  The rumbles are starting and they do run across the gamete.

          The second problem with your claim is that you neglect the “accumulation” of blows.    I have a sense that Obama’s 60% support level is soft.  This weekends Rasmussen poll had two surprises.  Obama’s approval is now at 58% (although, to be fair, his strongly disapprove number declined to 27%).  But, there seems to be a lot of unease over the Chrysler bankruptcy and the impending GM bankruptcy as well as GM statement that more cars will be made overseas and imported. 

          To return to the original point, Cheney suffered from strong and vicious attacks and nothing to actually compare him to.  You will notice Wanda Sykes took aim at him and said nothing about Biden (and very little about Obama).

          Finally, are you trying to misinterpret the mustard flap?  The flap is over why MSNBC saw fit to cut out that part rather than  the choice of mustard.  In fact, MSNBC by their actions, created this whole thing.  If they had not cut it out, probably no one would have noticed.  The issue is MSNBC.


          • Rick,
            I am well aware of what the “mustard flap” is about.  However, you would (probably not) be surprised how many commenters and posters on non-libertarian conserative blogs are trying to turn it into an attack on Obama. Reason and QandO hasn’t done it, but…
            Either some of our so-called “conservative” allies are deliberately misinterpreting, or they really are that ignorant.  Either way, it is not helpful.  It just makes us look stupid.  Of course, on some of the “echo chamber” sites I go to, it does gin up some enthusiasm.
            Still makes us look stupid though.

        • Barack Obama has staked it all on the record “I WON!”  And that is out there for all to see.  The point is that there is more to the running of the country than the economy.  Cheney is now on record and the record will be played again and again that so long as Obama plays Ku-By-Ya with National Security, he had better watch his back – or there will be collective HELL TO PAY should anything amiss occur.  And by anything, I mean ANYTHING!

          Years ago a Colonel told the following story:  (I know McQ has heard the some one)
          A new commander is sworn in to his new command.  The previous commander takes him aside and tells then there are three letters waiting for him.  As he is hit with controversial issues, he should open the letters in sequence – but not before.  Not long after he take command there is an issue that crops up and he consults the Letters and opens #1.  It simply reads, “Blame the problem on the previous commander.”  Good advice he thought as he blamed the problem on the previous administration.

          Soon after another issue arises and he again consults the letters and opens #2.  This one simply reads, “Blame the problem on how very little time you have had on the job – not enough time for your efforts to take effect.”  Again he thought this was good advice and took it whole heartedly.

          Finally another problem came up and once again he consulted the letters, opening the last one, #3.  It read, in bold:  “WRITE THREE LETTERS!” 

          Cheney has just given Obama notice that his first two letters have already been opened.

      • Cheney’s image is pretty much set in stone.    The stuff about Pelosi and Guantanamo Bay are the stuff for political junkies.  Beauty pageant stuff is fluff.   Cheney’s image is the result of massive policy failure in Iraq, and his low ratings have been consistent, and have been magnified by the massive economic crisis that accompanied the end of the Bush Administration.  These are cultural tidal waves, stories about Pelosi aren’t even noticed — most people probably don’t even know she is.  I have no idea what Alinsky is, so I’ll have to look up some of what you’re talking about, but thinking in terms of demonizing the left or right leads to an inability to really understand how the public perceive politics.  It’s not usually about the left or the right, and definitely not about the stuff political junkies fixate about.  (And given the way the right demonized Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, Murtha and others, complaints about the left behaving in a similar manner is a real case of pot, kettle, black.  There isn’t much difference between the two.)   Someone wrote that the left is about emotion.   Emotion is used by both sides (talk radio overtly appeals to emotion over reason to get readers riled up and to stay listening), both sides use reason to rationalize their position.

        Whenever anyone takes a blanket view of the left or right in order to make it seem like their side is more reasonable and innocent while the other side is more nasty and emotion, it’s a sure sign of thinking biased to help one side rationalize it’s belief in its own superiority.   “Left” and “right” politically act pretty much the same, especially the hard core partisans.  Most of the public ignores that noise.

        • “Cheney’s image is pretty much set in stone.”
          Like Reagan’s was…I remember when no one liked him either.

          “The stuff about Pelosi and Guantanamo Bay are the stuff for political junkies.”

          Yeah, and Abu Ghraib could have been on pag A14 for one day, too. Guess what, the media decides what the non-junkies know. 

    • Cheney is perhaps the least popular and most disliked politician in America.

      This is beyond stupid.

      • It is obviously true — Cheney’s got the lowest poll numbers, and gets the most derision.  Very few people respect him.  So if he is the face of opposition to Obama, then the White House is in luck.

  • So, how do you like all that “speaking truth to power” stuff now?”

    A: They don’t. They never did. It’s that pesky “truth” part that sticks in their collectivist craw.

  • Cheney’s statement was not a ‘spokesman for the Party’ type speech as is being spun by the blogs and media.

    Rather, it’s a simple, ‘stake in the ground’ that ‘from here on bub (meaning Obama) you own national defense.  If we’re hit, you own it pal.’

    It’s a pre-emptive ‘told you so.’

    • Awww hell, the way they love Cheney, they’ll BLAME him for any hit that happens to the US. 
      They’ll be out there digging under every rock and muddy log, dumpster diving into any refuse pile they can find to prove Cheney had something to do with it.  The conspiracy mill will be cranking 24*8 (yes, that’s 8 days a week, just for emphasis).

      Don’t think so?  Just wait.

  • pedro enjoys the liberal use of “they” you all are using.  too bad you didn’t identify a single ‘they’.  heck at least bruce does that, picks one fringe example, before he breaks out the worlds broadest brush to start painting.

    citations or not, it’s been working out real well for you!

  • After Dick, Rush, Michele, Glenn and Notre Dame I’m not sure how the Right could get any kookier.
    We’ll happily take Arlen, Olympia, Susan, Arnold and Colin off your hands though.

  • democrats (spit) and the patriotism of dissent:

    Howard Zinn – “While some people think that dissent is unpatriotic, I would argue that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. In fact, if patriotism means being true to the principles for which your country is supposed to stand, then certainly the right to dissent is one of those principles. And if we’re exercising that right to dissent, it’s a patriotic act. ”

    Hillary Clinton – “I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

    Patrick Leahy – “Mr. Attorney General, since September 11 you have blamed former Administration officials for intelligence failures that happened on your watch; you have used a tar brush to attack the patriotism of Americans who dare to express legitimate concerns about constitutional freedoms and civil rights…”

  • >>Sure, maybe Cheney will eventually be “rehabilitated” in the minds of the public, but I think that is long ways off (if it happens at all)>>

    In the minds of a little less than 50% of the public, Cheney needs no rehabilitation.  He’s admired.  In the other slightly more than 50% of the public, there’s nothing that could possibly rehabilitate him.

    His strongest asset is  that he has no axe to grind.  He served as VP because he was asked to do so, and did so out of a sense of duty.  He does not seek public office. 

    What benefit does he get from lying?  Just because people don’t like what he says doesn’t change the underlying facts.  I hope he continues to speak out loud and clear.

  • elections do have consequences and this is one of them.  now that we’re not paying for that ‘undisclosed location’ bunker, we’re seeing much more of dick chaney than we ever did when he was vp.    

    btw, the last gallup poll had is approval rating around 15% .  that’s more than a hair under 50%. torture was more popular!