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Predicted vs. Actual

Here’s an interesting little chart I found at Innocent Bystanders.  The light blue line is the Obama administration’s prediction of how terrible unemployment would be if we didn’t pass the stimulus plan.  The dark blue line is the prediction of how much better things would be we did pass it.  The dark red triangles show the actual unemployment statistics.

The Amazing Effectiveness of Stimulus

The Amazing Effectiveness of Stimulus

So, how’s that recovery plan working out for us?  Not so good, apparently.

I merely provide the chart for informational purposes.  I know it’s useless to make any criticisms of the actual performance of the plan, just as it was useless to predict that this is pretty much what would happen.

Besides, saying, “I told you so”, is so churlish and mean.

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10 Responses to Predicted vs. Actual

  • Instead of a chart, we need to publicize more the story of how The Clown™ promised that we could very well hit 8.9% unemployment if his pile of crap, er, stimulus bill, did not pass. Funny, but didn’t it pass, yet didn’t it unemployment hit 8.9% this past week ANYWAY?
    Now, imagine if George W. Bush had said something like this, and was proven wrong, wrong, wrong…the media (including The Comedy Channel at MSDNC) would show him saying it over and over again. For The Clown™, however, there is no such memory. Instead, the media shows how concerned he is, how upset he is, how much he is working to get unemployment down while spending us into a hole of untold proportions. (That last part is not covered, however.)

    • Yeah, I’m not sure “I told you so” can be said loud enough. For all the abuse that was heaped on people who doubted the Plan and doubted Obama, some “I told you so” has been earned. And people need to realize that the promises have gone wrong; this is not merely a political scoring point, it’s actually a vital fact, without which you cannot understand the current situation.

  • Boy, I sure am glad we went with the Stimulus…  Otherwise, this might have sucked…

  • Is anyone other than slack-jawed Obama supporters supprised at this?

  • Ah, but think of how much worse things would have been had Porkulus NOT passed!  Anyway, despite growing unemployment, an unnamed official in the administration said yesterday that we’re on-track to save or create about a million jobs this year, and 3.5 million by 2010… which is exactly what TAO promised would happen!


    / sarc

    This is a classic “heads I win, tails you lose” situation.  If the economy gets better, it’s because of Porkulus.  If it gets worse, then it’s better than it would have been without Porkulus.

    And MiniTru reports all this as fact.


  • It’ll work this time…just needs to be more inclusive…

  • As we enter the 9th month of the “War on Financial Meltdown” some people are beginning to ask .. what is the exit strategy ?

    • Yes! Thank you! I’ve been beating the “The recession is Obama’s Vietnam” drum since March!

      A president can’t keep doing the exact opposite of what will turn the economy around and not get bogged down in a quagmire.  It’s the first rule of holes in action, as well as the definition of insanity.  He’s trying to strengthen an eroding sand dune by hitting it with a sandblaster fed by that same sand dune.

  • “…saying, “I told you so”

  • Oops.

    “Besides, saying, “I told you so”, is so churlish and mean.”

    And yet it is so deeply satisfying.