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Fun With Charts – And Entitlement Obligations

These don’t really need much explanation. But they also should come as news to anyone who has paid even passing attention to the entitlement bomb over the years. From the Heritage Foundation:





More here if you can stomach them.


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31 Responses to Fun With Charts – And Entitlement Obligations

  • Yes, you’re right — this is a crisis that Obama’s first budget does not address.  One could argue that this first budget is being done in the midst of a very immediate crisis and that it would be impossible to have a real effort at entitlement reform in the first half year of an administration just getting running, and dealing with two wars and a major recession.  But he has to start soon — the problem, I agree, is real.

    • the problem Scott is that even if he didn’t have these problems he would be doing nothing about it for the same reason the Republicans did nothing about it, they are frightened (see what happened to Bush when he brought the subject up).

      you see the both conspired for decades to promise more than could ever be given, at some time of course the bill will come due, but do you think any of the gutless wonders in either party will do anything other than put a band-aid on it and kick the can down the road?

    • Well, Erb has assured us that “finally we have competent people in charge,” so I am not worried at all!

    • “The problem, I agree, is real.”

      Thanks a load for that acknowledgment, Erb. That and a $1.00 bill can get me a copy of today’s newspaper

      You and your silly party owe us all an apology. In 2005, when Bush said he wanted entitlement reform, what did the minority Democrats in the House and Senate do? THEY SAID NO. They didn’t come up with a plan, they didn’t say how they would make things better – they just said NO. No way to individual retirement accounts. No way to means testing. No way to boosting the retirement age. In short, they did nothing.

      So when I hear liberals say that the GOP is now the “party of no,” it seems to me that in 2005 your party had no answers for anything then, and since you wanted majority control of everything and now have it we need answers now. Not soon, or later, but now.

      Payback is a b*tch, fella. And when you want to do something about entitlements, I hope the GOP runs commercials against every Democrat who opens their mouth and says that the Democrats want to throw Grandma into the street. It is only fair, after you did it to us rather than come up with a competing plan, or any plan, or any solution…just a round, big, NO.

      • In 2005, when Bush said he wanted entitlement reform, what did the minority Democrats in the House and Senate do? THEY SAID NO. They didn’t come up with a plan, they didn’t say how they would make things better – they just said NO. No way to individual retirement accounts. No way to means testing. No way to boosting the retirement age. In short, they did nothing.

        You’re acting as though it was only the Dems that put a stop to Bush’s SS plans.

        It wasn’t merely Democratic obstructionism that stopped Bush, it was also many members of the Republican party.  In short, it wasn’t a popular plan, it never is.  Bush’s proposals failed to bear because the Republicans didn’t have the stones.


        • Well, at least some Republicans (including evil Bush) attempted to deal with the problem.

          What we have is the Party that’s 50% right (Republicans) and the Party that’s 100% wrong (Democrats). You support the 100% wrong side, and your only argument is that the 50% right side is 50% wrong.

      • LOL!  Trying to blame the Democrats.  Gee, the GOP didn’t do much to solve it either.  Sorry, playing the blame game on either side of the fence is dishonest and ridiculous.   You can try to play that game, but it won’t work the American people won’t fall for it.   The GOP never had a serious effort to solve it either.  If the hyper-partisans of each side can get their head out of their ‘blame the other side’ arses then maybe they can solve the problem.  But your mentality, James, is at odds with reality — you want to play political games when real problems are at stake, fiddling while Rome burns.   Pay back will be a bitch — and you’ll be doing the paying.

        • You can try to play that game, but it won’t work the American people won’t fall for it.

          Uh, huh, make a note of that will you, because blame game is all I’ve heard for the last 2 months when discussing the reasons why we have to spend trillions of dollars to fix the problems “Bush” caused, or a plethora of other things that ‘Bush’ caused that the Democrats should be able to fix, but, somehow, cannot, without first blaming Bush.

          And if Social Security isn’t blamed on Bush in the next 2 days, I’ll eat my forage cap (wool, leather, cardboard and brass,  yum yum yum)

        • Ahh, when the Democrats prove to be 100% wrong on an issue, the lackies respond with “no one is 100% right on the issue”.

          Sorry Erb, Bush had a serious plan. Perhaps too little too late, but the Donky Party has fu*ked this country so long and so hard with entitlements, that anything is too little, too late.

    • /whew! What a relief! Well, McQ, now that Erb concurs and has given his approval, you can rest easy knowing that you have finally stumbled upon a truth, like unto the proverbial blind squirrel. Be nice and show your gratitude.

      • Wow, timactual, you seem positively obsessed with me.  My heart is all aflutter.

        • People are only “obsessed” with you in the sense that everyone likes to stare at the turd floating in the swimming pool. Everyone will talk about the turd, laugh at it, and comment about how disgusting it is. They might even continue to think about it for a few days and tell their friends. But pointing at and making fun of the turd is not flattering the turd.

  • You know, I seem to remember in 2005, after Bush won his second term, and he said he would spend some of the political capital he had to try to reform Medicare, and Social Security, and the rest of it. He said something interesting then: that the wonderful “2017” date the Democrats kept throwing around was phony, and that their “they won’t be bankrupt for decades and decades” was simply a lie. And what did the media do? They castigated Bush for trying to do something. They said he want to throw “grandma into the street.” He wanted to harm old people.
    I hate to make politics worse now, but as far as I am concerned with yesterday’s news that vindicates Bush’s 2005 arguments, the Democrats need to be taken to the woodshed. Perhaps if someone said, “Because of your inaction, grandma WILL be thrown into the street,” they would have to pay attention.
    Democrats: They wanted to see grandma thrown into the street. They lied in 2005, when Bush wanted to do something to solve the entitlement crisis. And the Democrats did NOTHING, NADA, ZIPPO, BALONEY.
    Which Democrats were responsible? I betcha we can find Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s fingerprints all over this crisis.

  • Irresistable force, meet immovable object.

    There is no politically viable solution to this problem.  We either:

    (A) Reduce / eliminate the entitlements and cause people who depend on them to suffer, or;

    (B) Raise taxes to continue to pay for those entitlements, causing tax payers to suffer.  And by “tax payers”, I ain’t just talking about “the rich”: there aren’t enough “rich” people in America to pay this much money even if we took every nickle they have.

    The best anybody can hope for is some way to minimize the hurt, such as by cutting SOME benefits while raising SOME taxes.  What I’m worried about is a complete government takeover of virtually the entire economy in an effort to control the situation.  It won’t work, but rather will spread the misery to everybody.  In a sense, that actually works: when life stinks for everybody else, it’s easier to deal with how bad YOU have it.

  • A question going unanswered is what is the total health care fraction of GDP in 2052.  If we are using Medicare to handle 10% of GDP for health care, (per the chart), who is picking up the balance?
    I understand that today we spend about one/seventh of GDP or about 14%.  If that fraction is unchanged, then only 4 % would be private.   Of course, the population would be older so that fraction should increase.

  • It will be even worse if nothing competent is done soon, because people like me will pack up and leave the country rather than endure any substantial increase in taxation.  There will be better places to go.

    • Yeah, right. So bye-bye already. Don’t let the airplane door hit you in the ass.

      The lefty bonehead celebrities didn’t flee the U.S. as promised when Bush won in 2004. And all you “let’s go Galt” neocon knuckleheads aren’t going anywhere. Your dark threats pack all the punch of a 7-year-old announcing that they’re going to their room, and never ever coming out again.

  • Indeed, in a May 10, 2005 news release, Pelosi declared, “There is no Social Security crisis. We all agree that there is a problem down the road that we should address before it becomes a bigger problem,” she said.

    Today she blamed Bush.   How ignoble of her.

  • More taxes won’t gain you more revenue.   At least not numbers like that. 

  • Who among us can reasonably state they are not now, or ever will be, considered Rich.  Some have put the mark at $250,000 annually.  But when you peruse the various depictions McQ has provided us of  the horror to come, how could anyone who makes any money above the mean keep from being labeled “Rich.”

    So as Bill Whittle recently advise those in America considered “Rich” – LEAVE!  LEAVE NOW!

  • The answer is to slide eligibility out slowly in increments and grandfather it in.  Justify it by ever-increasing lifespans, etc.  If you are going to screw somebody, it might as well be the young who make up the smallest voting block.  Most are not counting on SS anyway, so it won’t be a real shocker to find out that benefits start at age 90.  After all the SS retirees pass, and there is a huge surplus of money due to noone living long enough to collect, they can just redirect it to the general fund by “buying” T-Notes and putting them in a SS Trust Fund.

  • So, in other words, America is doomed.

    • For my part, I’m just trying to get a good ballpark date of when blood will be running in the gutters, that’s all.

      • (Sarcasm on) You guys are missing the point, Communism will work, this time, we just have to bring everyone under the one big tent. Be patient and trust us on this one.(Sarcasm off)

        When will the blood be running in the gutter? When food starts to get scarce on the shelves and the cars you are forced to buy are too small for you to take your whole family to one place at one time.

      • Some of you guys on this site look pretty old.  Maybe you won’t have to worry about the riots, because you will have already passed away in an overcrowded hospital room.

        • Hospital room?  Anyone over 60 isn’t going to get a hospital room as they are not needed for ‘dispatching’.

  • Look, everyone knows that nobody is going to do anything about this. They’re just going to keep going until our lenders won’t loan us any more money, and then the obamas the franks the pelosis et al are going to tell us that capitalism and deregulation and greed caused the mess. Massive spending had nothing to do with it. It’s beneficiaries were, after all , entitled to it.  And of course, they, the democrats, wanted to fix it all along, but evil republicans blocked all their efforts. 

    Is there really anyone that doesn’t know I have correctly prophesied the future?

  • The Maine Mosquito: “…the problem, I agree, is real.”

    Oh, really?  You know, I just took the most delightful trip down Usenet memory lane.  The Google archives are starting to suck, but one can still easily dig up your earnest exhortations to fellow Americans that they should just pay their taxes and “deal with it”.  For years, you posted every sort of lefty handwave in favor of democracy in defiance of freedom, and now you have the goddamned nerve to try to run this rhinestone con.

    Why don’t you try to explain to all the nice ‘netters what “the problem” is, Professorboy?

  • I predict that a nasty influenza pandemic will strike around 2025. It will make folks under 50 slightly ill but will be 90% fatal to all those over 65 within three days of contracting the disease. Entitlement problem solved.