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Sometimes It Is Better To Be Thought A Fool Than To Open Your Mouth And Remove All Doubt

Apparently Al Gore, not content with the environmental dissembling and misrepresentations he’s been peddling for the past few years, has decided to expand his mendacious horizons. He’s decided to lecture Dick Cheney on when it is appropriate to criticize the current administration.

“I waited two years after I left office to make statements that were critical,” Gore said during an interview on CNN, pointing out that his critiques were focused on “policy.”

As usual, he’s wrong on both counts (you’d think these boobs would check things before they blurt them out). From a September 2002 speech:

AL GORE: Vice President Cheney said after the war against terrorism began, “This war may last for the rest of our lives.” I kind of think I know what he meant by that, but the apprehensions in the world that I spoke of earlier are not calmed down any by this doctrine of preemption that they are now asserting. By now the Bush Administration may now be beginning realizing that national and international cohesion are indeed strategic assets. But it is a lesson long delayed and clearly not uniformly and consistently accepted by senior members of the cabinet. From the outset, the administration has operated in a manner calculated to please the portion of its base that occupies the far right, at the expense of solidarity among all of us as Americans and solidarity between our country and our allies. On the domestic front, the administration, having delayed for many months before conceding the need to pass Joe Lieberman’s bill and create an institution outside the White House to manage homeland defense, has actually been willing to see this legislation held up for the sake of an effort to coerce the Congress into stripping civil service protections from tens of thousands of federal employees. Now which is more important: passing the Homeland Security Act, or satisfying a relatively small yet powerful member of the right-wing coalition that has as its number-one priority dismantling labor unions? If that’s the most important priority in that legislation, that explains why they’re refusing to let the bipartisan consensus in favor of it go forward.

Far more damaging is the administration’s attack on fundamental constitutional rights that we ought to have and do have as American citizens. The very idea that an American citizen can be imprisoned without recourse to judicial process or remedies, and that this can be done on the sole say-so of the president of the United States or those acting in his name, is beyond the pale and un-American and it ought to be stopped.

September 2002 is not “2 years” from inauguration and the highlighted passages are not “policy” critiques. And if that one transcript isn’t enough, check these out. Most are earlier than the above speech excerpt.


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9 Responses to Sometimes It Is Better To Be Thought A Fool Than To Open Your Mouth And Remove All Doubt

  • Poor Al.  He never should have invented the Internet, because now it’s being used to fact-check his own words.

  • People I know who voted for him are shamed every time I bring it up them. It’s a good way to shut them up when they’re droning on about the usual leftist talking points…

  • Things must be hard up if you have to nitpick that 20 months isn’t 2 years.   Someone should ask you the value of pi 😉

    • Then how about:
      10 January 2002 speech
      14 April 2002 speech
      23 April 2002 speech
      30 June 2002 speech

      Four – Count them – 4 Speeches prior to the september speech quoted by McQ, the first one less than a year from the inauguration.

      Next time you want to open your friggin’ mouth, remove your foot first!

    • If you answered “3” for your answer to pi, you’d still be 374% closer to the real value than Gore was to his lie.

  • The very best refutation for leftist policies is Mr. Gore’s frantic, hyperbolic sponsorship. 

  • As usual, he’s wrong on both counts…

    Hey, cut the guy some slack; why should Obama be allowed to have a monopoly on lies and hypocrisy?

  • This is news ?

    Al Gore can’t make a statement in the UK now with first issuing a disclaimer .. thank to his VC buddies

  • The science is settled  …..

    ScienceDaily (May 14, 2009) — The familiar model of Atlantic ocean currents that shows a discrete “conveyor belt” of deep, cold water flowing southward from the Labrador Sea is probably all wet.
    New research led by Duke University and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution relied on an armada of sophisticated floats to show that much of this water, originating in the sea between Newfoundland and Greenland, is diverted generally eastward by the time it flows as far south as Massachusetts. From there it disburses to the depths in complex ways that are difficult to follow.
    A 50-year-old model of ocean currents had shown this southbound subsurface flow of cold water forming a continuous loop with the familiar northbound flow of warm water on the surface, called the Gulf Stream.
    “Everybody always thought this deep flow operated like a conveyor belt, but what we are saying is that concept doesn’t hold anymore,” said Duke oceanographer Susan Lozier. “So it’s going to be more difficult to measure these climate change signals in the deep ocean.”
    And since cold Labrador seawater is thought to influence and perhaps moderate human-caused climate change, this finding may affect the work of global warming forecasters.