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1,000 Spam Comments You Never Saw

A little milestone to note – since we went to this platform, we’ve had a total of 7,337 comments to posts here.

1,000 of them were spam comments, like those we were plagued with on the old blog platform and drove me crazy. The good news – you didn’t see a one of them. They were all caught by the Akismet plug-in and held for me to gleefully blow away, a duty I thoroughly enjoy.

Much, much better.


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3 Responses to 1,000 Spam Comments You Never Saw

  • Do you want to improve your credit score?

    Pleasure women for longer?

    Cheap pharmaceuticals?

    If not, all you need is the Akismet plugin.

    Congrats – does it work for telemarketers too?

    • More size, longer lasting, more penetrating.

      Caring, kind and effective to a wide diverse community of needs.

      Social-ism – when a tender moment is the right momemt.

  • spam, spam, spam, spam …
    spam, spam, spam, spam …
    wonderful spam.
    wonderful spam!