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About That Nuclear Non-Proliferation Goal …

North Korea says “no”:

North Korea conducted a nuclear test on Monday, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quoted a ruling party official as saying.

YTN Television quoted the South Korean weather agency as saying it detected a tremor indicating a test at 0054 GMT (8:54 p.m. EDT).

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak had called an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers over the test, Yonhap said.

Well that ought to keep ’em buzzing around in DC for a day or two.  I wonder if we’ll finally figure out that anything that NoKo agrees too in the future isn’t worth the paper it’s written on?


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12 Responses to About That Nuclear Non-Proliferation Goal …

  • No, the goal is to rid the U.S. of nuclear weapons.  Bill Ayers would be proud of Barack.
    By the way, did you know that there is evidence that radical Bill Ayers wrote much of Obama’s famous 1995 book, “Dreams of My Father.”

  • Well, our policy (for the last( fill in the years here ___ )) for dealing with NK has worked out famously, don’t you think?  I say, park a sub off their coast  and if they get feisty take them down. Crude? Absolutely. Effective? Damn straight.
    But that’s just me. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • As USUAL you wing nuts blame the wrong man, blame the man in the mirror, not the man on the television screen!  It is George Bush that has brought us to this pass, not Barak Obama!  It is BUSH, with his obsessive focus on military solutions to problems-as if there WERE military “solutions” to problems, Helllloooooo Iraq and Afghanistan!-, his unilateralism, and his cowboy diplomacy and the creation of the bogus so-called “Axis of Evil” [ A piece of rhetorical red meat thrown into the gaping maws of you Limbaugh-listening, gun-groping, Mouth-breathing, God-Botherers, designed to inflame public (The Sheeple) into supporting the Intellectual (as IF RethugliKKKans could think) Basis for the Permanent War Economy] that forced the DPRK into this situation.
    The DEMOCRATIC (after the “elections” of 2000, 2002, and 2004 I had begun to doubt whether the US could ever again make this claim) Peoples Republic of Korea was forced to adopt a DEFENSIVE  Nuclear Weapons Program in the face of this unrelenting Neo-Imperialist Hostility.  When an out-of-control Global Hegemon threatens a nation it MUST take steps, legitimate steps, to secure its own independence and integrity.  This North Korea has done.  Certainly the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea could never match the raw conventional firepower of the Monopoly-Finance Capital-Backed Imperial Power and its stooges to its South, so it adopted the only course available to secure its legitimate and legal rights to self-determination, it adopted a nuclear course.  In the face of unremitting International Hostility it kept to its course and the results are now before us, I might add, GLORIOUS results!
    A finger has been stuck into the eye of the Global Hegemon; a blow has been struck for authentic discourse!  The DPRK has shown that the Hegemon CAN be thwarted and resisted and that Free People’s CAN stand up to tyranny!  Hopefully, this action will spark other Nations and Peoples to stand for their Inherent Rights, Freedom, and Dignity in the face of a rapacious and implacable enemy.  We can only hope that South Korea avails itself of the opportunity to join with the North under a shared nuclear “umbrella”, thereby opening the whole of the Korean Peninsula to anew era of Peace, Prosperity and Brotherhood.
    Now with the resources freed from the necessity for National Defense, and in the future (hopefully) the resources of the South Korea can blossom into even more of social-economic miracle and beacon!  I do not deny that there been certain problems in the North, but now it is possible for those problems to be ameliorated!  I would counter by pointing out that the DPRK has 100% literacy, and universal health care, and 100% employment…can the US make such a claim?  And this is in the face of and inspite of the continual isolation and imposed by the US and it’s continuous military pressure to destroy the DPRK.  What now may transpire in the whole of North East Asia, now that Asians have “stood up” to the Global Bully that is the US, can only be dreamed!  As Jesus Jones sang, “Right here, right now/ There’s no other place I’d rather to be/ Watching as the World wakes up from History”.  We can only be thankful to se this glorious page of a new history unfold.

    • Wow, someone who knows even less than me.
      Thanks Joe, you’ve made my day.

      • Brown – FYI, Joe does parody. He “out-lefts” the left.

        • He’s good.


        • With that sort of writing ability, he should become a professor.  Perhaps at a small university in Maine somewhere.   hmmmm …

          After all, he is just writing what poli sci students are being indocrinated into.

          • As Newton said, “If I have seen further; it is because I have stood on the backs of Giants.”  I must acknowledge the Master….

            I WAS hoping for a “Hero of the Soviet Union” medal or something from the DPRK….

          • Hmm, is comrade Ragsdale locked up somewhere around here?

    • Bravo! Mahvelous, absolutely mahvelous. I am sure your Gold Star Medal of the Hero of the Republic is on its way. Not as impressive as Hero of The Soviet Union, perhaps, but one must make do in these hard times.

  • Obama = FAIL

  • “Open hearts, Open minds. Fair-minded words.”

    Yeah … that’s the ticket