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Memorial Day 2009

My latest Examiner column.


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6 Responses to Memorial Day 2009

  • “Memorial Day is about those who gave up their tomorrows for our today.”
    What maudlin tripe. Memorial Day is about worshipping the State and it’s penchant for bloodletting.

  • nice article bruce.  i remember my first visit to the vietnam memorial (i’m a non-war army vet in real life).  i didn’t know any of the names, but i was crying anyway.  phuck, i’m crying right now just thinking about it. then a large crowd of yahoos came by, talking loudly and acting like it was just another stop on their tour, which ticked me off to no end.  makes you wonder sometimes, was it worth it, for these idiots.  think i’ll take a few extra days off from my moronic pidgin spanglish…

  • Here’s in remembrance to those who died, in war and those who died training for the inevitable war.

  • “Memorial Day is about those who gave up their tomorrows for our today.”

    This line caught my attention as well, it’s perfect. It addresses the truth so starkly that the clueless cannot steal the credit for why America has excelled. They’re bitterness is indeed, an ironic pleasure.