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Trying way too hard to be something we’re not:

In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

Uh, no.

4.5 million US muslims equal about 1.5% (the CIA Factbook lists muslims at 0.6% or about 1.8 million).

And if you thought he was talking about land mass, think again:

“And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” Mr. Obama said.

Not even close – Iraq, 26 million. Afghanistan – 23 million. Yemen – 23 million. Indonesia – over 200 million. Even the UAE has a few more muslims than we do (4.7 million).

What is this seeming compulsion to make things up like this when it comes to things “muslim”?


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22 Responses to Quote of the Day

  • Obamateurism of the Day; Update: Flashback on Turkey speech

  • Never underestimate the power of pandering….

  • You’re using the wrong equation. Obama is speaking to a ratio. Christians and other “lesser” religions are only equal to .3 of a person.

    Dumb Americans.

  • To a muslim the concept of “largest” is way secondary to the concept of “muslim country.” Take the exaggeration of “largest” away and this cryptogram is not difficult to decode, hidden as it is only in plain sight.

    To the muslim there are two worlds: the world of Islam and the world of war with all that is not Islam. It is a religion of conquest. Look at the “bloody borders” everywhere in the world where Islam intersects with other civilizations. The Indians would understand this immediately. The Chinese know it a little. The Russians certainly understand it going back to the Tartar Yoke. Europe is just waking up to it, but its bureaucrats are proscribing free speech directed toward it as “racial hatred.”

    So don’t pay attention to the stupid exaggeration of “largest” and think about the incredible concept of calling the U.S. a “muslim country” and what that means from the Islamic point of view, not our normative pay-no-attention-to-words American sleepy-time.

    Dangerous man, dangerous time. Not funny.

    Now, perhaps, the bow to the titular head of political Islam in the land of Mecca starts to make more sense. But the denial of Americans is strong. Because it can never happen here, even as we watch it happen day-to-day in the U.K., the political culture whence we came.

    • Exactly, after telling the world that the US is not a Christian country, he’s now selling the concept to the world that the US is a Muslim country. If I was Israel, I’d be preparing for a major war.  

  • Obama’s ultimate objective is to make America less American.  American values are what He believes are the main causes of social and international problems.  On his current Middle Eastern Apology Tour, he will surely continue that theme.  ( for a top ten list of Obama’s silliest objectives on this trip, you can view:   )

    In the end though, Obama will only succeed in making the world a much more dangerous place.  When He makes silly statements like the US being the largest Muslim country, He is only showing his ignorance, arrogance and ultimately His weakness.  He is only inviting future problems.

    • I can’t really get too incensed about this in the grand scheme of things. If I’m going to make a list of things indicating Obama’s negative points, this is going to down around the bottom of the list. His actions with American Leyland (or Government Motors or whatever you want to call them now), for example, would be near the top.

      But, as an intellectual exercise, I can think of a number of potential explanations:

      1. Obama is sloppy. He wants to say something because it bolsters a point he wants to make, it seems plausible to him, so rather than find out if he’s right, he just says it.

      2. Obama believes he has evidence for the assertion. This is similar to the old Pauline Kael thing about how noboby she knows voted for Nixon. If Obama pays disproportionate attention to the Muslim community (say, out of natural affinity for it), then he might believe it’s considerably larger than it really is.

      3. Obama was fed bad information by a sloppy or disingenuous staff member. Perhaps he asked someone to “fact-check” his prepared remarks, and that person looked at the 4.5 million number and assumed it much mean we’re one of the largest, without actually taking the time or trouble to find a ranking. (This still says something about Obama’s executive abilities, since he hired his people.)

      4. He was simply babbling on the spot and had no idea what he was really saying, having never really thought about whether it was true or not.

      5. Obama knows the facts, but wants to pander to Muslim leaders (or to the religion of Islam generally) so badly that he intentionally misrepresented. This is essentially Martin’s explanation, which could be construed as indicating obeisance to Islam. I regard it as the least likely.

      So, if you disregard #5, it comes down to choosing what brand of incompetence or ignorance you prefer ot believe.

      • Obama was no follower, but jumped into the lead in effectively cheering on the insurgents in Iraq. In the delusional Leftist take on that war, he fed the delusions harder and faster than anyone.

        Obama has long associations with those who view the U.S. as the aggressor in world affairs. We still don’t know his precise relationship with Edward Said, the late postmodern despiser of all things Western.

        Obama made a “sloppy” bow to the leader of political Islam from the country where Mecca is. No concern there unless Obama happens to be the President of the United States.

        Obama has a long and rich association, through Wright, to the derivative (at best) Islam of Louis Farrakhan. What me worry?

        Whence the benefit of the doubt that this is mere sloppiness?

        At best it’s merely a preformed state of mind safely blurted out in a foreign venue because Obama has strong faith in American sleepy-time and the media that nurtures it, especially when it comes to him.

      • A P.S. on my comments about this:

        My strong belief is that there is no hope, none at all, as in zero, that Obama has any interest in America.

        I wrote the other day about a column by Mark Steyn on Obama and the North Koreans: “Steyn’s only mistake here is to assume that Obama would have any serious interest in American exceptionalism in the world. As far as Obama is concerned, what is exceptional about America is Obama.”

        We are in it, and sinking faster than normative beliefs in American political process allow us to recognize.

  • “In the end though, Obama will only succeed in making the world a much more dangerous place.”

    He’s already succeeded at that. Now come the catastrophes that result from it, and I’m not talking about blaming him for hurricanes the way the Left blamed Bush for Katrina.

    When you sit around waiting to find out if lunatics will use nuclear weapons you have moved past the “making the world a much more dangerous place” stage. You are in it, and lunatics love a vacuum.

    My theory on George Bush was that his backchannel word to lunatics was that the next 9/11 would bring high fire to the party implicated, even if imperfectly so. There would be no cumbersome adjudications. Just fire. I think that they took him at his word after he had us fully on the ground in Afghanistan within the month after 9/11.

    Never forget that Obama ran a campaign that encouraged the enemy in Iraq, because more sorrow for us there was good for Obama. I’ll never forget it, and I will never forgive it. We are effectively in a civil war here, and the other side has control of the national security apparatus.

  • If you think this is bad, wait until he gets to Dresden.

  • Alas is Obamaland, reality is not a requirement.

  • Today .. we are all Muslims … for Chr*st’s sake.

  • Now let us be fair to The Dear Leader™. After all, it is one of the five pillars of Islam (it really is six – I am leaving out “blow someone or something up to go to Allah and get 72 virgins”) to make, at least once in each Muslim’s lifetime, a pilgrimmage to Mecca.

    Now, since The Dear Leader™ has been lying about everything else in his sickening disgustingly liberal life, why is anyone surprised that he made his first stop at Saudi Arabia, home of…shall I say it…Mecca?

    The Clown™ bowed once before Saudi King Abdullah before kissing his arse, I mean, ring. What’s to stop The Dear Leader™ from slipping out of his hotel, donning a headdress so that no one recognizes him, and head to Mecca to see the Kabalah and pray to Allah?

    The Dear Leader™ does Mecca! How fitting since this week one of his fellow Muslims went on a shooting spree in Arkansas and killed a US soldier, and The Dear Leader™ spent more time crying for George Tiller than even mentioning the Arkansas murder.

    I just want some photos of him bending over to pray. After all, America is being over before him now, and we are getting it up the arse real good.

    • 1.  We don’t know that TAO is a Muslim.  There is no doubt that he has a Muslim background due to his father and where he lived at various points in his life, but we don’t know that he practices Islam.  My guess is that he is not especially religious at all; his “god” is himself.  He went to Rev. Wright’s church for all those years NOT because he wanted to hear the Word of God, but rather because (A) he was keeping up a pose in the interests of his political ambitions, and; (B) Wright wasn’t preaching the Word of God, but rather a black “theology” that TAO and Michelle found quite agreeable;

      2.  While I have no interest in hiding the religious affilitation of the scumbag who shot those GI’s in Little Rock, I don’t see the need in overemphasizing it, either.  After all, by the same token, the guy who murdered that abortionist was – in principle – a fellow Christian.  This is something which certain lefties are eager to point out in an effort to smear ALL Christians (“Christianists”); please don’t follow their shabby example.

      I would also add that, from my VERY limited experience and knowledge of black American Muslims, they are not “true” Muslims.  Rather, they’ve perverted the religion into some sort of black power cult (cf. “Screwy Louie” Farrakhan).  My guess is that the thug in Little Rock is as much Muslim as Fred Phelps is a Christian.

  • make things up like this when it comes to things “muslim”?

    What do you mean “things muslim”?  Its more like just making things up.

  • Don’t forget that France and Germany each have more Muslims than the United States.  More amateurism and pandering without respect to facts. Alas, this is all Obama knows: empty rhetoric.

  • How would the media have reacted if Bush said that?

  • As Erb would say, facts do not matter.