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Twitters Moved

You may have  noticed that the twitter posts about the daily economic stats are gone.  They have been moved over to the sidebar, under the add banners.

This will give me the ability to provide the ongoing econ updates via my phone–just as I am posting this–while keeping the main blog section untouched.

This should be a solution that pleases everyone.

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9 Responses to Twitters Moved

  • Like the info, thanks!

  • That’s very nice.  What feed widget are you using, and where can I find it?  I embedded a feed on my company website, but it’s a straight java feed and the actual text of the updates isn’t transparent to robots.

  • It just the WordPress Twitter Tools plugin.

  • Thanks Dale. That is very considerate of you.

    • Not really.  I didn’t consider your opinion when I did it.  Frankly, no matter what formatting or posting changes you make, there will be opinions on both sides in the readership.  You can’t please everyone.  Since that is so, the opinions of commenters have never really carried much weight with me in these decisions. So I make these decisions based on what I like, or what, in consultation with Bruce and Michael, we like.

  • Thanks Dale.

  • Yeah, but you know I set off a firestorm with you, Bruce, and Michael. Bruce wants to hold the record for the number of QandO blog posts. You resisted. You claimed there was value. But Michael was the deciding factor. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, Michael. But annoying twitters were driving traffic away, just as you said.


    • Heh … actually Dale called me and ask my opinion on the twitter msgs right after he’d begun doing them and I said I hadn’t formed one yet. He said he hadn’t either so we agreed to continue to monitor them. A day or so later Dale sent me a text message saying he’d moved them to the sidebar and asking if I liked that better. I answered “yes”. That was the sum total of the entire exchange.

  • I’m glad to see them moved, I thought they were kind of annoying.  But I figured it was your blog and you can format it how you see fit.  If I had too much of a problem, I could go somewhere else.