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Wow, That Stimulus – Just What Was Needed! More, Please!

Another indicator that those in charge haven’t a clue about what they’re doing and anything they say or claim should be taken with a large grain of salt.



So let’s see, given the “logic” which has driven the “solution” thus far, what this calls for is more stimulus money, right?


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14 Responses to Wow, That Stimulus – Just What Was Needed! More, Please!

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  • Charts like the one above are fantastic.  They are so “in your face” to the nitwits in D.C. that you just have to chuckle at it.  Then, of course, you have to cry when you realize this is reality versus the collectivists’ dreams of social nirvana.

  • The Dear Leader’s™ job approval ratings have dropped to their lowest level since he was sworn in against our will. He is now at 53%, with 47% disapproval.

    Sorry, Dear Leader™. You have made a horrific mess of things (yeah, yeah, we know: he INHERITED the mess, as if no President has ever inherited problems from his predecessor), and you have spent us into oblivion in four short months.

    Time to take Loudmouth Joe Biden and go back to crooked Illinois from whence you came. Your time is through. We have had enough.

    • “He is now at 53%, with 47% disapproval.”

      Do you have a source for those numbers? TAO is down, but not that much, not by a long shot.

      • “Do you have a source for those numbers?”

        You betcha. As opposed to liberals like Erb, who spout off numbers that appear out of fairy dust with no support in the world of reality, I post numbers that actually are real, and are based on reality:


        Presidential Approval Index

        Strongly Approve

        Strongly Disapprove

        Total Approve

        Total Disapprove













        Thar she blows: June 7, 2009, Obama’s JARs are 53 approval, 46 disapproval, down 1 point from the day before.

        (I expect a little something extra in my pay envelope at the end of the month, thank you.)

        • Thanks!

          I figured his disapproval would not be that high yet, but the ambivalent folks would fill more in the middle.

          I wonder how many of that 53% is the folks who expected TAO to pay their mortgage and gas bills (now up 30% in about three months, those evil oil companies!)

  • If I put my Candide hat on for a minute, I wonder:

    So if the stimulus bill’s purpose was to engage and defeat the enemy of unemployment, is it the kind of engagement that could possibly have a timetable with declared, non-subjective milestones to achieve within it (provided setting dates does not embolden the enemy)? Further, would it be prudent to have a plan to disengage, or an “exit strategy”?

    Sorry, it may be in there but I never read it. I figure I would have heard about it from skeptical news organizations that learned some harsh lessons in not asking the hard questions in our country’s last “rush to engage an enemy.”
    At what transparently exposed milestone may the executive administration declare, “Mission accomplished”? Or, contrarily, when may the legislative branch, in its role as a check against the executive, state “the war is lost,” and move to cut funding from what may not be “noble enterprise”?

    I better take the Candide hat off as its making me sound stupid.

  • The discussion about this chart reminds me of the 2007 discussion about the surge in Iraq not working (see  Someone in the obama administration should apologize because they haven’t fixed 50 years of economic fraud  in 6 months. I also wish pop tarts wouldn’t take so long to heat up.

  • 50 years of economic fraud? Seeing as how it’s only been about 40 years since Carter signed the CRA?

  • From Media Matters.
    <a href=”″>Media figures ignore facts to claim unemployment rate proves stimulus is “failing”</a>
    The reason that we should ignore <a href=””>this graph by Obama’s economic team to promote the stimulus plan</a> is the 4th quarter GDP numbers were worse than expected.

    Of course, I would expect such dishonestly from the left wing noise machine.