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Economy: GOP Now More Trusted Than Dems

This is just funny. And fickle. But apparently watching what has gone on in the last few months, if you believe Rasmussen, has caused the GOP to suddenly again be the most trusted of the 2 parties when it comes to economics:

Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on six out of 10 key issues, including the top issue of the economy.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 45% now trust the GOP more to handle economic issues, while 39% trust Democrats more.

This is the first time in over two years of polling that the GOP has held the advantage on this issue.

Of course we’ll see how much weight this carries in 2010. However I’d be in that 6% not documented who don’t trust either of them.


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9 Responses to Economy: GOP Now More Trusted Than Dems

  • McQ – … I’d be in that 6% not documented who don’t trust either of them.

    After Bush’s (snarl!) last couple of years in office and watching the GOP morph into democrat (spit) lite, I agree.  However, it’s a question of playing the odds.  The GOP will probably screw up the economy because they are stupid and clueless.  The dems (spit) will almost certainly do it because it’s part of their political agenda and stems from their core beliefs.  It may be that the people in the poll thought about it and reached a similar conclusion: better to trust those who act from stupidity than those who act from malevolence.

  • If I made a list of “top 100 groups I trust regarding economic issues”, I’m pretty sure “politicians” wouldn’t make it, no matter what party.

  • 2 things –

    1.  No politician should ever be trusted with an economic decision.

    2.  docjim – PLEASE lose the baggage.  I like a lot of what you write, but am always put off with the (snarl), the (spit), and the (whatever else you throw into parens).  Come on man… we’re adults here.  Act like one.

  • In a followup to the Rasmussen poll, 9 out of 10 voters have never used their brains and don’t plan on starting anytime soon.

  • Dear voters: you voted for this guy. You’re rubes, you’re admitting you’re rubes. Please shut up now.

    • On second thought, stop voting because you are bad at it like a habitual DUI driver

  • This polling data would seem to pretty much echo what we’ve been seeing in regional and statewaide elections since 1/1/.
    It would also seem to echo what we’re seeing in Europe. For all the screaming from the left about how the right was in meltdown, it would seem they too have their issues.

    That said, I doubt this can be called a victory for the Repubicans. A rejection of the left does not make a victory for the Republcians a foregone conlusion. The degree to which this series of defeats for the left gets turned ito victories for the Republicans, depends on how quickly and forcefully, the Republcians delete their decade long attempts to be ‘leftie lite’.

    Barring that move, some other group which sticks to the principles of the right will assume that victory, assuming they’re large enough to be noticed.