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Quote of the Day

It comes from James Delingpole of the UK Telegraph:

Modern China cares about as much about “anthropogenic global warming” as Chairman Mao did about providing his population with five-course steak dinners. AGW’s only use, as far as the Chinese are concerned, is as an ingenious device to suck up money and power from the gullible west.

There is the truth that “must not be spoken”. That is the bottom line and anyone who has followed this “debate” and hasn’t been able to discern precisely what Delingpole states as the truth hasn’t been paying attention.

China is not, let me repeat that – not – going to jeopardize its economic growth over something it flat doesn’t believe to be a problem. But it will seize every opportunity to “negotiate” free money and technology from the west – if we’ll pay for it, they’ll take it.

And the naive bunch we have running the show now, despite unheard of deficit spending, are more than willing to do precisely that – just watch.


7 Responses to Quote of the Day

  • The only way that article could have been better was to note that China is already the world’s largest greenhouse gas producing nation.  Has been for several years now.

  • That quote is absolutely true! I just got back from 2 weeks in China, and my impression is that even if they believed AGW was indisputably true they would not slow down their rate of growth. It was such an enlightening experience to travel in China. The Middle Kingdom is rapidly resuming its place as the geopolitical center of gravity, and I am going to govern myself accordingly. I can strongly recommend the Rosetta Stone Mandarin course. hǎo yùn

  • As I have said before, AGW and it’s political manifestation, “cap-n-trade”, are all about control and money.
    The Chinese Communist Party already has both of these within it’s grasp, so they see no point to do more.

  • “… if we’ll pay for it, they’ll take it”.  Very true.  The contest between superpowers will be fought almost exclusively on the economic battelfield and AGW theory is one of the major battles – perhaps even a decisive one.  If the Democrats and Obama have their way, we are effectively retreating and ceding a *major* victory to China.

  • I went to see PJ O’Rourke at the Cato Institute yesterday, and he made the same point about the Left in this country.  He doesn’t think they really care about AGW — it’s about power, plain and simple.  Controlling your life.  And cars are just the fat target.

  • More about that stuff they told you in school that was wrong … Earth Losing Atmosphere Faster than Venus, Mars

    “We often tell ourselves that we are very fortunate living on this planet because we have this strong magnetic shield that protects us from all sorts of things that the cosmos throws at us — cosmic rays, solar flares and the pesky solar wind,” said Christopher Russell, a professor of geophysics and space physics at the University of California, Los Angeles.
    “It certainly does help in some of those areas but … in the case of the atmosphere, this may not be true,” he said.
    I’m not sure what they can tax to fix this problem.

  • AGW is a scam aimed at social re engineering.  Parts of the US will be going without summer this year. Wow some warming </smirt>