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We Have A “Winner”

Yes, friends, now we can all comfortably refer to the bevy of taxes sure to come on alcohol, sugary soft drinks and, well use your imagination and I’m sure you can rustle up a few more dozen items that would be perfect in this group.

The group name? “Lifestyle taxes”. Yes, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, if you choose the “wrong” lifestyle, you will pay for it in taxation.

Of course, as we’ve mentioned any number of times as we’ve talked about these sorts of taxes, there are no more regressive taxes than these (except for the quintessential “poor man’s tax”, the state run lottery).

An interesting little tidbit in the article this info comes from:

Soft drink and alcohol lobbyists have snapped into action, though so far their campaigns have been quiet compared to the blaring, multimillion-dollar battles that typify major showdowns.

Their low-key approach is due partly to committee leaders’ warnings to refrain from public attacks or be accused of sabotaging health care overhaul.

Key phrase? “[S]abotaging health care overhaul”. If you don’t think government, or at least the people writing this legislation, don’t have every intention in the world of dictating your “lifestyle” choices in the name of the health care costs they’ll be “managing”, you need to get out more.


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8 Responses to We Have A “Winner”

  • If only we could tax meth and heroin use, and risky sexual practices,  which lead to significant, and expensive, health care issues…..oh well,  Iguess they aren’t the lifestyle taxes the health care system reformers have in mind.

  • The federal and state governments will tax ANYTHING, because we all know government can NEVER do with less money to spend on all their absolutely vital programs.  And if they do cut something, they make sure it is something like police or firemen or the military, as punishment to the “little people” who complain about higher taxes and fees.

  • There is one thing that has always amazed me about this whole lifestyle choices argument.  Why don’t people just come out and reveal the fallacy of this non logical thinking.

    Look, it is like this, EVERYONE DIES, so at some time in the future you will require health care, expensive health care.  Furthermore, the older you live to be, the more frequent recurring health care problems you are likely to have. So whether you die young, due to smoking or obesity, or die old, the only difference is that the young are using up less social security.  So, if anything, poor lifestyle choices should be a net benefit to the public.

  • Well, for that to work, people have to die at a younger age of causes that drastic life saving medical advances don’t cover. 

    Used to be, people would get drunk, get in their 2-3 ton car, wrap it around a tree and die.  Now, they are cushioned from their own bad behavior and end up costing a lot of medical dollars, rather then just a funeral.  Or they’d lop off an appendage at work and die on the way to the hospital from blood loss.  Now they get the right care toot sweet.

  • People who live longer tend to incur more lifetime medical expenses. Meaning that if obesity does modestly shorten lifespans, it does so at a savings to taxpayer-funded programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

    Doesn’t that mean that the Congress is taxing the wrong stuff ? 
    Shouldn’t they be taxing “organic” foods and the other “good stuff” so that they can lower costs ?

  • Everyone keep an eye on attitudes toward euthanasia.

  • Time to start raising grapes.  It’s entirely legal to produce 200 gallons of wine per household, and some quantity of distilled product as well. (not sure about the distilled product – pretty sure about the wine)

    And I wonder just how hard it is to grow tobacco.    Apparently you can buy seeds online.  Not only that, but numerous varieties.   Looks like a nice leafy ornamental.