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This Blog Post Saved At Least 10 Jobs Today


At least that’s what the macro model I built says.  It has some very sophisticated algorithms.

According to the model, the associated bandwidth cost for this post was enough to keep the blog hosting gang going and because of that, they kept making payments on all the computer equipment, power and rent/lease obligations they have associated with their hosting site, which in turn kept a computer retailer/power company/real estate firm from laying off folks while also paying those down the line from them today and having the same effect.


Go ahead – prove me wrong.


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10 Responses to This Blog Post Saved At Least 10 Jobs Today

  • Cool! Nice Going!

    As my job has already been lost could you help?

    Thanks!  I enjoy your page.


  • Good job Bruce!  You need to make about 1,000,000 more of these to save the economy.  What’s your macro model say we do with every comment?  At lesat 1 job saved or created right?  Right?  CNN should be reporting this …

  • I believe that the correct term is “saved or created.” However, it is acceptable to shorten it to “saved” or “created” at any time, therefore you’re not technically wrong.

  • Are you sure of your numbers?  My figures show TWICE that in saved jobs.  At least.  Perhaps 1000’s more…..

  • Hah!  Like I’m gonna believe so transparently phony a claim!  Next, you’ll be claiming that your blog posts will save or create 40 jobs this summer.

    How stupid do you think we are?  I mean, it’s not like any of us work for MiniTru.


  • You’d save and create even more if you now built a web site that was used to demonstrate the transparency of your methods AND showed how many jobs you saved or created via acouple of pages of Ross Perot style pie charts and bar graphs.

    As the Ross the Boss used to say, “Here’s how it works, see?  You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure this out”

  • No, my claim is the “do it yourself” nature of blogging actually cost 6 jobs in journalism today.


  • Bruce,

    By government standards you are horrendously underestimating your impact and totally disregard the effectiveness of Qando as a product in making work – you should be adding a fraction of a job per page view.   Every regular visitor to your site is disengaged from employment for the time spent here, thus creating by fractions the need to hire other people to carry out the same work.  Its like when the government devises some sort of regulatory requirement or hole dig/fill in protocol – it might not actually create anything, but it sure does get more people employed doing it. 

  • You must of read the USAToday index yesterday that predicted an economic turnaround by Fall.  Of course it was a brand new index and one suspects that it started with the result and worked backwards.

    Just like global warming models!