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Axelrod Floats A Healthcare Middle Class Tax Trial Balloon

Over the years, one of the purposes the sunday news shows have come to serve is a venue from which to launch political trail balloons and see how well they float.

Some get shot down immediately. Some take flak but survive. And other sail right on through with very little notice. David Axelrod appeared on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos and launched one concerning taxes and health care. Axelrod first said that Obama still believes taxing health benefits is not the way to pay for health care (although during the ABC informercial, he essentially said that if it happened, it would be a compromise (and obviously not a show stopper for him)).

Stephanopoulos pushed a little harder on funding through taxation:

I pressed Axelrod on whether Obama will draw a line in the sand and veto any bill that funds health care reform with tax hikes for people making under $250,000 a year — despite a pledge Barack Obama made during the 2008 presidential campaign not to raise taxes on the poor and middle-class.

“One of the problems we’ve had in this town is that people draw lines in the sand and they stop talking to each other. And you don’t get anything done. That’s not the way the president approaches us. He is very cognizant of protecting people — middle class people, hard-working people who are trying to get along in a very difficult economy. And he will continue to represent them in these talks,” Axelrod said.

“But they’re also dealing with punishing health care costs, and that’s something that we have to deal with.”

Classic. He could have simply said “we’re open to compromise and if that’s what it takes to pay for it, then yes, we’ll raise taxes on the middle class in a New York minute.”

But instead he had to do the “we’re here to protect the middle class, but …” and then tell us how they really weren’t there to protect them in this particular case.

So to those of you who believed Obama when he said that 95% of Americans won’t see their taxes raised by a single dime – well, that’s no longer necessarily the case – if you let this trial balloon float away unimpeded (not that it will matter really – if they pass health care it has to be paid for somehow and there is no possible way only the richest 5% are enough to pay for that boondoggle).


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7 Responses to Axelrod Floats A Healthcare Middle Class Tax Trial Balloon

  • For those of you suckers, er, voters, who bought the lies, er, promises, of The Clown™, thanks a ton…because of you, we all now have to suffer four years of socialized horsecrappola from this administration and the thugs du jour in the Congress.

    Thanks a lot. We have to pay for your mistake.

  • At some point, if we hope to accomplish anything, we have to quit talking and start acting.
    Tea parties?  Whoop-ti-do.
    I don’t know what the answer is, but there has to be some middle ground between voting with my feet; waiting until 2010, when a whole bunch of new programs that will never be  cut or terminated are in place; and getting thrown into jail for refusing to finance, or actively resisting, a government that by no definition can any longer be considered limited in power.

  • What else can you do? Unless you wanna go all grassy knoll like a lunatic, the best thing to do is in fact, those tea parties you whoop-ti-do about.

    The public needs to be educated about the disaster Obama and his minions are perpetuating. Because the first battle against will be the midterms.

  • Add Axelrod to that bus at the end of “Traitor

  • So to those of you who believed Obama when he said that 95% of Americans won’t see their taxes raised by a single dime – well, that’s no longer necessarily the case – if you let this trial balloon float away unimpeded…
    Of course they’ll let it float away. How many of them are willing to admit that they made a big mistake?

  • Thanks a lot.We have to pay for your mistake.

  • The fundamental issue here is that the government wants to get involved in redistributing funds, increasing the cash flows into the health care industry while simultaneously adding “cost control” regulation to that industry.  This is the same formula that was used to spur mortgages for “low income” buyers.  The house of cards finally collapsed after paper manipulation of liabilities into “assets” lost all credibility.  Is this the same that the government wants for health care?  Based on what I have seen of military health care and veteran health care, government institutions do little to promote the general health of their customers and are even worse when it comes to the stewardship of funds.  The reason that health care is becoming unaffordable in this country is the oligopoly created through government regulation on how health care is provided and who is qualified to provide that health care.  Using taxation to fuel the current health care system in a bid to control cost is like putting out fire by pouring gasoline on it.