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This situation in Honduras – a first hand report

I have a professional colleague in Honduras who wrote many of us a message yesterday, pleading for help getting the word out about the true situation as he sees it. I don’t know if it’s prudent to give his name at this point.

I requested permission to repost that message here, and he readily agreed. So this is written by a Honduran, directly addressing the rest of world and appealing for us to understand the situation there and take action appropriately:

I seek your advice. I have to find the best way to make all governments, especially the world leaders, understand what is happening in Honduras. I’m gathering IT friends and developers to brainstorm on this and hopefully save our country from terror.

This alias is not political [He refers to the mailing list on which he posted this message] so I won’t write in those terms. But can say that the great majority of my country celebrated the forced departure of our Ex President. He and Hugo Chavez did the best they could to divide this nation, making us fight against each other, but in the end, they made us more united and more aware of what Democracy really is, and embrace it. They’ve done us a favor actually.

Just so you know what happened in one line: Our Ex President was trying to repeat what Hugo Chavez has achieved in four other countries by controlling the national media, bribing top officials and threatening citizens. He wanted to illegally change our constitution so that he could create a one and only Party, do away with national media, change the way referendums are carried and be reelected indefinitely by these false referendums.

If you ask why we voted for him as President in the first place? Well, he presented himself as a normal candidate in opposition to corruption. We basically voted (me included) for him, because we were against the other guy. Little did we know that he would start insulting the USA (country where most of us have family and friends) and befriending all its enemies. He took a hard, hard left. With Hugo Chavez’s money, he bought three TV channels and a News Paper that is delivered “free of charge” to every citizen’s door step. You get 24X7 news on how “Pinky and the Brain” plan to take over the world. His own Party ousted him a few months after being elected President.

You need to know that all of the Churches (all the brands), the Teachers Union, Commerce Chambers, Worker Unions, The Congress, the Supreme Court, the Police, the Armed Forces, everyone has celebrated his ousting. Every single person I know (that did not work directly for him) (rich or poor) is very happy with the actions taken and the new temporary President that we have until November’s elections.

To sum it up we all just had it with this guy and are happy he’s gone. Unfortunately, what I see on the world news is astonishing to us. All Presidents back him up and want him reinstated. Hugo Chavez has troops from Venezuela lined up on our Nicaraguan border. Are we going into war for something that we all wanted as country to stop? Hugo Chavez knows that he has to act soon before the media and world start to see what really happened here. So we have to get the message out as fast as possible.

When I requested permission to repost, this was his response:

Dear Billy,

I’m sorry it took this long to get back to you. We’ve been having outages of Internet ever since the 7.1 earthquake that hit a couple of weeks ago. There are many reasons why it was so urgent for us to get rid of this man. He disregarded the whole country for the sake of Hugo Chavez’s interest. Bridges fell down, schools and houses broke down, etc, during the Earthquake. Even before that the roads and hospitals are destroyed by total lack of maintenance, etc, etc. We are losing jobs to economy crisis. Becoming a communist (Marxist) country to make Hugo happy is the furthest thing on our minds. Our real government had to take extreme measures (which we applaud) to oust this person.

I also need to add that our Ex President did not submit a yearly budget to the Congress as our Constitution demands every year. He was hoping to suffocate the Congress and Supreme Court by withholding funds. It is calculated that he spent more than three years budget into his campaign to be reelected (strong prohibited by the Constitution and named as treason). The only way that amount of funds availability is possible is by Hugo Chavez’s oil money. But he never reported any of it to anyone. How can the world expect us to carry a fair trial for this man when he has more cash than several neighboring countries together. Kicking him out of the country was the only way. If this was the 70’s, he would be dead. But like all modern terrorists, they rely on our respect for Human Rights; But that has a limit also.

So yes, by all means, post and repost as much as you can, please. Tomorrow I plan to go around taking pictures and video of the city so you can add them if you wish. I greatly appreciate the support I’m getting from several RD’s. [He refers to a program of Microsoft-oriented software developers.] We are very nervous, scared actually. We know very well that we are right and the media and the Presidents of other countries are wrong and uninformed. To me CNN is the USA’s worst enemy. It’s become ours too.[Emphasis mine]

If he is successful in getting pictures and video, I’ll post them. In the meantime, this corroborates the position set out by McQ in his previous two posts, maintaining that Obama’s response has been… well, let’s euphemistically say “unimpressive”, though my own opinion is that it demonstrates that Obama doesn’t seem to place much value on freedom, here or anywhere else. And don’t get me started on our media.

I wish the Hondurans good fortune in getting through this political crisis. I trust my colleague’s account, and I will be guided by it in my own opinions. You may judge whether you agree.

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7 Responses to This situation in Honduras – a first hand report

  • This is 100% on the mark. I’m a gringo that has lived and worked here for more than 20 years, and I’ve never been as proud of Honduras as now. I’m embarrassed by my country and its pathetic response. There is a large movement of American investors here to write letters, etc to congress, State, and the President to convince them this was legal.

  • If you ask why we voted for him as President in the first place? Well, he presented himself as a normal candidate in opposition to corruption. We basically voted (me included) for him, because we were against the other guy. Little did we know that he would start insulting the USA (country where most of us have family and friends) and befriending all its enemies. He took a hard, hard left.

    Any of that seem familiar?

  • All you dense righties can do is continuously slam Obama. I pity you, I really do. You only see things through the lens of ideology, and the fact that this post is a first-person account is completely beside the point, and I don’t know why anyone would bring it up.

    After all, who needs first person accounts to come to the right conclusion? It’s obvious that we wise leftist academics who specialize in international relations should be the source of all your opinions, even in areas such as the environment that we don’t know squat about. Because we’re so smart we can listen to leftist environmentalists and immediately intuit that they are right and the global warming deniers are wrong. Period. No knowledge of statistics or environmental science is needed for such definitive pronouncements, so you thick righties just need to suck it up and get with the program.

    Yes, we’re the only ones who really know what’s going on in the world, and the only source of all correct political judgments. Such as the judgment that Obama’s response to Honduras is the right one. And if he changes it tomorrow, then that will be the right one too, just as his various responses to the Iranian situation were all correct, even when they contradicted one another. Because with his Christ-like visage, Obama is the leader we need, now that the Bush regime is over (finally!).

    And just you wait, violence is going to go way, way up in Iraq any day now, especially since we’re pulling out in shame. And those Iraqis who say they will miss us are imperialist tools. And Sadr did too win over Maliki, and he’s going to start taking over Iraq any day now! I decree it!! And Iran will be the ultimate victor in Iraq because those so-called “free” Iraqis just can’t wait to turn everything over to their Persian masters. You see, I called it right back in 2006 when you dense righties refused to give up in Iraq. I said things were just bad, bad, bad, and the fact that things seemed to get better is just a ruse by imperialists to discredit we wise leftists.

    So you should all just forget your stupid right-wing opinions, which are not based on anything but ideology (I decree that too), and listen to we wise leftists with godlike powers of political science. You should especially forget all that stuff about “freedom” that you prattle on about, and just accept that your wise leftist masters know what’s best for you.

    And I don’t come here and say that out of some warped obsession to find people to talk down to so I can get self-validation, no sir, so for goodness sake, stop saying that! There’s nothing wrong with me! I’m completely healthy psychologically, I tell you!! I can quit lecturing to dense righties any time I want to!!! But I just have to come here and lecture you dense righties because you are so wrong about EVERYTHING!!!!!

    • Dear sir,
      Thank you for the accurate photographic rendering that accompanied this post.
      I remain,
      Your most obedient servant