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Quote of the day

Quote of the day, by Greg Gutfeld:

I became a Conservative by being around Liberals and I became a Libertarian by being around Conservatives.

Backers of candidates such as Mike Huckabee might want to think about that.

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14 Responses to Quote of the day

  • McCain’s candidacy was idiotic, but if the GOP attempts Huckacide in 2012, they will lose me forever.

    • 2010-2012 looks to me like make or break time for Republicans. Either they clean their own house and tap into the small-government desires of their disaffected base and disgusted independents, or I believe we’ll see a serious third-party effort. I perceive a large and growing latent demand for a completely different direction from the current socialist policies of the Democrats, and the if Republicans don’t satisfy it, someone else will.

      If a viable third party does arise, I consider the Republicans at much greater risk of being shoved into irrelevance than the Democrats. The parasites and control-driven left will always be with us, so the Democrats have a base which don’t look likely to ever leave them.

      • BILLY HOLLIS – “Either [the GOP] clean their own house and tap into the small-government desires of their disaffected base and disgusted independents, or I believe we’ll see a serious third-party effort.”

        Then I’d say, “Get ready for a third party. Maybe a forth and fifth.”

        The GOP shows no signs of serious reform, and I think that it’s because enough Americans have NO “small-government” desires. They WANT womb-to-tomb government care, from free day care to free public education (with free school breakfasts and lunches) to free college education to free job placement to free retirement, with free health care all along the way. Look at California, about to go bankrupt because nobody will agree to see “his” program cut or eliminated to try to stem the state’s flood of red ink; other states are in similar straits. These people who look to the government to take care of them are a group the GOP has been trying to woo with their policies of “democrat-lite”. The last presidential election – indeed, the last several since 1988 – has been effectively between a big-spending Republican… and a bigger-spending democrat. Consider the current debate over health care “reform”: Republican talking heads agree that “something must be done to reform our health care system”; the only difference between them and their democrat opponents is that the GOP doesn’t want to spend quite as much.

        Even if enough Americans agreed on FISCALLY conservative principles to make a viable third party, there are social issues to balkanize us, such as abortion, gun control, and gay marriage. And how do you reconcile a fiscal conservative who wants to fight and win the wars in Iraq and A-stan with one who wants to get out in order to save that money?

        The path of least resistance for politicians and their parties is to give the people what they want, and until people stop wanting somebody else to pay the check, we’re stuck with the fiscal madness we have today.

  • Nice. There’s the old quote that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. I add that a libertarian is a conservative who’s been mugged by his own government.

    Once you set about on the business of granting power to others, you set into motion that power eventually being used against you. The GOP is chock-full of twits like McCain, who supports bailouts and proposed his own, and Hucksterbee, who wants to align us with “God’s law” and wants to spend $150 billion on highway construction as a stimulus to the economy.

  • What do you become after being around Ron Paul?

  • >>>>What do you become after being around Ron Paul?
    Andrew Sullivan?

  • Hehe…

  • The problem is, it’s the Libertarians who keep me from being a Libertarian. I’ve been registered to the party for 15+ years now, and I’ve seen them nominate nothing but kooks.

    There’s got to be a mid-ground between the Libertarians and the two major parties.

    • That is certainly true. The kind of people at Libertarian party meetings are scary crazy.  They will NEVER amount to more than a few percentage points.
      I am beginning to think that we need a party which does NOT nominate any candidates.  A party that is instead dedicated to trying to push reforms of all kinds including constitutional amendments.  The members of the party could vote for whomever they wanted. But the party would only work either for reforms, or single out truly bad members of congress for defeat.

  • Huckabee is not really a conservative. He’s simply an ego-maniac. He has repeatedly broken Reagan’s 11th commandment to speak no ill of fellow Republicans. He will sabotage any Republican if it promises to benefit his personal advancement. Republicans need a charismatic and strong libertarian candidate. See:

    • And that “commandment” right there is why fiscal conservatives have lost their party to hucksters like Huckabee, Romney, McCain, Snowe, Collins, Specter, and a host of others.

  • Most likely, conservatives/libertarians will not be pleased with the chosen GOP candidate of 2010; on the other hand, it’s MUCH easier to support the free market and other libertarian ideals as a columnist/commentator/blogger than as a politician. As long as Ron Paul (or something similar) doesn’t show his face in this election, we MAY see another Reagan—-surely enough, nothing less than the product of forcing libertarians to compromise with other conservatives! Otherwise, prepare for another McCain as Ron Paul (or something similar) devours the libertarian vote 🙁

    • you might be overestimating how much libertarian vote there is.  We got McCain quite simply because the primary process is screwed up and so many of the early states allow democrats and independents to cross over and vote for republicans.

  • I became a Conservative by being around Liberals and I became a Libertarian by being around Conservatives.

    If you hang around Libertarians, do you become a Liberal and complete the cycle? 😉