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Palin To Resign

The stated reason:

Palin made the announcement flanked by Parnell and all of her cabinet. She said that recent incidents brought up by national media and the spate of ethics complaints have been taking away from her mission to serve Alaska.

She felt that it would be best to step aside and let Parnell and her cabinet continue.

My guess? She’s been tired of the moonbat attacks for a while, and the final straw was the McCain bunch. She’s most likely figured that in today’s poisonous political atmosphere, national exposure and national office just aren’t worth the price. Not that I think she’d ever have been elected to national office. However I do think the obsession by the left and the attacks on both her and her family have been both unseemly and vicious, but certainly not surprising.


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41 Responses to Palin To Resign

  • Too bad. We’ll see what she decides to do but even though the media/left (same thing) and the absolute scumbum losers on the McCain side who we can stand to lose please did quite the hatchet job on her that she’d never win office, I still think she can be an effective, high profile spokesperson for the kind of principles and policies we need to have articulated at this time.

  • “She’s most likely figured that in today’s poisonous political atmosphere, national exposure and national office just aren’t worth the price.”

    Don’t think so. The timing for the announcement is just to pat. I think she’s preparing for war.

  • My guess? She’s been tired of the moonbat attacks for a while
    Tired of it!?!
    Anytime there is a fight to be had, she jumped right in the mud ring when most political advisers would tell her to leave the David Letterman’s and ankle biters to their petty pop shots.
    My guess, she liked all the media exposure.  The constant jetting around the country for media events and fundraisers.  She just bit off more than she could chew.
    Not to mention that she fed the beast with strange lies and behavior.  And what was up with the latest photo spread in Runners magazine?  Was she modeling her different outfits???
    Palin should have taken the advice from many.  To go back to Alaska, do her job and train for the majors in four years.  But she didn’t.  And now her political career, at least as an elected politician, is over.  No one is going to elect her again, not after leaving the Alaska governorship because… what?  she couldn’t take the heat???
    Palin is an odd bird.  She, and her fans, have nobody to blame but her.

  • Governor Palin has made four trips out of the state since the election. Thatis hardly jettting around. I’d like to see Sarah stay in the spotlight enough to expose the misogynist nature of the left, but would hardly blame for not wanting to do so.

  • PogueMahone along with the prominent lefty blogs just cannot help but obsess over Sarah Palin.  According to them, the Runners shoot was about her  disrespecting the American flag and displaying leg in a running suit.  All we got from them when Obama failed to properly address the flag during the National Anthem was bullsh*t.  As for publicity pictures, we need to do a comparative count against the Obama’s poses in the government-run media.
    I listened to part of her announcement today and was struck by how badly she explained her decision.   This was obviously a hasty decision explained in a speech that was not well written.     The liberals win another round.

  • Palin, has the unique opportunity to take the base of the Republican Party and severely weaken the minority hard-left that’s controlling the Democrat Party. If, she does it right, there could be a viable third party on the horizon.

  • Sounds like an embezzlement indictment is on the way.   She’s clearly showed a complete lack of ethics.  Word has it that it’s from her time as Mayor of Wasilla, and involves free home renovations.   Maybe, just maybe, she’s been under criticism because she deserves to be criticized!

    • Sounds like an embezzlement indictment is on the way. Of course, if that doesn’t happen, I’ll just deny I ever suggested it. Because I’m not trying to slime someone with no evidence, no sir! It’s just that post-modernism allows we wise leftists to have multiple truths, and my truth is that Palin is an unethical embezzler.

      She’s clearly showed a complete lack of ethics. For starters, she was terribly unethical and disloyal towards the sisterhood by having that defective baby. Just think of how many others she probably influenced to make such a decision!

      Word has it that it’s from her time as Mayor of Wasilla, and involves free home renovations. Now, why such things wouldn’t have already come out during the campaign when every reporter with a suitcase was digging around for dirt on her, I can’t say. And I’m completely certain that anything that comes out will be true, because my colleagues in the media would never, ever stoop to making things up about people they don’t like. And that stuff about McCain’s affair in the NYT might have been true! We don’t know! And I still don’t think those CBS memos about Bush were faked, because they just rang true. Thank goodness the Bush regime is over (finally)!

      And home renovations! Just think of it! The evil, the lack of ethics! She might have gotten an entirely new kitchen! I mean, it’s not like 90K in the freezer or anything, but after all, she’s a wicked Republican. Maybe, just maybe, she’s been under criticism because she deserves to be criticized!

    • You really are a sleazebag, aren’t you? “Word has it” that these accusations have been around for quite some time. Nobody has found a shred of proof, and G** knows they have tried.

    • Scott,  you amaze me.  I would expect you to be first in line to complain is someone claimed, for example, Obama had an affair.  You would, as an academic, be asking for sources and links.  But, in the case of Palin, you simply repeat something that is less than a rumor as if it bore repeating.
      Why would you do such a thing?  I thought you were brighter than that.

  • Erb, didn’t you notice that Limbaugh worked today? He’s inolved with Palin in a coup to take over the Republican party. Can’t believe you missed that.

  • I’d like to think I did my part. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • “Word has it that it’s from her time as Mayor of Wasilla, and involves free home renovations.   Maybe, just maybe, she’s been under criticism because she deserves to be criticized!”

    Kind of like a certain President of ours getting a sweetheart home purchase and loan – but who around here wants to point fingers.  Right Erb?  You are sure quick to defend certain folks like Murtha, Kerry and others on the left but can’t seem to stay out of the mud when someone on the right presents you with an easy target.

  • Gee, SShiell, methinks thou doth protest too much.   If any one left or right has been involved in illegal practices, I hope that they are indicted.  I’m just noting that this might be the reason for her resignation.   She’ll likely be remembered as a political shooting star — didn’t last long, but was noticable while she was on the scene.   It’s ironic for YOU to accuse anyone of not being able to stay out of the mud!

    • Gee, SShiell, methinks thou doth protest too much. Isn’t that a wonderful, all-purpose put-down? I don’t have to actually respond or anything, and besides that I get to sound educated. I love it that I can just pull that response out whenever I want to, and it just trumps anything someone else says. And it’s not either smug and condescending, so stop saying that! I come here to educate you dense righties using my godlike powers of political science, and all you do is insult me. And I certainly don’t come here because I have a warped obsession with finding people to lecture down to so that I can convince myself that I have a shred of self-worth!!! That’s not true, I tell you!!!! So stop saying it!!!

      And I’m not either protesting too much myself right now, so stop saying that too!

  • Maybe she got tired of being slimed by leftist hypocrites, but I doubt it. She’s already used to the fascist slings from the likes of “Pogue” and “Erb”. I figure she’s going to prepare for a 2012 campaign. Let’s just hope the McCain snakes are long gone by then.

  • “Gee, SShiell, methinks thou doth protest too much.”

    Protest?  Not me.  No, Erb, just making an observation about a self-righteous fool who calls himself a Professor from Maine.  I just think it odd that you would rigorously defend Murtha’s outrageous accusations against the Marines of Haditha (By the way, how did those trials work out?), or Kerry’s fanciful tale of boating in Cambodia (Seen a map of Cambodia lately?), but when presented with a mere rumor being bandied about by such credible stallwarts as MSNBC or Huffington Post about someone on the right you jump in convinced of her wrongdoing.

    No, Erb, I would never accuse you of being partisan.


  • I don’t remember anyone saying she descended from an Orangutan.

  • By resigning, she gives up on elected office anytime soon, obviously.   But her plans appear to be to work to change the establishment from the outside.  She is an observant and competent person, and she has seen how the conservative base is inspired and fired up by her presence.  It’s pretty clear to me that Palin intends to get out there and fire up the conservative base.
    If the leftist zombie following is hung up on the “scandal” aspect of the story, all the better.  Give them enough rope to hang themselves.  Hell, they’re zombies anyway — too stupid to understand they are already dead!

  • Perhaps some have forgotten that she has a child with Down’s syndrome and a young daughter to care for, not to mention helping out her older daughter, since that sleezeweasel who fathered the child doesn’t seem to want to care for it. She has plenty to keep her busy without having to put up with t*rds like Letterman and Erb making sleezy jokes and spreading rumors about her and her children.

    • I hope you’re right, tim.  I’ve never held any respect for her as a policy maker, or a statesman.  She never displayed any notion of her having a grasp on most national issues.  She often displayed odd behavior, poor choices, and pointless little lies.  But she never gave me any other idea than that she was a good mother and wife.
      So if that’s the case… then god’s speed, Mrs. Palin.
      That said, I guess the myth of the Saracuda has now been officially debunked.

  • >>>>without having to put up with t*rds like Letterman and Erb making sleezy joke

    Don’t forget Pogue there or he will get in a snit the poor dear.

    • How’s this for a snit? …
      Show me one sleezy joke about Palin from me, you mindless twitching hack.
      A sleezy joke about you, maybe.  You lying sack of worm sh!t.
      But about Palin?
      Show it, capt.
      Or is that you lie worse than Erb.

  • Gee, Scott, I guess that’s why 15 out of 15 ethics complaints have been dismissed for lack of evidence.
    And I’ve heard the same rumor about an indictment from the Federal level…. they’ll use the same crack DOJ prosecutors as the Stevens case. After all, they’re in place, and know just who not to talk to this time to avoid any appearance of exculpatory evidence.
    The reason she’s resigning is real simple. Even though she’s spanking the false ethics charges like Scott’s dominatrix, each attempt is costing her family money they don’t have. As long as she’s in office, the process can continue if she does anything remotely political. Same problem with a legal defense fund.
    Besides, Scott’s Prez O! didn’t bother to resign to campaign; he just kept on collecting the salary and bennies whether he did any actual work or not. Kind of like the typical tenured professor.

  • Good. Hopefully she retires to private life and disappears from the public eye forever. Many of her critics, especially those on the left, were particularly indecent in their attacks on her, but she never should have been in that position in the first place. Just because some other completely unqualified and inept politicians sneak through the system (ahem) doesn’t justify her mind-boggling nomination.

  • Of the people who have commented on this thread which of you would choose Obama over Palin to run the country?

    • Me, me, me! Obama with his Christ-like visage is so manly and strong and virile. Ooo, he makes me quiver inside.

      But Sarah Palin? Yuck! A beauty contest winner with a strong personality who deserts her sisterhood for the right wing? She disgusts me.

      • So, that’s it? Just three of you, and then only from a fear of strong women.  

  • Oh, she isn’t retiring from public life, you wishful thinkers!! 😉
    Saracuda’s just getting started.   The funny thing is, you’ll never see it coming.
    With your snide underhanded innuendos and your snickering behind the hand giddiness, you always fail to see the important half of what’s right in front of your face.  Call it situational blindness, you twit.  You’ll never deal with it, of course.  Only the consequences — those you’ll have to deal with.

  • Follow your nomme de guerre Pogue and bite me.  I don’t have to show you shit.

    • You don’t have to!?
      Hah!  You can’t.
      You just write bald face lies.  It’s what you do here.

  • Brown, Ott Scerb is a parody, Erb and Pogue unfortunately are not and are actually real people 🙂

  • She’s the only repub with balls, go girl!

  • Ott Scerb isn’t just a parody — he’s a national treasure.  You can’t tell the difference!  Eat your heart out, Tina Fey!

  • Funny — poor Sarah has been treated unfair, but look at what Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others have had said on them.   Heck, some whack jobs have even claimed the Clintons have been involved in murder.   Attacks on Palin have been mild compared to the smears against the Clintons and “not born in the US” Obama.   I still suspect a scandal behind this, it was so abrupt and her speech was so inept that it seemed spurred by something unknown.  But perhaps she’s just over her head.  Oh, and Rick C. — political speculation and discussion is not like academia.  Rumors can be discussed — people do it all the time, remember how Hillary was a lesbian she-wolf who murdered a friend and had an unethical power lust?   Or Clinton a traitor to “Red” China?    So spare me the tears for Palin.   As I write in my blog today, she, like most of us, simply wasn’t up to the big time.   I doubt many of us could handle the limelight she was suddenly shoved into, and she imploded.   But no, compared to how the “right” handles their attacks on Democrats, Palin was not treated all that badly.

  • “But no, compared to how the “right” handles their attacks on Democrats, Palin was not treated all that badly.”

    I would like you to share with the rest of us all of the attacks on the Clinton where the parenthood of Chelsea was challeneged. I would like you to show us all where Hillary was attacked just for having the child. I would like for you to share with us all how much money the Clintons spent of their own to defend themselves against ethics lawsuits (15 to date against Palin – Oh and when you defend the Clintons remember they still have a balance in their “Defense Fund”). And show me where Letterman or an equal national type spokesman spoke of Chelsea being raped at a sports function. Meanwhile your own spewing against Palin for an “embezzelment indictment” was just as spurious as any other crap laid on the Clinton or poor Obama.

    You may be right that Palin was and has been over her head. But I question your equating the vitriole spewed against her in only 8 months to what has been used against the Clintons for the past 20 years or against poor Obama in the last 2 years. Unlike you who speak of the Clintons only by reputation, I speak of the Clinton from personal knowledge – and if you consider Palin to have been treated not that badly, then the Clintons were fawned upon by their opponents in comparison.

  • Erb may be right in comparing the credibility and morals of mainstream news organizations, commentators, and celebrities to right-wing nut jobs. Who woulda thunk it?