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Happy “Dependence” Day

I‘m sorry, but the more I get into the monstrosities coming out of Washington DC, the less I see “independence” as a reality. Just a quick read through Waxman-Markey (and a quick read in anything but easy given the size of the bill) will tend to make you a bit pessimistic about “independence”. Consider the mundane topic of shade trees:


(a) Findings- The Congress finds that–

(1) the utility sector is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States today, producing approximately one-third of the country’s emissions;

(2) heating and cooling homes accounts for nearly 60 percent of residential electricity usage in the United States;

(3) shade trees planted in strategic locations can reduce residential cooling costs by as much as 30 percent;

(4) shade trees have significant clean-air benefits associated with them;

(5) every 100 healthy large trees removes about 300 pounds of air pollution (including particulate matter and ozone) and about 15 tons of carbon dioxide from the air each year;

(6) tree cover on private property and on newly-developed land has declined since the 1970s, even while emissions from transportation and industry have been rising; and

(7) in over a dozen test cities across the United States, increasing urban tree cover has generated between two and five dollars in savings for every dollar invested in such tree planting.

So now the federal government will issue guidelines and hire experts to ensure you plant shade trees properly:

(4) The term ‘tree-siting guidelines’ means a comprehensive list of science-based measurements outlining the species and minimum distance required between trees planted pursuant to this section, in addition to the minimum required distance to be maintained between such trees and–

(A) building foundations;

(B) air conditioning units;

(C) driveways and walkways;

(D) property fences;

(E) preexisting utility infrastructure;

(F) septic systems;

(G) swimming pools; and

(H) other infrastructure as deemed appropriate

And Waxman-Markey is indeed a “green-job creator” of a bill – it creates an entirely new job category – Federal House Inspector. Yes, that’s right, in order to sell your house in the future you must passed a federal housing inspection which will certify your home has the minimal energy rating necessary. And if not, you’ll be required to bring it up to par by replacing appliances (water heaters, air conditioning, etc) or repairing (leaky windows, etc) whatever the inspector finds before you can put it on the market.

Have a candelabra in your dining room? Don’t you dare put any more than a 60 watt bulb in there.  You need to also bone up on what you’ll be allowed to do with outdoor lighting, water dispensers, hot tubs and other appliances, not to mention wood burning stoves and water usage.

Yup, if this piece of legislation makes it through the Senate, we need to seriously rethink the name we give the 4th of July. “Independence” will no longer apply. And, given the level of intrusion this bill brings to our lives, you can just imagine what’s in store for us in any health care legislation passed by this administration.

Happy Dependence Day, folks.


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12 Responses to Happy “Dependence” Day

  • Now is the time for Erb to come out of the woods of Maine and regale us once again with his patented ” Downfall of the US” tirade.  Why, not too long ago he posted this gem regarding global warming:

    “The sad thing is, out of a lust for continued unsustainable consumerism you’re condemning my children and the next generation (and you and many other greedy willfully ignorant comrades) to much horrible consequences.”

    Now this is the perfect topic for Erb to blast us regarding our reluctance to “Do the right thing” and give our all to save GAIA Mother Earth.  We commercial, free-spending, carbon pigs don’t deserve freedom and this is our ultimate comeuppence – the “Chickebn comong home to roost” moment as it were and we should all man-up and take it like the good serfs we are.  Come on Erb, show us all the “Dependence” Spirit you have been blasting us with all these years and show us the way to the promised land.

  • People like Erb tend to have the sense to lay low on the 4th, especially in public.

  • Just another example of the law of unintended consequences!
    Imagine how many new homes have been built in the past 30 years. Now think about how sparely landscaped most new homes are.

  • Is there a section covering how to prevent these wonderful shade trees from damaging the houses they shade? Removing dead and dying trees and repairing the damage they do can be quite costly, and quite a bit of those harmful greenhouse gasses can be generated during the process (chain saws, chippers, etc.).

    • Any federally-mandated shade trees on your property that damage your home will be reduced from your federally-mandated tree bag limit, as will any trees cut down in the process of providing lumber with which to repair said damage. Any individual who exceeds their tree bag limit will be the subject of strict fines and possibly court-ordered shade tree-planting.

      • No problem, folks! With the government planting mandate will also come government subsidies for taking down bad trees. My yard has a 200-year-old red oak, and I’m so happy that when it dies, you all get to pay to give your tax dollars to take my tree down!

  • Think of all the baseball bats that can be made from all those planted trees … clubs, spears, sticks, pitchfork handles … stakes and kindling … catapults (plant some hemp inbetween the trees) … It’s all good.

  • No, no. You and Rush, who’s calling this In Dependence Day have it wrong. This is the day we celebrate breaking the yoke of the British Empire. The first Dependence Day will be November 4, 2009, the first anniversary of the election of Barack Hussein Obamessiah!

  • I hope they put a section in their for the acquisition and storage of body-bags.

  • Yep that’ll work for me. I sited my homes long axis to maximize solar gain during the winter. If they make me put up shade trees it’ll make me use more propane in the winter.  #7: I’ll skip the body bags and make fertilizer for my trees.

  • Please note that the previous communications have been monitored and reported to the assistant director of outbound communications as a subdivision of the Tree Czar’s office of “Permanent temporary directives and seizure.”
    Hail to the Glorious Leader.