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Quote of the Day

Paul Krugman whining about how the views of those who are “pro-stimulus” are not covered by the media:

One of the mysteries of the way issues are covered in much of the news media is how certain views get ruled “out of the mainstream” and just don’t get covered — even when many well-informed people hold those views.

This, of course, after calling climate skeptics “traitors to the planet“. He has a point, he just doesn’t know how emphatically he’s made it himself in the past.


3 Responses to Quote of the Day

  • People who supported the stimulus are traitors to America. That’s right…TRAITORS. They sold the people a bill of goods for legislation that has done nothing but put us in a world of hurt financially, all to make the Left feel better, as if it had done something worthwhile. But it didn’t. It passed a pork-laden pile of crappola that is costing us $100 million a day just in interest. Oh, and it has allegedly created 1,500 jobs, at a cost of some $400,000+ per “job.”

    Yep, The Clown™ and The Clown, Jr.™ (better known as Uncle Joe Moron, the Veep) have no idea why the “stim” is not working, but among those of us who knew it would not work is the understanding that socialistic baloney placed in the middle of a capitalist economy to make it work will do absolutely nothing, nada, zilch.

  • Krugman sure has had a change of heart on freedom of expression and government intervention these last six months, hasn’t he?

  • What Krugman is actually complaining about is that those who support the Porkulus aren’t the ONLY people who get coverage.  This is, after all, the putz who uses the word “traitors” to describe those of us who refuse to be taken in by Algore and the global warming con artists; obviously, Kruggie isn’t big into free speech if it doesn’t agree with him.

    Surprise, surprise…