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The EPA Says Cap-And-Trade Will Have No Effect Without China

But Energy Secretary Chu, when asked if he agreed with an EPA chart which depicted that, said, without explanation, that he did not:

During a hearing today in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, EPA Administrator Jackson confirmed an EPA analysis showing that unilateral U.S. action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would have no effect on climate. Moreover, when presented with an EPA chart depicting that outcome, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said he disagreed with EPA’s analysis.

“I believe the central parts of the [EPA] chart are that U.S. action alone will not impact world CO2 levels,” Administrator Jackson said.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) presented the chart to both Jackson and Secretary Chu, which shows that meaningful emissions reductions cannot occur without aggressive action by China, India, and other developing countries. “I am encouraged that Administrator Jackson agrees that unilateral action by the U.S. will be all cost for no climate gain,” Sen. Inhofe said. “With China and India recently issuing statements of defiant opposition to mandatory emissions controls, acting alone through the job-killing Waxman-Markey bill would impose severe economic burdens on American consumers, businesses, and families, all without any impact on climate.”

You can watch Jackson confirm it and Chu deny it here:

Click through at the first link to see the chart – it’s rather hard to read, but the EPA analysis depicted on it essentially says what Inhofe points out – that without China and India and other developing countries, cap-and-trade will have no beneficial effect on the overall reduction of CO2 emissions.

Of course what’s most interesting is to watch “Mr. Science”, Secretary Chu, reject the EPA’s analysis without offering a single justification for such rejection.

Science over ideology, or so it was promised. It sure isn’t evident in Chu’s one word answer to the question posed to him.


5 Responses to The EPA Says Cap-And-Trade Will Have No Effect Without China

  • I’m picturing President Obama appearing on TV in a cashmere sweater and telling us that it’s all our fault, while Vegas lays odds on whether or not he’ll use the word “malaise.”

  • My question is how much longer “Jackson” will have a job with the administration.  I think we should watch to see if he resigns/finds new employment in the near future.  This would say quite a bit about the character of the new administration.

  • Time to regroup or a strategic retreat …

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As President Barack Obama encouraged world leaders meeting in Italy to intensify the fight against global warming, legislation to cut U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases suffered a delay in the Senate on Thursday.
    The leading Senate committee responsible for developing the climate change legislation has delayed by at least a month its crafting of a bill, leaving less time for Congress to fulfill Obama’s desire to enact a law this year.

  • Cap’n’Trade catch 22.

    China cannot participate in any effective cap & trade agreement, because its businesses cannot afford the price of carbon emmissions that will be set by American/Euro capped markets. To set a worldwide price for carbon that is affordable by Chinese (& Indians) would require extending the worldwide cap upwards to higher than the total 1990 pollution which we need to be below to actually stop climate change.

  • Ah, global warming, I still remember global cooling and universal starvation from some of the same soothsayers. Clean up the air and water, yes, but reduce CO2 by spending trillions on an unsettled science theory while destroying our economy and causing more debt. Such stupidity.