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Who Is Going To Say, “We Can’t Afford It?!”

It may seem like a trivial sum given that yesterday the government’s deficit for the year reached a trillion dollars 3 months before the end of the budget year, but it is symptomatic of the problem that got us there:

President Barack Obama plans to announce a community-college initiative designed to boost graduation rates, improve facilities and develop new technology. The effort will involve $12 billion in spending spread over the next 10 years.

We. Can’t. Afford. It.

Why is that so freakin’ hard to understand?!


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14 Responses to Who Is Going To Say, “We Can’t Afford It?!”

  • Boost community college graduation rates? Why?

    A whole lot of students attend community colleges but don’t graduate from them because they move on to universities and get Bachelor degrees. They never bother getting Associate degrees because they don’t need them.

    Spending money to boost graduation rates at community colleges is foolish.

  • And the presumption that everyone should go to college is highly, and fatally,  flawed.

  • We can afford it. All we have to do is get those rich people to pay their fair share.

  • On the other hand, this is progress for Baracky, he’s spreading this 12 billion over 10 years, he usually just wastes all the billions at once.

    It’s his version of fiscal restraint

  • Don’t forget the plan to help pay mortgages.
    And we laughed at the chick who said he would pay for her gas and her rent.

  • Or just print up more money…..

  • we can’t be overdrawn…..we still have some checks left!

  • So true.

  • “We can’t afford it!” you say?
    You have forgotten Obama campaign slogan #2: “Yes, we can!”
    (Watch as lefties stick their fingers in their ears, fervently denying that if you add a few billion dollars here and a few billion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.)

  • McQWe. Can’t. Afford. It.

    To which the liberal replies (take your pick):

    (A) Yes.  We.  Can.

    (B) We’ll.  Find.  The.  Money.  Somewhere.

    (C) The.  Rich.  Will.  Pay.  Their.  Fair.  Share.

    (D) It’s.  All.  Bush’s.  Fault.

    (E)  Duuuhhhh.

    The problem is that the government (including under Republicans, I’m sorry to say) has run deficits for so long that more deficits, even MORE deficits, don’t seem a big deal to many people.  To some extent, the refusal to see that TAO is bankrupting us also stems from wishful thinking and a belief that it’ll all come right somehow.  And, if not, what’s the worst that can happen?

  • You know I went back to the community college to finish my degree earlier this year (still at it, nothing like a bad economy to give one motiviation) and while I’m grumbling about the rise in tuition costs I’m managing.  Thanks but I really don’t need the “help”.  Given the sorry state of the economy, perhaps our current prez and his cabinet should themselves heed the call of their fellow Dem JFK and “Ask not…” before proposing anymore spending plans we can’t afford.

  • I think this is a great idea. Now maybe Obama can take a class in Econ 101.

  • McQ said this: “We. Can’t. Afford. It. Why is that so freakin’ hard to understand?!”
    They don’t care and have never cared and this has been blatantly obvious for decades at least.
    Why do you find that so freakin hard to understand?
    You’re talking about lifelong thieves on a global scale, how is it possible for any sane person to expect honesty from them?
    Why do you continue to play a game that is tilted horrendously against you?