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Obama: “This is a limited time offer! Act now!”

Almost all adults figure out early in life how to deal with pushy salesmen. But there’s a small supply of gullible fools that keep alive the classic sales scam: “You must act now to get this deal!”

Any reasonably savvy adult knows how to deal with such a tactic. You pull back and don’t allow the salesman to bully you into doing something prematurely. The urgency he’s injecting into the situation is purely artificial, and it’s to his benefit for it to be there, not yours.

Obama’s continues to show contempt for the American people by using this tactic. It was slightly plausible for passing the bloated, pork-laden stimulus bill, though many of us saw through it. It’s been a common theme for the cap-and-trade legislation, with presumed incipient global warming as the urgency creator. Again, the excuse is slightly plausible but is far from established if you look at the other side of the debate.

But now he’s ready to drop even the facade of plausibility. Witness his attempted sale of the healthcare bill:

“This is what the debate in Congress is all about: whether we’ll keep talking and tinkering and letting this problem fester as more families and businesses go under and more Americans lose their coverage,” Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address. “Or whether we’ll seize this opportunity — one we might not have again for generations [emphasis mine] — and finally pass health insurance reform this year, in 2009.”

Translation: Act now! You may never be offered this deal again! You’ll be sorry if you don’t act right away!

This is nonsense on toast. If his health insurance reform is such a good idea, why won’t it continue to be a good idea after more discussion on it? Why can’t it pass next year after Congress has actually had a chance to read the thousand page bill? Why the rush?

Because this salesman senses that he’s just about to lose his potential customers. His approval figures are dropping, Congressional members are being barraged with email and being visited by protesters, and the decrepitude, insolvency, and dysfunctionality of the healthcare systems already put in place by the government become more obvious every month.

Obama is probably right. If his more-or-less socialist healthcare reform doesn’t pass this year, it will probably be shelved for at least ten years. But that’s not because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime special deal. It’s because it’s a bad idea. And the very fact that he tries to sell it the way he does should tip off all but the most gullible to realize it.

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16 Responses to Obama: “This is a limited time offer! Act now!”

  • Mail before midnight tonight  …   not sold in stores

    • For the low, low price of only one and a half trillion dollars.

      And if you act today, we’ll throw in a cap-and-trade tax increase to save the planet. Now what would you pay?

  • “But Wait….!!!”

  • In a strange way, I understand why The Clown™ is so heated up to get ObamaCare℠ passed now. Why? Time. Time is not on his side.

    The Clown™ realizes that if this thing slips into 2010, he will never get it through a Congress in a congressional election year. That’s one problem. The second is his own polls. He must know, unless he is completely delusional, that by January 2010 unemployment will be at or above 10%, and his JARs will be at 50% or perhaps much, much lower. Those two facts make passing any major legislation iffy at best. Further, enough Democrats will have gone back home by January 2010 to get an earful from their constituents not to pass the bloated CRAP AND TRADE or the bloated SOCIALIZED MEDICINE programs they so badly want to rush through. Thus, The Clown™ will have fewer willing Democrats to side with him, as they run to protect their own fannies and could care less about his.

    So, if you take all three dilemmas hitting The Clown™ and His Maladministration at once, Democrats will abandon him altogether on everything he wants to do.

    This is why The Clown™ wants to get it done now. Because if it isn’t now, the next time the Democrats will feel free to try something like this is after the 2010 midterms, and by then they could very well be in the minority in the House, and have lost some Senate seats.

    BTW, that bloated health care power grab will cost $3 trillion, not the $1 trillion that The Clown’s™ minions and apologists in the media like to kick around.

  • Billy – have you read the Gillespie/Welch takedown in the WaPo today?  They address your point in part of it.  The salient quote:

    Bush learned the hard way that running government as a perpetual crisis machine leads to bad policy and public fatigue. Obama’s insistence on taking advantage of a crisis to push through every item on the progressive checklist right now is threatening to complete that cycle within his first year.

    My advice to him?

    Heh … Charge!


    • No, I didn’t see that, but it is heartening to see that his sense of desperation is starting to become obvious. So yep, charge! He’ll be exposed as the incompetent lightweight he is all the sooner.

  • He also tends to use the “I’m your friend- let’s work together” technique a lot. Salesmen often act like that, but all they really care about is making the sale. In the same way Obama has often preached bipartisanship and compromises, while in the end only pushing bills that are to the far left and which definitely aren’t compromosies. When the opposition criticizes the bills he supports, it makes it seem like we don’t want compromise and that we are just stubborn to the unknowing eye.

  • Because this salesman senses that he’s just about to lose his potential customers.
    Suckers would probably be a better term….

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    — e.e. cummings

  • I was wondering why it was so important to get completed before the august recess.  Heaven forbid a lowly citizen get the oppurtunity to corner his elected official in person before a vote on something like univeral healtcare.

  • Bush learned the hard way that running government as a perpetual crisis machine leads to bad policy and public fatigue.

    This analysis bothers me for a couple of reasons.

    1.  Perhaps it’s due to my political bias, but I don’t recal Bush “running government as a perpetual crisis machine.” There certainly WERE crises during his term in office, notable 9-11 and the invasion of Iraq, but I don’t recall him constantly muscling the Congress and constantly pleading that his policies had to be enacted NOW to save the planet or “for the children” or whatever.

    2.  To the extent that Bush’s term WAS a “perpetual crisis”, I suggest that this atmosphere was created by his opponents.  Does anybody recall how MiniTru used to keep score of our dead in Iraq in a ceaseless attempt to pitch the dual memes that (a) the war was incompetently run and (b) a waste of time, money and blood in the first place.  In the same vein, what about the claims that the economy under Bush was the worst since the Great Depression, which lead to regular bouts of hysteria in MiniTru any time there was even a POSSIBILITY that unemployment might tick up by 0.1%?  How about the firing of those US attorneys?  The Patriot Act and all those “domestic wiretapping” stories?  Katrina?  In retrospect it seems that hardly a day went by between Jan. 20, 2001 and Jan. 20 of this year without hysteria slopping over in the newspapers and newscasts.  Bush wasn’t responsible for that; his enemies were.  Unfortunately, they were successful, with the result that we’re saddled with a thug who is hell-bent on turning our country into a democrat, socialist dictatorship.

  • docjim: Thanks for saying that.

  • There is a sales term for it-it’s called the ‘impending doom’ close. You want the customer to believe they must make a decision immediately without finding reasons to say no. I’ve given loads of sales pitches, I certainly know one when I hear one.

    • I also see signs of the “assumptive close” sometimes. Obama just states things as if everyone agrees except some wackos that the sensible thing to do is X, which not coincidentally happens to be some leftist “solution” he’s fond of. He puts the onus on others to stand up and oppose him, and tries to make it sound as if someone would be out of their mind to do that.

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