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Nicaragua: And The Pattern Repeats

I have to wonder what our State Department and President, who seem completely enamored with process over actual democratic institutions, will have to say about this:

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega announced Sunday, on the 30th anniversary of the leftist Sandinista revolution he led, that he would seek a referendum to change the constitution to allow him to seek reelection.

Following in the footsteps of elected regional allies, Ortega told thousands of supporters here that he would seek a referendum to let “the people say if they want to reward or punish” their leaders with reelection.

His close leftist allies who have had rules changed enabling them to remain in power include presidents Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael Correa in Ecuador.

In the last month President Manuel Zelaya in neighboring Honduras was ousted in a coup by his own military after seeking similar action.

My guess is they’ll applaud this even while it has essentially established “democratic” dictatorships in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. And my guess is the “certified election results” are complete for Nicaragua, just as they were for Hodura’s Zelaya, even as I write this. They only need to be produced at the proper time to “validate” the referendum.

Call it the Venezuelan model.

And our puddin’ heads in Washington will again applaud this step toward totalitarianism as a wonderful exercise in democracy we should all support.

Meanwhile those meanies in Honduras who take their Constitution too seriously? Not so much.


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15 Responses to Nicaragua: And The Pattern Repeats

  • Eh, Uh?  huh?  A Pattern? What Pattern?  I don’t see a Pattern!
    Besides we’re busy voting on yet another  crisis, you must pass this bill now in order to avert this crisis…never mind what it says!  (pattern?  no…there’s no pattern here… and our referndum isn’t scheduled for another 7 years anyway…)

  • Good heavens.  Talk about “getting some while the getting is good!”  After seeing the reaction to the way Honduras dealt with a dictator-in-training, I suppose that most Central and South American leaders will be looking to make a blatant power grab.

  • I’m just waiting for a certain professor to come in here and tell us that Obama shouldn’t say anything, because it’s not “ethical and effective”.

  • From Honduras, all I can say is, it’s bloody depressing. The Organization of American States put a gun in Honduras to fully restore a wannabe dictator to power. One of the seven points Zelaya supposedly agreed to was to forget the unconstitutional assembly he was in the process of railroading into place. Yet yesterday, Zelaya gave news conferences assuring he’d push it through on his return to Honduras. So, he’d already reneged on a key point. He’s a crook, not a man to be believed. Today,  OEA’s Insulza orders President Micheletti to resign immediately.
    And today, first the EU announces suspension of all aid to Honduras. At 1:00pm today, Hillary Clinton chimed in with the same news.
    It appears that the world powers want to force totalitarian socialism on Latin America.
    Yes, depressed is the only word.
    From Tegucigalpa

    • I hate to hear that Safariman. I’m sure, by now, that most Hondurans who’ve watched this unfold understand that they’re clueless in DC.

  • Bruce,
    You’re doing a great job. Love your blog that I discovered by chance.
    At least you see the truth and report it.
    If things keep going in the direction pushed by Chavez, the US and the EU, we’ll be leaving Honduras soon too. I.E. if they don’t read my E-mails and stand me up along the wall.
    A few days ago, a friend, retired here from Canada took his house off the market. Hope was restored that we weren’t going Commie. This hope is dwindling now.
    Keep up the good work.
    From Tegucigalpa

  • humph! ….
    Well this was predictable.  Worse president ever.  Boy, liberals are stupid.  This actually went about 5 times worse than I thought it would
    Obama is a dirtbag.

    • I remember thinking, obviously completely wide eyed and stupid, “How much damage can he do”.
      I’m amazed, I didn’t think this much damage was possible this fast.
      Course when they award him the Oscar for this, he’s going to have to thank Congress too.

  • Isn’t Uribe of Colombia also considering a similar move? Though he isn’t leftist.

  • I was expecting the next war to be further east.  I guess I should have been looking south.
    God help the Hondurans for the arsenal of democracy is being run by an arrogant little  leftist.
    Now claiming the title – WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

  • A Spanish Catalan newspaper is reporting that Honduran authorities have seized computers found in the Presidential Palace belonging to deposed president Mel Zelaya. Taking a page right out of the leftist dictator’s handbook, these computers, according to the news report, contained the official and certified results of the illegal constitutional referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct that never took place. The results of this fraudulent vote was tilted heavily in Zelaya’s favor, ensuring he could go ahead and illegally change the constitution so he could remain in power for as long as he wanted to. ACORN, I’m sure, is taking notes.

  • Sorry, forgot the original link