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Daddy Says, “Don’t Talk Like That”

Ever have your mom or dad say “I don’t like that tone, young man?” Or words to that effect? Well our national daddy is monitoring the speech of bankers and apparently he’s just not happy with their tone:

President Obama says he sees a lack of humility among leaders of the financial community.

While noting that some of the nation’s most powerful banks had repaid federal bailout money, Mr. Obama said: “What you haven’t seen (in the financial sector) is a change in culture, a certain humility where they kind of step back and say gosh, you know, we really messed things up.”

Speaking of lack of humility, I’m wondering is when he’ll step back, look at that pork laden “stimulus” bill which was nothing more than a political payoff and has done absolutely nothing to stimulate anything and say “gosh, you know, I really messed things up”.

Instead we get the spin cycle on steroids while he has the temerity to lecture others on “messing up”.


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12 Responses to Daddy Says, “Don’t Talk Like That”

  • … but “The Won” is perfect   …    a perfect a$$

  • Wonder when he’s gonna start yapping about pitchforks again?
    (rolls eyes)
    Does he NEVER stop trying to find somebody to demonize?  What is behind this obsessive need to blame somebody, ANYBODY when things don’t go as he wants?  Or merely to find somebody to beat on?  Is it merely cynical politics, of constantly giving people a Goldstein to hate and then trying to harness that hate for his own ends?  Or is it rooted in some sort of real hatred of his “enemies”?  Either way, it doesn’t speak well of our president.

  • “where they kind of step back and say gosh, you know, we really messed things up.”
    Thats because they have already step back and said, “You really messed things up”.  Would you like us to go down to the homeless shelters and parks now, and just start handing out loans to the homeless. They can just get back to us once they find a home, and tell us where to send the bills.  And why we are at it, should we deferr their payments until, shall we say 2050, giving them a little time to adjust and maybe find a job.

  • “I LEARNED IT FROM YOU DAD!………..I learned it from you”

  • He wouldn’t know humility if it kicked him in the pants.  he doesn’t want humility he want’s  them accept the blame for actions or inactions of the people like that barney frank who set this train wreck in motion.

  • The sublimely arrogant Barrack Obama lecturing others about humility. An awe inspiring exhibition of hubris.

  • community organizer, academic, lawyer, and politician….isn’t that possibly the worst combination possible?
    Well, he is missing journalist.

  • Poll numbers dropping… Policies being questioned… Quick, find a distraction… Let’s go with the old standby; Everyone hates overpaid executives!

  • Like I’ve said all along, we gave the kid the credit card. He bought all this stuff with our money. There’s a few things in there that are maybe OK, but nothing we would have bought for ourselves at those prices. The bill is in the mail. He just wants to get us a few more high ticket items before it shows up.

    Go ahead, trust him. You can always return it, right?

    I am not a moron, and I resent being treated like one by this glib charlatan. The only thing he will accomplish, is to replace Jimmy Carter as the worst American President ever.