Free Markets, Free People

Podcast for 26 Jul 09

In this podcast, Bruce, Michael, and Dale discuss the controversy over the Obama presser on Monday, and the state of health care reform’s passage in the Congress.

The direct link to the podcast is unavailable this week due to technical problems, so you’ll need to listen to it at BTR.


The intro and outro music is Vena Cava by 50 Foot Wave, and is available for free download here.

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2 Responses to Podcast for 26 Jul 09

  • I love the weekly podcast but I have to say those weeks where only the BTR version is available the audio quality is painfully bad.  The folks participating remotely are barely audible and there is significant distortion on Dale’s voice.  I listen to a few other BTR podcasts which do not have these issues any idea whats going on?
    The weeks when you record locally the sound quality on the local copy is amazing by comparison.