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Carefully Reporting That For Some “Global Warming” Wasn’t So Bad

This story in the UK’s Times is as interesting for what it doesn’t say as what it does say.

Apparently the world went through some global warming (most know it as the Medieval Warm Period) roughly between AD1100 and 1500 that allowed the Inca Empire to rise and spread. And note, there was no “A” in that “GW” at that time. In fact the temperature rose several degrees during that period. The Times chooses to characterize the 400 years as a “spell of good weather”. But the last 20 years of more current time with a net zero degrees of warming? Gloom and doom.

And let there be no question about it, that 400 year “spell of good weather” was the most significant factor in the rise of the Inca empire:

“Yes, they were highly organised, and they had a sophisticated hierarchical system, but it wouldn’t have counted a jot without being underpinned by the warming of the climate,” says Dr Alex Chepstow-Lusty, a palaeo-ecologist from the French Institute for Andean Studies in Lima, Peru.

The study’s authors say that the findings have important implications for Peru and other countries facing the prospect of the most extreme shifts in climate because of global warming. For many countries, the prospect of warming is unwelcome. However, with the correct landmanagement techniques some of these countries might be able to turn a warmer climate to their advantage.

Well assuming that the rest of the world went through the same sort of warming over that 400 years (and yes, it did) and we somehow survived and apparently thrived, it would seem that “other countries” facing the “unwelcome” prospect of warming may want to reassess the whole concept, doesn’t it?

I mean if scientific findings have any weight with the AGW crowd and all.


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7 Responses to Carefully Reporting That For Some “Global Warming” Wasn’t So Bad

  • The reason that this story is bigger that most suspect is that it goes to the heart of the “hockey stick” graph.
    Mann’s “hockey stick” graph doesn’t allow for this warming to ever have even existed.
    For years, the AGW supporters have said that the “Medieval Warm Period” was a phenomena localized Europe, but now this research shows that it also occurred in South America. This makes it harder to support the IPCC accepted “hockey stick” graph which shows no such warming.

  • Here in south Indiana June 16th of this year was the coldest since 1958.
    I ain’t seen hide nor hair of this so called global warming.
    One more thing, apparently this GW thing has been going on for some time so why didn’t Gore *do something* about it when he was in power in the WH?
    Now maybe I wasn’t paying attention but I don’t recall Gore saying anything about it at all while he was VP.
    As far as I’m concerned Gore has sufficiently muddied the water so that no one can trust anyone regarding GW.
    I mean, how do you know who’s lying and who’s not?

  • Well, even if the Inca’s did OK during that spell of nice weather, I’m sure that women and minorities were hardest hit.

    / sarc

  • Increases in civilization extant was always a result of better environmental conditions.  Most civilizations grew when the overall climate warmed.  They died when climate got worse, i.e. cold.
    An increase in temperature means better conditions for crops.  A colder climate is a net bad because less crops (food).

  • Here’s the real problem: you may have noticed that between 1100 and 1500 there were some significant changes in government. I haven’t studied the histories of most countries in detail like I’ve been studying Spain; but Spain saw the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella as the culmination of this process. Generally all over Europe the prosperity brought by increased productivity (agricultural due to climate change, and human necessitated by the devastations of the plague) engendered stronger monarchies, consolidation of kingdoms, the end of the feudal system, and increased global trade. After the Medieval Warm Period, the world looked a hell of a lot different, and getting there was a really bumpy ride.

    Nobody in political power likes political change.

  • “with the correct land management techniques”
    Translation: If you let us Socialists put you on the collective, we don’t care what happens to the temperature.

  • Forget the Inca’s, many other, and more important, empires and nation-states arose in that time period.  If we have a few degrees of cooling we might have as many as a billion people starving to death. It is hard to even conceive of how many human souls a billion is.