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Maxine Waters – Political Rocket Scientist

I ran across this today and got a good chuckle:

Liberal frustration started to boil over in the House on Tuesday as negotiations over healthcare reform with centrist Blue Dog Democrats dragged into a second week.

The delay prompted Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) to lash out at the Blue Dogs as hypocritical and even hint that more liberal Democrats might challenge them in primaries.

Apparently Ms. Waters doesn’t quite understand why they’re called “Blue Dogs”:

Asked if she would recruit more liberal candidates to run against Blue Dogs, Waters said, “That’s normally not done.”

But she added: “There may be people out there listening and observing all of this who may get motivated based on what they’re seeing and throw their hat into the ring.”

Yeah, well, unless they too are “Blue Dogs” its unlikely they’ll be able to take a conservative district. And the present BDs know that if they’re a party to a liberal government program being stood up on their watch and with their support they’re not long for DC either.

But I’m sure Republicans would love to see a more liberal type take on a BD and help spend their war chest in the primary effort. It would only make the mid-terms a little brighter for the GOP in those districts.


10 Responses to Maxine Waters – Political Rocket Scientist

  • I came across this video of Ezra Klien saying how the Congress would “back door” the “single payer” health care and it got me thinking about these frickin’ do gooders.
    This whole healthcare “thing” seems to be equivalent to these folks trying to … putting a Cadillac or BMW into everybody’s garage but leaving the payments to the recipients.
    We are all then supposed to be eternally thankful, while we live under the burden they have created for us.
    What a bunch of “used car salesmen” … and they wonder why we don’t want to embrace it.

  • Go Maxine, go!

  • Certifiable lunatic lefty threatens sane people? Sounds like the democrat party.

  • She was my Congresswench at one time, back in the mid-80s. She hasn’t accumulated any wisdom in the years since.

  • What’s a Blue Dog to do? I mean, really: you have to feel a bit sorry for them. They’re told by ‘Pigface’ Waxman that he’ll bypass them completely in his committee if they don’t toe his line. They’re threatened by SanFran Nan with either doing her bidding and risking defeat in the midterms, or else she’ll see to it that they get no campaign funding and get beaten that way. Now, Mad Maxine is openly “suggesting” that other democrats run against them. How long before thugs from ACORN start stalking their homes?

    One wonders if the Blue Dogs will learn a lesson from this and realize that the party they’ve given their allegiance is little better than a mafia family and that getting out is not a bad idea. Maybe they can talk to Joe Lieberman about this.

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  • Who would have thought that Maxine Waters’ political savvy could match her economic intellect (as demonstrated here)?

  • Maxine is not known for her brains, don’t you know she is the 5 most beautiful woman in Congress.