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Lessons Learned This Weekend

Important safety tip:  When entering the secured terminal area of an airport, ensure you do not have a pistol round in your possession when the TSA personnel conduct the entry search.  This will cause a…delay.

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10 Responses to Lessons Learned This Weekend

  • Also, it will cause you to walk funny when the “extended” search is completed…

  • Oh, no… I heard about some people having issues around the NRA convention in Phoenix.  I imagine security was more understanding around then.  Did they put you on a list?

    Don’t remember who the blogger was, but he had forgotten to remove something from one of his bags (I think it was a magazine, don’t recall exactly but I think there were some rounds he had to toss) and got off relatively light.  Apparently security can do a number on you when you carry firearm-related stuff, if they’re so inclined.

  • Sounds like good advice. I personally coughed up three fifty dollar pocket knives before I learned.

  • hola amigos!  pedro learned that the appalachain trail does NOT take you to carracas.   pedro also got his first look at orly taintz.  pedro is in love,  i just hope james marsden doesn’t steal her heart before pedro can pitch some woo.

    • Hey dude…she IS a hottie no (Taitz…dude, she won’t go out with you if you get her name wrong…she likes seeing it in the news and stuff)
      And did you check out the official document from Kenya on her site?  (That I gather is supposed to prove he’s Kenyan).  Check out where the “Signature, Description and Residence of the informer” line is….
      wow…his Dad, in…uh…wow….Honolulu Hawaii.   DOH!
      <buzzer noise>

  • I was recently pulled out of the TSA line for having a can of yogurt in my carry-on and received a major talking-down from the rent-a-guard on assignment. I was gonna eat it en route, honest.

    I can only imagine what flak you received (bad pun, I know).

  • So then, I can assume rocket launchers are definitely out?

  • Nothing is more lethal than throwing a bullet at someone by hand.  I know, I’ve seen Hotshots Part Duex!

  • My mom went through airport security with a pair of large garden shears.     She’d borrowed a carry-on from her sister who had the shears in an inside pocket for some completely unknowable reason.
    Luckily the TSA folks seemed to find the whole thing funny.     My mom, when asked, didn’t do much more than harumph and state of her sister, “Well, she’s not getting them *back*!”

  • These are the same cementheads that are going to run the health-care bureaucracy.
    Be VERY afraid.