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Health Care Poll Numbers Highlight Citizen Worries/Priorities

The most recent Quinnipiac poll isn’t at all kind to “health care reform”. And, it should tell politicians all they need to know about what the priority of the American people is:

American voters, by a 55 – 35 percent margin, are more worried that Congress will spend too much money and add to the deficit than it will not act to overhaul the health care system, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. By a similar 57 – 37 percent margin, voters say health care reform should be dropped if it adds “significantly” to the deficit.

Voters know about political promises and “estimates” when it comes to cost. They are never – let me say it again – never accurate and they are always, again repeat, always on the conservative side. Or to say it more succinctly, they always cost more than the politicians say they will. This current version is said to conservatively add 1 to 1.5 trillion dollars in debt.

Voters also know that the CBO has twice come out and said this turkey will not “bend the cost curve” down. In fact Douglass Elmendorf, the director of the CBO has said all indications are it will bend that curve up.

Given that, the American people seem to be indicating rather strongly their preference for dropping this entire health care foolishness. And if that’s true and the Democrats ram something through anyway, they put themselves a real electoral risk.

By the way – if you thought the margins were rather large on the last question, check these out:

By a 72 – 21 percent margin, voters do not believe that President Barack Obama will keep his promise to overhaul the health care system without adding to the deficit, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University national poll finds.

I’m sure someone will send this poll to the White House office of fishy links, because this just can’t be right can it? This is a huge majority of voters saying that the bloom is off the rose as far as Obama goes.

And, another thing that politicians ought to be able to discern from these numbers is the anger out there is real and showing up at grassroots level at their townhall meetings. They dismiss them as “extremists” at their own political peril. According to this poll, there is a legitimate reason they’re shouting “just say ‘no'”.

Check out the politics of this thing:

American voters disapprove 52 – 39 percent of the way President Obama is handling health care, down from 46 – 42 percent approval July 1, with 60 – 34 percent disapproval from independent voters. Voters say 59 – 36 percent that Congress should not pass health care reform if only Democratic members support it.

Indies are deserting ship on health care big time. And, should Democrats try to use reconciliation to pass health care, they’ll pay for it heavily (if the Republicans have the wits to use such an abuse of power as they should during the mid-terms).

As for the sales job?

Voters are split 39 – 41 percent on whether the President’s health care plan will improve or hurt the quality of health care in the nation, with 14 percent saying it won’t make a difference.

Only 21 percent of voters say the plan will improve the quality of care they receive, while 36 percent say it will hurt their quality of care and 39 percent say it will make no difference.

Can you say “Edsel”?


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3 Responses to Health Care Poll Numbers Highlight Citizen Worries/Priorities

  • Mark Steyn was right.  It is all well and good that people oppose the government takeover of health care on practical grounds like the budget deficit.  However, we will continue to fight this battle every few years until someone makes the case to the American people that the government should never have any say in the quantity or type of health care that we decide to consume.  The government has absolutely no business being involved in this issue.  The fact that Obama has the gall to presume how much we should spend on health care should be the focus of the argument against his takeover attempt.

  • Any word in the poll breakdowns about how the respondants were dressed when they answered?

  • McQ – “… if the Republicans have the wits…”


    If the Republicans have made ANYTHING crystal clear in the past several years, it’s that “wits” is something they sorely lack.

    I will also be somewhat surprised if the dems pay much price for what they are doing in the ’10 elections. First of all, the GOP hasn’t made ANY case that it is even a remotely better choice; the damage they did to their own image (with a great deal of help from MiniTru, of course) over the past decade is significant and they’ve done very little to repair it. Secondly, I don’t think the majority of the American people really understand (yet) the true nature of the democrat party and have not made the connection that what the dems are trying to do with health care is not a “one off”, but rather symptomatic of a hard left-wing party full of arrogant, corrupt, lying, power-hungry wannabe despots who disdain the American people and have no respect for the democratic process.

    jt007 – “… we will continue to fight this battle every few years until someone makes the case to the American people that the government should never have any say in the quantity or type of health care that we decide to consume. The government has absolutely no business being involved in this issue.”

    A-MEN, brother! I am constantly flabbergasted that anybody with half a brain wants the government to run ANYTHING that it absolutely doesn’t have to. And how big of a fool has a person got to be to believe politicians in general, and especially when they claim that they’re trying to save money???

    As I’ve written several times, the GOP lost the battle when it agreed with the dems that the health care system is broken and that there MUST be some sort of reform. Indeed, agreeing to use the word “reform” is a major defeat, as it masks what we’re REALLY talking about, which is government takeover of the system (cf. “Politics and the English Language” by George Orwell). The GOP isn’t even averse to a government takeover; like the old joke, they are merely dickering over the price.