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NoKo, Bill Clinton And The Hostages

I think the WSJ has the best take on the freeing of the kidnapped journalist situation to this point:

We don’t begrudge the congratulations Bill Clinton deserves for saving the two journalists from what might have been a nightmare 12 years of hard labor; that was the sentence a kangaroo North Korean court imposed for allegedly blundering across its border with China in March. But the important question going forward is whether Mr. Clinton’s visit was merely the down payment Kim extracted from the Obama Administration for a potentially larger set of American concessions.

The point, of course, is this time the hostage negotiations forced by NoKo required, as the WSJ says, “the full prestige of a former US president” to bring the situation to a successful conclusion, i.e. the freeing of the two US journalists.

Instead of assuming we know what transired and condemning it, we need to wait and find out. However, given the level of envoy and the obvious propaganda value NoKo milked from the occasion, the WSJ’s question is valid.

What, if anything, was the cost of getting the two journalists out of there. I’m sure we’ll eventually find out and then can render some sort of judgment as to whether the outcome was beneficial or not to the US. That said, I’m happy to see Clinton got those two out of that hell hole. I just hope we didn’t give away the store to do it.


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  • Obama’s presidency will fluff up Clinton’s legacy by way of comparison, but I did not expect Bill to look so presidential in the here and now.  Standing and sitting next to Kim Jong-Il, His is a towering, stately presence.  Jong-Il looks like a mental patient in his pajamas.  And the irony of it all … remember those bumper stickers?  “Impeach Clinton (and her husband Bill.)”  Well it seems the Mr. has taken care of a State Department matter while Hillary was off … doing whatever it is she does.

    • I think that Obama’s legacy will be reforming Bush’s legacy. But I do wish we had Bill back in office instead of the current leftist thug. I guess an Arkansas thug is better than a Chicago one, and Bill was all about Bill, he would swing right with the wind.

  • Weren’t these “two US journalists” some how tied to Al Gore ?

    • I think, it was Fox News, that reported the “journalists” worked for AL Gore. I find this extremely odd.

      • Apparently, Gore founded the company that the two worked for. He was at Burbank Airport this morning when they flew in.

        I don’t think it’s all that odd, but if I let my inner conspiracy theorist run wild, I could come up with some interesting takes on the matter.

        • Yeah, I know, just keep getting flashbacks of aspirin factories and other random cruise missile attacks.

  • CNBC reported that they were flown out on one of those “evil” (oh so evil) corporate jets.  This one owned by Dow Chemical.  So evil are these jets that it forced the House to buy 3 of their own.

  • I’m wondering what services were rendered to Mr Clinton on the flight back.

  • No fan of either Clinton, we must give props where they are due…
    Bill stayed aboard the airplane for several minutes until all the hugs and kisses were exchanged. Had he come down earlier, all attention would have been on him. A class act… and something our present CinC  should study.

  • Based on what I’ve read about what the norkies did to the Pueblo sailors, those poor women must have been through hell. I’m glad that they are back safe, and kudoes to Clinton for getting the job done.

  • I wonder if the Norks demanded Clinton pay off Kim’s son’s gambling debt via his Saudi backers, or something.   joking…
    More likely, Kim thinks this makes him look good in the world public opinion. Like Saddam bouncing the kid on his kneed, etc.
    Next stop for Bill will be Iran I suppose.

  • It’s just payback for Kim Il murdering Vince Foster.

    • Finally, the admission!   Now back to investigating the Birth Certification planted by the Obamanchurian cabal back in 1961.

    • Vince Foster’s dead? No way! I was just playing bridge with him against Judge Crater and Jimmy Hoffa. Then Elvis showed up and we switched to poker

      • And I’ll bet he didn’t bring his own donuts, am I  right?  He never does….damn donut moocher.

  • It will be interesting to see what, if anything was promised. I doubt seriously whether anything substantive was promised. I think the fact that a ex-president, even if he is from that hillbilly state, would be nice highway advertising for Kim Il that Il is one fine dude. All in all glad the reporters are among the living, as their outcomes could have been totally different.

  • TV’s Andy Levy had a great line…
    The two girls are on the plane back to the US, and they ask “How can we ever repay you?”
    Bill leans back his recliner and says “Well, now that you mention it…”

  • WHatever they paid to get the journos outta there….it wasn’t worth it.

    Someone important and valuable I could see doing something for. But journos? 12 years hard labor sounds about right for them

  • Paying ransom benefits the hsstages and their families. It also encourages further crrminal activity. We don’t yet know how much ransom Obama paid. Expect more kddnappings. You get tht what you pay for.

  • So you kidnap a couple of American journalists, and the Obama administration will send an ex-president to genuflect, and congratulate you on your humantarianism when you let them go.   The MSM congratulates everyone.  You get a big propaganda victory, and probably secret promises that no one will discuss.  So, remind me,  what exactly are your disincentives for kidnapping Americans?

  • At least one story has painted this as an opportunity for the NoKo’s to ‘save face’  – to which I say, WTF?
    They tell the world to stuff it in regards to them building nukes, and testing rockets to launch them with, exporting arms and God knows what else to rogue regimes, and they’re worried the world is angry with them over a couple of journalists that they tossed in stir, and they needed a face saving opportunity for them to get out of that oh so sticky situation?

  • North Korea is an extortionist state, nothing more complicated than that. They are a pariah by intention, not circumstance, and they don’t care about internationl opinion. This cost us something, and I’m afraid to consider what. The dangerously incompetent Obama administration already released cadres of Shi’ite terrorists in exchange for the mere corpses of a few hostages.