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A Word On “Manufactured Outrage”

It apparently was manufactured by lefty blog Think Progress.

Mary Katherine Ham takes a look at the “shocking, secret memo” that Think Progress “”unearthed and the DNC prominently displayed in their ad attacking those who are protesting at townhall meetings as “right-wing extremists” put up to the task by high-profile Republican groups.

As it turns out in this case “high-profile” means no one had heard of him, he is a libertarian and his “group” consists of 23 Facebookers who’ve joined his cause and 5 followers on Twitter.

When the “manufactured” outrage the Left is trying to demonize lines up so inconveniently with public polling, it’s sometimes necessary to create evidence for the “manufactured” storyline.

Enter Think Progress, which unearthed this shocking, secret memo from the leader of a small grassroots conservative organization in Connecticut, which allegedly instructs members on “infiltrating town halls and harassing Democratic members of Congress.”

Right Principles PAC was formed by Bob MacGuffie and four friends in 2008, and has taken in a whopping $5,017 and disbursed $1,777, according to its FEC filing.

“We’re just trying to shake this state up and make a difference up here,” MacGuffie told me during a telephone interview. He’s surprised at his elevation to national rabble-rouser by the Left.

Read all of MKH’s story about this elevation of a absolute unknown to an evil political manipulator by a blog, a national political committee and a willing network (naturally MSNBC jumped on this like a duck on a junebug).

In the meantime Jake Tapper has a report by Steven Portnoy about a townhall meeting in Mardela Springs, MD:

There were no lobbyist-funded buses in the parking lot of Mardela Middle and High School on Tuesday evening, and the hundreds of Eastern Maryland residents who packed the school’s auditorium loudly refuted the notion that their anger over the Democrats’ health care reform plans is “manufactured.”

“I went to school in this school,” a man named Bob told me. “I don’t see anyone in this room that isn’t from Mardela Springs right now.”

“We’ve been quiet too long,” said a woman named Joan.

So much for the “manufactured outrage” meme. Oh they’ll keep trying, but it appears the outrage is genuine and the only thing being manufactured is a story line by the left.

This sort of grassroots dissent obviously makes them very uncomfortable. And, of course they’re in denial right now – how could it turn around this fast to where they, who were on the offensive for at least 4 years, are suddenly on the defensive? The easiest thing to do is hand-wave the troubles away and deny their importance.

Well, they do that at their own political peril. This seems to be far more than a few angry right-wing dissidents as was evident when a registered Democrat called Steny Hoyer a liar the other day in a townhall meeting.

People are rightfully worried about the direction this current government has taken, and, apparently, they’re not going to sit quietly by as they tax and spend us into penury.

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9 Responses to A Word On “Manufactured Outrage”

  • If the facts support you .. hit them with the facts, if the law supports you .. hit them with the law, if there is nothing left on the table .. hit the table.
    .. it seems that for Democrats .. it’s always about “the process”.  Does anyone who claims to be supporting ObamaCare have any idea what it really is ?  Even the Congress-critters, who say they support it, haven’t reading the law that they are all so ready to vote for … talk about Hope and Change .. this is “faith-based” government.  Winning the day seems to be the imperative .. but what are you winning ?
    Let’s start with “Do No Harm” and work from there.

  • “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time.”

    The latter category describes the democrat party base.

    One wonders if McGuffie isn’t in for a “Joe the Plumber” treatment for DARING to impede the course of The Annointed One. We shall see.

  • IIRC, isn’t “faith-based government” one of the things the left was screaming about when ol’ Gee Dubya was in office?  All I see is one religion replaced with another.

  • Hmmm… I don’t seem to know how to properly work the “reply” link.

  • After reading the “secret” memo, I must say that it really isn’t that “secret” or shocking.  Most Leftists who did any protesting in college should find the techniques mentioned in the memo familiar … it even mentions “Use the Alinsky playbook of which the Left is so fond: freeze it, attack it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Better yet, it outlines how to box in a cagey politicians who are used to answering questions without actually answering them.
    Mahatma Gandhi would be proud to espouse and use the techniques described.  Frankly, what is missing is any mention of violence or rushing the stage, a staple of Leftist attempts to suppress free speech on college campuses.
    Is being effective at a gathering for public discourse a crime or unethical ? … what’s the big deal.
    Where’s the smoking gun that s the $40 million dollars being pumped in like ObamaCare’s proponents are doing ?
    Once again Think Progress shows that they are neither.

  • I read a blogpost from a far leftie (thou, I’m sure he thinks himself only left of center) lamenting that the media was in the tank for the astroturfed, manufactured outrage.  He felt it incumbent upon his readers (very few) and the left to do what ever was necessary to counter this ‘moral’ outrage.  Such tactics had to be employed for the american voting public is too stupid to recognize what is best for them.  Such is the case with most intellectual elites – only when the masses are smart enough will they see the brilliance of liberal fascism.
    Marx refered to these people as the vanguard.

  • That’s only kind of funny, what will be absolutely hilarious will be when they bus in Acorn and union counter protestors, Minitru will pretend their buses either don’t exist or they’ll try to confuse the issue and mention the buses without mentioning whose they are but implying they’re from AIG.

  • I wouldnt be suprised if people starting bring screwdrivers to take the pins out of doors that are being locked or setting off fire alarms since the dems are claiming “fire code” to get the building emptied out so they can get seats from the union thugs.

  • Well, that was quick.

    The headline is “Dueling Protesters Disrupt Carnahan Forum on Aging
    St. Louis County police arrested six people, including a Post-Dispatch reporter, during a demonstration Thursday evening outside a forum on aging called by U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-St. Louis.
    So one “journalist” was arrested, who they allow to tell his side of the thuggish cops story but we don’t hear the cops’ side.
    Another arrested was a TX Dem and they don’t mention the rest.
    I know at least one SEIU type was arrested, I’m assuming that the six included the “journalist”, the TX Dem and 4 SEIU types since this “article” is so reticent.