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Send In The Thugs (update)

Irony, as we’ve all learned, is not something with which the left is well attuned.

For instance, until the Obama administration unleashed the unions, the townhall meetings were a little raucous, but not violent.

But now that the White House has all but explicitly condoned the demonization and thus the marginalization of those who disagree with his attempt to “reform” health care, and further called on the unions to send in paid operatives to “punch back”, we have violence.

The irony? This, from Dennis Rivera, health care chairman of the SEIU after six of his goons had assaulted a protester in St. Louis:

“These are the times to clearly speak out in a civilized way, and tell them we won’t be prevented by these terrorist tactics from participating in these town hall meetings,”

Always nice to know how the opposition defines “civilized way” isn’t it?

Yup, raising your voice in a townhall meeting and not just shutting up and listening to the nonsense the man or woman (does anyone understand what the word “representative” means?) who works for you is spouting is now a “terroist tactic” according to the SEIU.

Solution – assault people in a ‘civilized way’, bar those who disagree with the administration from a place in the meeting while packing it with handpicked union members and call it a “townhall”.

Pure, unadulterated cowardice on parade is what it is. Apparently the Dems are not only unaware of the irony of the situation, but also unfamiliar with the first law of holes. And trust me, they are digging a deep one with their present behavior.

UPDATE: What are union members from Chicago doing at a St. Louis townhall meeting?


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8 Responses to Send In The Thugs (update)

  • Because the meetings have turned violent (which MiniTru dutifully blames on “conservative extremists” who apparently injured themselves against the fists of innocent union members), the congresscritters now have NO CHOICE but to call off any future town halls, or at the very least make every effort to ensure that those extremists are kept out.

    / sarc

    It would appear that it’s now SOP for members of Congress to “tune out and turn off”.  Great.  Just great.

    Any bets that they’ll get away with it?

  • Further reason to bust every single national union and remove their legal privileges.
    And then start on the state-wide ones.

  • Well, none of this would be necessary if those uppity conservatives just knew their place.

  • You mean you’re shocked that Liberals would use the very tactics they condemn “Reform” opponents for using – without evidence that said opponents are even using them?  I could have sworn you knew what “projection” meant…  🙂

  • We’ve got it from our owm president “I don’t want those who created the mess to do a lot of talking”

    What a CRETIN.

    I’d express my opinion of Baracky but I don’t want QandO to wind up in the WH dissenters database because of me.

    I’ll simply note he doesn’t have a grasp of this democracy thing.

    Maybe in 4 years we can teach him a lesson about it

  • Shark, I’m pretty sure that they were on the list by the end of day one…

  • They are brownshirts, only this time the shirts are blue and yellow.  I’m seriously about 2 more violent incidents from treating them the way the Germans should have treated the brownshirts in 1921.