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Quote of the day

From Noel at Cold Fury:

Paul Krugman said we would all embrace DMV-Care if only the president were a white man. You know, like Bill Clinton.

Well, since Hillary was running so much of it, I suppose Krugman might maintain that we were all being sexist back then.

4 Responses to Quote of the day

  • The mask has been lifted:  any opposition to Obama is racism.

    • “The mask has been lifted: any opposition to Obama is racism.”

      Wait until the end of 2011, when Republicans are running to pick a candidate to oppose The Clown™ in 2012. Every statement they make will be shown on leftwing blogs and the media as “they want us to vote against Obama because he is black. Pure racism this is, and it cannot be avoided.”

      Wait until we hear about all those racist white people who deigned to vote for The Clown™ in 2008 but somehow realize they put an uneducated inexperiences doofus into office and now will vote against him in 2012. They will be portrayed as racist, intolerant, black-hating, gay-hating, Bible-thumping rednecks.

      Write this down and come back to see how prescient it is.

  • Paul Slugman has a point – if a white man were President and tried to get health care reform through, he would do it in a second, just like Bill Clinton did in 1993-94, right?

    Uh, oops. I see Clinton DIDN’T get it through. Maybe it was because he was “the first black President”? Maybe because he was white? Maybe because he had two vowels in his name instead of three like Obama? Maybe if we had a white President with three vowels in his last name, he could do it…

    Yeah! That’s the ticket. Let’s get President Bill Aboolala into office to pass this. President Bill would have FOUR vowels in his last name. Four is better than three for Obama and much better than two for Clinton.

    Maybe that’s what’s wrong: not enough vowels.

    • Now we’re going to hear the “Hillarycare failed because Clinton was the first black president” meme on ‘Meet the Press’ tomorrow morning and the drones will have their talking point for next week all thanks to you…