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The Best Description Of This Guy Is “Arrogant Jerk”.

What you’ll see here is an example, from the Representative of the 13th District of GA, David Scott, forgetting for whom he works (via Hot Air). Talk about “manufactured outrage”:

I’d have been horribly tempted, had I been at the event and been one of his constituents, to remind him that he is the one who works for us and not the other way around. Amazing arrogance on display. Making untrue assumptions, casting aspersions, and refusing to address his constituent’s question. Is this the new Democrat plan to address the problem they now have at townhalls – be arrogant jerks?

Interestingly, the questioner is a not only a constituent, but a doctor and a Democrat.

Scott’s arrogant reply says it all – You peons sit down, shut up and listen. Your government will tell you what you need and what you need to know. And if you want to talk with me about pressing issues, make a freakin’ appointment.


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7 Responses to The Best Description Of This Guy Is “Arrogant Jerk”.

  • We all need to tell them all that we hope they can enjoy the remainder of their final term in office.

  • As much as I hate this guy’s arrogance, he’s at least being honest about what he thinks and wants to do. Unlike Russ Carnahan, who had the nerve to bus in SEIU thugs from another state who committed assault, and then he had the gall to pull the old moral equivalence “I call on both sides…” schtick.

    I think you’re right, Bruce. The Democrats seem intent on setting themselves up for an historic meltdown. Whether it’s a straight-forward “f^@# you” from Scott, or thuggish and disingenuous behavior from Carnahan, it’s not going to play well, even with some of their more thoughtful supporters.

    And watching the criminal and civil suits unfold over the assaults in St. Louis is going to be… let’s call it “instructive”.

  • Because the Republicans who passed Prescription drugs and had Congress and the Presidency for 6 years yet didn’t touch Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac will reverse this?
    Republicans are a useless lost cause.  Something different needs to be done there.
    In the interim, this stuff needs to be stopped instead of waiting/gloating that the Republicans will get elected over this.

  • I’m at my wits end.  This should have been a reply to Mr Evilwrench and my spacing has been stripped again.  I just switch rendering engines for this tab in Firefox to IE to see if that works.

    • While I’m at it, I’ll add that when I load qando, the text background takes a long time to load or render and without that text is hard to read.  Seems to be getter worse and one time rendering seemed to hang altogether.  This happens are a few different machines for me.

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