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Americans Are Cooling Toward Global Warming

Part of the reason is the financial situation and part of it is the new evidence that science is producing which is making Americans more skeptical about the AGW crowd’s claims.

Recent  Gallup polls carry the news:

Here’s what Gallup found: The number of Americans who say the media have exaggerated global warming jumped to a record 41 percent in 2009, up from 35 percent a year ago. The most marked increase came among political independents, whose ranks of doubters swelled from 33 percent to 44 percent. Republican doubters grew from 59 percent to 66 percent, while Democratic skeptics stayed at around 20 percent.

What’s more, fewer Americans believe the effects of global warming have started to occur: 53 percent see signs of a hotter planet, down from 61 percent in 2008. Global warming placed last among eight environmental concerns Gallup asked respondents to rank, with water pollution landing the top spot.

Another recent Gallup study found that, for the first time in 25 years of polling, more Americans care about economic growth than the environment. Just 42 percent of people surveyed said the environment takes precedence over growth, while 51 percent asserted expansion carries more weight. That reverses results from 2008, when 49 percent of respondents said the environment was paramount and 42 percent said economic growth came first. In 1985, the poll’s first year, 61 percent placed a bigger priority on the environment, while 28 percent ranked economic growth highest.

Scientists have begun to push back against those who have been claiming “consensus” for so long. And, Americans are simply becoming more informed about the matter. Part of that is the effect of the new media which has broken the monopoly hold of the mass media’s ability to shape public opinion. As the poll points out, Americans increasingly think the media is exaggerating the problem. That skepticism has to be based in something, and the only media carrying the skeptical side of the argument is the new media.

Obviously, since the financial meltdown, priorities have also changed. While AGW was apparently never a high priority among environmental priorities, it is dead last now. That’s again because people are becoming more informed about the economic impact of the draconian legislative measures being touted as a solution. And as time goes by, and there is more of a focus put on cap-and-trade legislation, I expect the numbers in opposition to go up even further.

Naturally the opposition disagrees and cites polls from Pew and the National Wildlife Federation that they claim contradict Gallup (no date for those two polls is given). But as you recall, Rasmussen had a very recent poll which had similar results to the Gallup poll.

The radical agenda is in trouble, folks. Whether that means Democrats will “listen” as they claim they do, is another matter entirely. I fully expect them to attempt to ram both health care and cap-and-trade through. But that doesn’t mean we have to give them a pass if they do. Be your “un-American” best and tell them loudly and strongly that cap-and-trade is not a good thing for the US and is not something that should be passed while the science of AGW is decidedly unproven.

Again, what’s the freakin’ rush?


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8 Responses to Americans Are Cooling Toward Global Warming

  • “What’s the freakin’ rush?”
    If they don’t do it now, they may never get it done…

    • I agree.  Global temperatures are still not rising, and economic indicators aren’t either.  Well, except for debt and unemployment.  If there truly was a scientific consensus on the issue, I believe that we’d be moving towards solutions no matter how costly.  But people are being asked to shoulder a potentially crushing economic burden, on top of an already bad economy, for the sake of something that scientists haven’t agreed is a problem.  And that is without much media coverage of the money that is to be made by carbon traders (such as… AL GORE) if cap and trade programs are implemented here and elsewhere.

  • “What’s the freakin’ rush?”
    The meat goes bad tomorrow! Get it off the shelves!

  • The rush is that their political capital is exipring fast.   They have to ram it through before the mid-terms

  • Search and replace: From “Global Warming”
    To “Obamacare”.

    Funny how that works so similarly in all the points Bruce has raised here, doesn’t it? There’s a lesson, there.

  • I have to say that The Clown™ has been a wonderful “teaching lesson” to the American people. In just seven months, he has made them hate him, his administration, his Crap and Trade baloney, his Death Care reform, and his entire economic program. Oh, and they think he is spending their money faster than possible.

    Just wait until the end of next month, when all the news is about how the deficit is $1.8 trillion for FY 2009, and will be $2.2 trillion for FY 2010. Notice that the media shielded the deficit for July 2009 alone was $181 billion. I seem to remember when Democrats had a cow that Bush had a $400 billion deficit in one year. The Clown™ will have that in four months.

    • No, the Bush administration caused the deficit to increase $181 billion in July of this year.
      Powerful Dark Lord is George W. Bush.  Yeeeeeaaaassssssss.

  • The new media is really the key, remember, they pushed two huge previous scare hoaxes on us.  The Acid Rain, and the Ozone Hole scare hoaxes both resulted in legislation which favored some businesses and cost the taxpayers a lot of money.   But those were before the rise of the new media.