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Pelosi Calls Health Care Protesters “Un-American” (Update)

Last night, Twitter was all atwitter with the Drudge rumor that Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer had penned a USA Today editorial in which they called the health care protesters “un-American”. My reaction was, “surely they can’t be that dumb “.

To use a variation on a phrase, “Yes they can”:

These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.

Of course the rest of whatever message they have in the editorial will be lost because of this bit of abject stupidity. Americans have little tolerance for being characterized as “un-American” when they speak out at meetings with the representatives who work for them. And they’re especially intolerant of those who purport to be political leaders and use language like that.

But then, no one has ever tried to make the case that Nancy Pelosi, or Steny Hoyer for that matter, had good political instincts. You know, for instance, that the editorial is most likely Pelosi’s idea, and she wanted Hoyer for cover. Allowing himself to be used that way doesn’t say much for Hoyer’s political acumen, and Nancy Pelosi’s lack thereof is legendary. This editorial just puts a cherry on top.

It is one thing to plead for civil debate and ask the rhetoric be toned down. That would most likely find some sympathetic ears out there and perhaps even agreement from some on the other side . Instead, apparently completely clueless to building sentiment against the legislation in question, Pelosi and Hoyer decide on the “enemy” approach. Characterize good Americans who are tired of being lied too as “un-American” when they approach their representative with questions and get a little steamed when he or she avoid answering them or pops off with talking points which everyone knows are a bunch of crap.

Yup, that makes them “un-American”. They’re un-American for demanding answers from slippery pols who seem to have their minds made up about the legislation and were hoping to hold pro-forma townhalls stuffed with friendly faces to validate their position. They’re un-American for disrupting what are supposed to be “shut up and listen” sessions instead of open forums in which constituents ask questions and receive answers to them. They’re un-American for coming out and demanding their representatives actually represent them and not their party.

Pelosi, Hoyer and most of the Democrats are apparently tone deaf when it comes to this issue. This is their agenda, not the country’s agenda, and they seem bound and determined to push through something that the country is telling them loudly at townhalls and through various polls, that they do not want.

Instead of listening, like Pelosi has said they planned on doing during the recess they’ve decided to declare war on the American public, because that public isn’t following along like good little sheep and allowing the Democrat judas goat to lead them into health care hell.

They have questions, like “what’s the rush”? And “have you read the bill”? And “if not, why not and what business do you have voting or even holding an opinion on something you haven’t read?”

Of course it’s rather hard to hold a “discussion” or a “debate” with someone who hasn’t read what they’ll be voting on. It also makes it obvious that when they try to tell you what’s in the bill they haven’t read that they’re spouting words someone else has given them which may or may not have any basis in fact.

And Pelosi has the gall and temerity to call Americans who object to that, however loudly, “un-American”? She truly is the poster-child for everything that is wrong with a seniority system. She’s been a disaster for the Democrats and has gone over the line with this statement. As is obvious, she has again put party in front of what is best for the country. She should resign her post as Speaker of the House in shame for such an outlandish insult to the American people.

An example of a lefty blog which either chooses to ignore the point, or completely misses it in favor of pretending the outrage on the right is completely misplaced.


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44 Responses to Pelosi Calls Health Care Protesters “Un-American” (Update)

  • Its hard to ignore this type of stuff and its indicitive of a deeper problem. But the purpose of Pelosi’s move is to dislocate the discussion off of the healthcare proposal itself and to add another repetition to the accusation that its the detracters that are lying.

    She’s being a decoy, whether she’s aware of it or not. Somewhere in the Democrats there is someone smart enough to make this play and Pelosi still probably will have her job. So in the long run its likely a plus move for them. Wouldn’t work if the media didn’t have their backs though.

    • I had already heard about this op ed by email from a friend.  It is getting a lot of attention.
      I don’t think the editorial will accomplish anything other than to harden  attitudes against her and her health care plan.  I just can’t see anybody thinking “Oh, I must be un American if I am against this plan and I protest.   I guess I will just quietly along with her plan”.    Not gonna happen.   I susect even those on the fence are going to move away from Pelosi.  They can see the protesters are ordinary people and not some hired cabal.
      It seems to me we are seeing desperation.  Pelosi is trying to give her caucus some cover, but it is doubtful it will work out that way.    The worst of all worlds for her will be to get the legislation through the House by wrangling votes, but like cap and trade, have it die in the Senate.

  • jpm100[T]he purpose of Pelosi’s move is to dislocate the discussion off of the healthcare proposal itself and to add another repetition to the accusation that its the detracters that are lying… Wouldn’t work if the media didn’t have their backs though.

    Excellent analysis.  I would like to add that SanFran Nan’s op-ed is also part ‘n’ parcel of the dems’ fetish over “bipartisanship” and “consensus”: they’ve convinced quite a few people that vigorous debate (i.e. saying anything remotely opposed to democrat plans) is somehow bad, “divisive” and even “un-American”.  It’s pretty handy to be able to demonize opposition in this way: one hasn’t got to make any factual or logical arguments at all.  O’ course, that’s vital for the dems as facts, logic and truth are their enemies.

  • So, my question is, has Pelosi or Hoyer actually read the proposed health care bill in the House, or not?

    John Conyers says he can’t read the bill, because he would need two lawyers to explain it to him.

    If Pelosi, or Hoyer, has read the bill, then either should be able to answer questions about its specific provisions.

    Would that be “Un-American,” to ask them to do that? Or is it too “complex” for simple answers?

  • Sir,
    The people disrupting the discussions have been lied to over and over. They are being inflamed and encouraged to act like thugs and ignorant idiots–let’s call them that!! They bring their children dressed up in teeshirts picturing our president as Hitler. They urge the kids to shout along calling others “Nazis”.  I have watched video from many of these meetings and it sure looks UN-AMERICAN to me. It looks insane–but these people bear half the blame themselves. The issues they scream about are straight off Comedy Central.
    They have been told about–death councils, private insurance made illegal, mandatory abortion, mandatory death counciling, canceling medicare, prescription drugs rationed, socialism, nazism and on and on…oh by the way the racist President is not really an American.
    These are the lies propagated by the GOP and their front groups. They don’t want any calm reading or discussion—that might show people that this bill is in America’s best interest. The opposition wants this to go away without discussion. They want all these people to just go home divided with visions of mayhem to remember.
    Just like the WMD’s and Mushroom clouds of years just past–the GOP hopes Americans really are as stupid as they were before–believing Bush and Cheney.
    I hope they wake up to their embarrassing behavior and search out the perpetrators of all the lies.

    • I was waiting for the /sarcasm tag, but it didn’t appear.
      When the people go after the liars, as Jeff would like, Jeff had better have a great hiding place.


    • Jeff, I and “Ott Scerb” have the EXCLUSIVE Parody Contract for this website. Please Cease and Desist your efforts or face legal consequences.

      • Jeff, I and “Ott Scerb” have the EXCLUSIVE Parody Contract for this website.

        Aha!  I knew it 😉

  • Okay, so Nancy Shmancy and Steny Boring have laid down the marker. For now on, anyone – ANYONE – who opposes a President or the majority in Congress is “un-American.” We can now roll this one out when those smelly, Birkenstock-wearing hippie arseholes march against the war, or smelly, Birkenstock-wearing barren women march to keep abortion legal.


    Imagine if Newt Gingrich, when the Democrats were trying to stop what the new GOP majority was doing in 1995-96, said that opponents of his plan were “Un-American.” The Left would have gone ballistic. I imagine we would have seen several stinky leftwingers immolate themselves in front of the US Capitol. “What part of the First Amendment to the US Constitution does the Speaker not understand?” they would yell, and, unfortunately, they would be right.

    In Nancy’s little world, if you burn a flag you are a patriot. If you dare mouth off against one of her silly little members of Congress to try to save your own life from The Clown’s ™ Death Grip, you are “un-American.”

    Incredible. Simply incredible.

  • Pelosi must be the dumbest politician ever elected.  Which is quite an accomplishment. Bravo Nancy!

  • These lefty fascists like Pelosi would be really quite funny… if WE weren’t the ones they were planning to control, that is. Now the DNC is deploying AFL-CIO palookas while at the same time hypocritically dismissing Obamacare opponents as paid shills -even running TV ads to slander them- and delirious SanFranNan is seeing imaginary Swastikas. This should make clear to anyone just what these power-drunk elitists think of your opinion. Note that whenever Obama, Emanuel, or Gibbs are asked about why polls show SO many people oppose their misguided Cap-n-Trade and Obamacare proposals, they ALWAYS segue-right-into “we need to educate the public…”. LOL- save your breath… Constitutionally-aware American patriots don’t take lectures from Marxists.

  • Does this mean she is questioning our patriotism?

  • Jeff has been posting identical messages on what he feels are right wing blogs
    here at confederateyankee:
    I guess astroturfing is hard work.

    • If he’s posting the same message everywhere, why didn’t he come up with something better in the first place?

  • As points out, they’re not just calling them un-American, but racist too.

  • i think nancy p should just start packing cause come 2010 there wont be too much of her type left.the left has proved once and for all they are truly the most arrogant a holes ever to be in power . but fear not america it will be over soon.i believe our country has learned a serious lesson.nancy and stenny and the rests of you libs.we want to thank you for proving to us all that YOUR WAY SUCKS. you have made a mockery of our congress and insulted your own is time for you to go home. 

    • Unfortunately it appears the people who put her in office continue to think she’s just swell.

  • I seem to recall that protest was the “highest form of patriotism” mere months ago…

  • The fact of the matter is, it does not matter if the protesters are there because someone asked them to be there or if they are there because they truly disagree, the fact that they can and are protesting is part of what makes them American to begin with.  I am thankful for Pelosi and Hoyer and even Barbara Boxer because people, the people who matter (voters) are getting to see what their democratic elects are really like.

  • “Americans have little tolerance for being characterized as ‘un-American'”
    Is that so? Dick Cheney got away with it for years. Where was your outrage then?

  • I disagreed with it then and I disagree with it now.  You cannot say “Oh, well they did it so we can do it, too.”  Two wrongs don’t make a right is a concept we all learned in first grade, hopefully.  These people have a right as American citizens to protest as long as they are doing it peacefully.  It is covered quite thoroughly by the first ammendment.  The only violence has been instigated by Democratic Union workers who beat a man for selling Don’t Tred on Me flags.  Now you have Pelosi and Hoyer calling them unamerican for exercising their rights.  I could ask the same question here, people were up in arms when Dick Cheney did it, where is your outrage now?

  • yup out there in hippie land they like just swell.

  • I truly believe We are watching the decline and fall of the “American” empire.
    After 100 years of economic, cultural and political domination of the world, huge cracks in American society are starting to show and the health care reform issue is just a catalyst.
    As India , China and Russia begin to flex their military and economic muscle and press for a place at the world economic table, America, beset by economic problems, wars, stuggles with a growing deficit and dependence on foreign countries for everything from energy, imports and loans.
    Pounding the nail in the coffin is the deep divisions of Americans socially and culturally.  Liberals and Conservatives are lining up against each other….ready to oppose any effort by either side to help dig this country out of the mess it is in.

    While talk radio and TV continue to fan the flames of division in order fill 24 hours of news , Americans grow more divided by the day.  The intractable hatred that Conservatives have for Liberal and Liberals for Conservatives have generated talks of dividing the country into two…much like the division of Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan after the British colonialists departed.  This once taboo subject is being talked of seriously by proponents on both sides as the only solution to our country’s ills
    Perhaps it would be time to redraw the physical  borders between Conservatives and Liberals.
    Anyone agree??


  • Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer should resign.

  • I could ask the same question here, people were up in arms when Dick Cheney did it, where is your outrage now?

    Well  Kim, if Mr/Ms Moral Equivalence would care to point out where VEEP Cheney did this I’ll answer your question.

  • Many of you are letting Pelosi and company distract you. They want this to become a debate about the debate. They want the conversation to become some useless back-and-forth dominated by a bunch of useless partisanship. They want you to waste your time getting caught up in lame stuff like “What happened to ‘dissent is the highest form of patriotism’?”
    Don’t let her do that. Don’t worry that she just called you un-American. Forget it. Keep your eye on the ball, keep your mind on your premises, and carry on with the real argument.

    • BINGO! They can’t win on the merits of the health takeover bill they’ve written, so they are desperate to change the subject.

  • Resign? Hell, they should be confined to a padded cell!

  • Interested as a brit in whether your readers would challenge the accuracy of Jeff observervations from 10th August about film evidence  of town hall meetings with obama portrayed as a nazi. No one did apparently
    I’m puzzled how can you have a reasoned debate about US healthcare policy when people are being encouraged to believe that the federal governments proposals include Death panels and mandatory abortion ? Is this not just stirring up hatred….a bit like a verbal lynching?