Free Markets, Free People

Style Evolves

Don’t panic!  You’re at QandO.  The only thing that’s changed is that I’ve been a busy little beaver, and have–finally!–changed to a new template designed specifically for QandO, instead of the quick and dirty one I slapped together when we switched to WordPress.

I think you’ll find this one easier to read, and easier on the eyes.

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17 Responses to Style Evolves

  • I like it.  Good work.

  • Aaaaaahhhhh! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!  Panic!!! Fear! Hysteria! Wailing and gnashing of teeth!  Hair pulling, garment wrenching.  Agony! Despair!  Gloom. Armies of Darkness.  Things that go bump in the night! Dogs and Cats living together!  Rickrolling! Obama getting re-elected.  Belgians refusing to make any more chocolate! Aaaaaahhhhh!

  • I didn’t like it until after I scrolled down so I couldn’t see the top banner. An aficionada of  warm tones, I found the juxtaposition of the cooler red/blue banner clashed miserably with the olive green background and warm tones of the center column.
    The red can stay, but the blue has got to go.
    Just the officious opinion of a chromatophile.

    • I’m afraid I have to concur. Red, white, and blue is a nice color scheme. Red and olive green- not so bad. Red, white, blue, and olive green– ugh.

      My recommendation: replace the olive green. It doesn’t go well with any sort of blue. And you can’t have red, white, and blue without the blue.

  • I warmed up Header.jpg a bit. I think it looks better and still retains the red, white & blue thing.

  • Definitely more better!
    (The previous version wrapped the pages wrong for my screen settings)

  • I thank you. My aging eyes thank you. Thank you.

  • Not bad.

  • Very, very nice.  Seems to load a bit slow, though.

  • One thought: The hyperlinks don’t show up well (not enough contrast).  Maybe make ’em blue, then red and underlined on hover?

  • Your blog template terrorism is representative of the right’s unwillingness to discuss issues.

    BTW, the blueish button & subsection title background on the sidebar are a clashing color with the earth tones otherwise used.

    • “Your blog template terrorism is representative of the right’s unwillingness to discuss issues.”

      Wait…is this coming from the same doofi who marched against the war against Iraq, throwing blood on Secretary of State Rice, and putting up “Bush is Hitler” signs?

      Those doofi?

      I am more than willing to discuss the issues. Hell, I have spent years arguing to the dimwitted leftists in my family how wrong they are. Unfortunately, they are all stupid and believe what they want to believe, the facts be damned.

      You want to debate? Bring up any issue. I for one would love a chance to demolish anything – or everything – you have to say.

  • Wooo! Like I said yesterday, nice new page! I doff my chapeau to you!

    Now onto the comment I wanted to express:

    “Style evolves…”

    But, unfortunately, liberals do not. They remain stuck in their twisted, irrational thinking, which is the same thinking that infants do when they crap up their diapers.

  • I’m a Conservative and I don’t like change, dammit!!

    But, this looks much better.

  • Appreciate the better readability.

  • I’m with most here, I like the new scheme except for the top banner.  It doesn’t mix with the olive green.
    Also: is there a way to stretch out the columns a bit for different displays?  I’ve got a 21″ widescreen at work and a 24″ widescreen at home and I am seeing huge (at least half the total width of my screen) chunks of olive green.  It is a small point, I know, but I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who hates scrolling unnecessarily.

  • Was this directed by the president under the hope and change agenda?