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Racism: It’s All The Rage

We warned people back during the election that anyone who disagreed with Pres. Obama would be labeled a racist. To say that prediction that has come to fruition is like calling Katrina a summer shower.

Since the August recess began, and vociferous protesters crowded local townhall meetings, the chorus of “racism!” has steadily grown amongst the left. Those opposed to ObamaCare and “health insurance reform” are derisively dismissed as having no other issue than “a black man in the White House.” These accusations are somehow borne out by the fact that swastikas and comparisons of Obama to Hitler have allegedly been spotted at the townhall protests. Nevermind that similar healthcare insurance reform was vigorously opposed when presented by a popular white president in the 90’s, or that comparisons of our last president to Hitler were (and still are) quite common, yet no racism was ever alleged there. Further ignore that accusing someone of being a Nazi would seem to indicate that one is opposed to racism, and that the people actually carrying such signs were Democrat-supporting, LaRouche adherents who oppose ObamaCare because it doesn’t go far enough. Indeed you must ignore these facts because otherwise the charges of racism make absolutely no sense.

Now, we can prattle on all day about how the left’s eagerness to drive the racist route simply exposes the vapidity of their arguments, but while that is true it does not even begin to address the real problem — i.e. just how vacuously stupid the left has become.

When I say “stupid” I don’t mean “incapable of intellectual rigor” but instead “uneducated, ill-informed and either unwilling or unable to change that state of being.”

Just by way of example, Rep. David Scott, whose arrogance and indifference towards his constituents was highlighted by Bruce, declared that racism is at the source of the anti-ObamaCare demonstrations and questioning:

“There is bubbling up under this debate, unfortunately, the overtones that this presents of hate, of racism, of all of these things,” Scott added.

Scott laid blame for the harsh tone of the August debate at the feet of talk radio show Rush Limbaugh and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who he accused of mobilizing the angry base now manifesting itself at town hall meetings.

Scott was responding to questions after a swastika was painted on his office door, which in the confused leftist mind means that the vandal was a racist. Again, cognitive dissonance must be ignored since the protesters were also accused of being racist for comparing Obama to Hitler. To the lefty supporters of ObamaCare, any and all dissent is racist. Period.

One can go to almost any comment section of any article discussing the townhalls and find assured accusations of racism emanating from lefty posters as if we were all maddeningly blind not to be aware of this fact. For example:

Either Sen. McCaskill is naive or pandering to the CRAZIES in her state. She might as well join the crazies or be an independent. 1st she defends people who are bringing Nazi paraphernalia to town halls and now she’s blatantly dismissing what the whole country knows and believes to be the reason behind this whole movement: BLACK MAN IN THE WHITEHOUSE. These people will oppose everything Obama brings up or stands for even if he was saving their children from a burning house; this didn’t start because of the healthcare debate, it started during the campaign and now it has really picked up pace because the president is doing what he promised he would do. Sen. McCaskill can keep her mouth shut if she doesn’t have the guts to tell it like it is.

That comment was in response to article about Sen. McCaskill (D-MO) taking Scott to task for crying racism. Notice how incredibly assured the commenter is that people “bringing Nazi paraphernalia to town halls” is undeniable evidence of “what the whole country knows and believes to be the reason behind this whole movement: BLACK MAN IN THE WHITEHOUSE.” This, in a word, is stupid.

However, explaining why this is so stupid to ObamaCare’s supporters is rather like trying to explain the physics of a hairball to a cat. You will just get annoyed and the cat will still ignore you while emitting guttural hacking and wheezing noises that may or may not sound vaguely like words — “hhhcccccKKKK! ackkk! hehhhhehhk … RACIST!”. And this is the problem.

How do you have a civilized debate with someone who is entirely incapable of hearing and/or understanding anything you have to say? For whatever reason (I’ve honestly ceased to care), the leftist side of any debate consists of equal parts righteous moralizing, demonization of their opponents, progressive conventional wisdom dressed up as facts, and cries of racism. Of course, this is all held together by a healthy dose “magical thinking” (R: “Centrally planned economies have never worked anywhere, anytime.” L:”But it will this time!”), which makes for quite a noxious brew good for little more than poisoning rational thought.

It is in this context that legitimate anger at legislators trying to rush through a massive health care bill, that few if any have read, while spending money faster than it can be printed, can be laid at the feet of racism without suffering a massive aneurysm. Not that the opponents of Obamacare should back down or stop strongly and pointedly questioning their representatives. Despite these exhibitions of sheer stupidity from the left, politicians do understand threats to their retention of power.

Instead, I suggest that the next time someone accuses you of being a racist for not supporting whatever agenda Obama and his acolytes want to achieve, you stop what you’re doing, look them square in the eyes, and say “Your mind-numbing stupidity is the source of all the racism here” and then move on.

Perhaps the fog of inane and muddled thinking will be lifted from your denigrator’s progressive mind by your mental slap (Lord knows reasonable arguments have not done so), and she will see that racism is not a charge to be thrown around lightly or haphazardly. If so, then a real discussion might be had about why spending gobs and gobs of money we don’t have to save money makes no sense. Or that piling more government control onto a system that’s already broken because of government control is an exercise in insanity. Just maybe, in some small way, you will have steered an otherwise viable intellect back towards the land of reason.

In all likelihood, however, she will just ignore you and walk away in a huff while emitting guttural hacking and wheezing noises that may or may not sound vaguely like words — “hhhcccccKKKK! ackkk! hehhhhehhk … RACIST!”.

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12 Responses to Racism: It’s All The Rage

  • Hey now, we all know they are protesting the Beta Israel.

  • This article proves that you’re a racist.

    / sarc

    MichaelW – “When I say ‘stupid’ I don’t mean ‘incapable of intellectual rigor’ but instead “uneducated, ill-informed and either unwilling or unable to change that state of being.'”

    Well, when I say libs are stupid, I definitely DO mean that they are incapable of intellectual rigor. After all, this is the same bunch that believes simultaneously that Bush was a moron who couldn’t tie his own shows AND that he was an evil genius who tricked the Congress into going to war with Iraq. Note who Rep. Scott mentions as orchestrating the racist hate-fest: Rush Limbaugh, the bete noir of the left, a man about whom libs will believe ANY wickedness. Yep, El Rushbo really controls the country… except when he’s being derided as a mere “entertainer”. Which is it: evil, machiavelian leader of the racist conservative movement, or radio clown who nobody takes seriously? If you’re a lib, it can (and is) both! There are plenty of other examples of such liberal “doublethink”, but they all point to a general inability (or, at least, unwillingness) to rationally analyze and accept reality in any consistent way.

    Much of this can be waived off as “politics”: demonizing opponents, imputing evil intentions to them, and twisting their words to give one’s partisans a target for hatred are old tricks. The scary thing is that libs fall for them every time. No, they really ARE incapable of intellectual rigor. It would be sad (or funny) if they couldn’t vote… or breed. Unfortunately, they can, and that’s bad for the country.

  • Has anybody seen one of those Subarus carrying that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” sticker recently ?

  • speaking of ‘incapable of intellectual rigor’ , “uneducated, ill-informed and either unwilling or unable to change that state of being.’”…where’s Erb?

  • The charge has less and less power.

    Yes yes yes, I’m a racist.

    So what?

    Now what do you got?

  • The charge has less and less power.

    I think that’s the biggest risk here.  I think that the left, realizing that health care reform is the make-or-break issue of the Obama Presidency, is going all out in the same manner as the administration.  Attack, attack, attack.  Anyone who isn’t on board is un-American, racist, a nazi, a klan member, racist, hateful, racist, astroturfing, racist, stereotyping, racist.
    The result?  Shocking– support from independents is disappearing.  Independents have sided with the protesters, which is their way of telling the left that when it defames the protesters, it is defaming them– the same people who made their 2008 victories possible.  The response from the left?  “You’re racist.  And also evil-mongers.” Hmmm… I wonder how independents will respond to that?

  • Now Dingy Harry is adding “evil-mongers” to the list of adjectives used to describe us nasty ol’ racist-nazi-paid-by-big-Insurance-right-wing-un-American-Brooks-Brothers-wearing-don’t-represent-real-America opponents of health care reform.

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get more surreal…

  • How do you have a civilized debate with someone who is entirely incapable of hearing and/or understanding anything you have to say?

    You can’t. That is why I think liberals need to be marginalized with ridicule. I take advantage of aevery opportunity to pointout the idiocy of their positions. E.G. They complain about denial of coverage in the current system so they support the creation of a system that is intended to deny even more coverage. The few times I have just called a spade a spade and told a liberal that he was stupid, they didn’t have an answer. They were frustrated, but not as angry as I thought they might have been. They can dish it out but they can’t take it. Pointing out their own stupidity doesn’t compute. It freezes their brain.

  • Help!  I’m trapped in a Bloom County panel with Bill the Cat !!!

  • Losing the ability to criticize the president because he’s black is a pretty good reason for never electing a black person.
    The left is the breeding ground of racism.

  • This article made me fall out of my chair laughing!  I especially like shark’s comment:

    “Yes yes yes, I’m a racist.

    So what?”