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Obama Says 95% Won’t See Taxes Go Up. 68% Don’t Believe Him

Yeah, it’s a provocative title, but it is certainly a way to interpret what the latest Gallup poll indicates:

A new Gallup Poll finds that 68% of Americans believe their federal income taxes will be higher by the time Barack Obama’s first term as president ends. This includes 35% who say their taxes will be “a lot higher.”

It is also another indication of why Obama’s job approval numbers are tanking and why Americans, using the only real outlet available to some of them, i.e. townhalls, appear angry.

They simply don’t trust a thing this administration and the Congress is putting out there. The irony, of course, is that the Democrats and Obama thought that circumstance had handed them the perfect political storm with which to pass huge social programs liberals had dreamed of for decades. They had a crisis and, as Rahm Emanuel said, they weren’t going to let it go to waste.

But it has doubled back on them in a fairly quick and dramatic way. Suddenly, in the crisis fever they whipped up, people who were normally uninterested in politics started paying attention. And what they saw didn’t please them. They saw the federal government pumping unheard of amounts of borrowed money into various black holes, taking over whole industries and parts of others and planning on taking over even more, such as health care. That, all while telling us what we knew was intuitively and historically false – they’d run them more efficiently and effectively than the private side could.

It was a huge wake-up call for the American public, formerly known as the slowly and quiescently boiling frog. That level of activity, money and government intervention in a short 6 to 8 month period grabbed the public’s attention and, even in short attention span America, has kept it.

Democrats and the administration reacted badly. And they continue to do so. Falsely believing they had some sort of mandate to act as they wished, they’ve completely blown the health care debate. As Greg Lyons notes at Salon – Salon for heaven sake – “you won’t win the healthcare debate by calling people stupid racists”. But that seems to be the Dem game plan. And again we’re treated to the delicious irony of Democrats calling for “civil debate” while characterizing Americans who disagree with them as “political terrorists”, “brownshirts” and “un-American.”

Yes, this has turned into a perfect storm alright, but not at all the one the Democrats and administration thought they were going to get to exploit. And I can’t say I’m displeased about that in the least.



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  • Then there is the poll that say 8% believe that their taxes won’t good up under Obama.

    No can only assume that these people either are, or are about to be, retired.

    In the beginning of the Obama Administration, most of the people gave Obama lots of room with the “stimulus”. Perhaps it was that this amorphous act of Congress had some large number of degrees from Kevin Bacon, so they thought perhaps it’s needed, let’s see.

    The health care bill is right up there and in their faces … and worse it’s more amorphous than the “stimulus to nowhere“. It makes the Obama promises of keeping your current plan look like pure unadulterated bold face lies. Obama looked the American people in the face and lied .. and worse there is no other explanation that makes any sense.

  • Wouldn’t that be 63% who don’t believe him? If the 5% know who they are, I mean…

  • The groundwork is already being laid to give Obama what he thinks will be an ironclad excuse: such a huge deficit that he has no choice. The latest projections (released this afternoon) just upped the deficit by $2 trillion over ten years.

    I don’t think his excuse of higher deficits will cut him any slack outside his base. People are ready to see some spending cuts and I don’t mean the childish $100 million cut scam he tried to pull. Even though our resident nutty professor assures us Obama’s going to make those cuts, I think that’s hogwash.

  • An apdate to my previous post
    George Soros and the progressive democrats he has in his pocket have a goal to destroy the dollar and to push for a global currency. As a result, George Soros would make billions just as he did from his attempt to destroy the British Pound. To accomplish his goal, George Soros and his team of democrats have chosen a messenger who via teleprompter will spread their message and will not oblige to his constitutional obligation to prove that he is a US citizen. Please view To help George Soros push for global dominance, the democrats have created legislations such as the Stimulus Bill, the Equal Pay Bill, the Global Poverty Bill, the Tobacco Bill, the Climate Change Bill, the upcoming Health Reform Bill, the UN sponsored Bill that will force Americans to pay a global tax and whatever else they have hidden in the bills no one has read. If George Soros and the democrats are allowed to succeed, it will bring America to a $2 trillion dollars plus deficit, make the dollar worthless and cause this country to self-distrust.
    Wake up America before it’s too late.

    The push for global currency and the destruction of the dollar has started
    BANGKOK- Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz is telling us that the U.S. dollar-based system is flawed and risky and that the “dollar now is yielding almost zero return. The question is do we go to a new system in an orderly or disorderly way.” Stiglitz urged rich nations to provide funds to help poorer countries avoid a steep crash during the financial crisis.
    The group has called for global coordination to avoid competition to cut taxes, and for a worldwide increase in tax on high earners. Dubbing itself the “Shadow GN”, the group has urged governments to opt for bank nationalizations rather than bailouts in order to drive the pace of fresh lending.
    Stiglitz said a new global reserve system would be good for global aggregate demand, global stability and global equity.

  • HotAir has a radio clip wherein an Air America host and her guest express dismay and disgust at President Obama’s back-room dealings with the big pharmaceuticals. They even play clips of his (since broken- surprise!) campaign promises about how he would put those greedy drug companies in their places and have negotiations “on CSPAN,” where he could put drug companies and their supporters on the spot.

    When AIR AMERICA is hoisting President Obama on his petard, I think he’s reached the point where he has lost everyone that it is possible to lose. Looks like he’ll still have the support of around 9% of the population when all is said and done… at least until their tax bills come in.

    • TonusWhen AIR AMERICA is hoisting President Obama on his petard, I think he’s reached the point where he has lost everyone that it is possible to lose.

      He hasn’t “lost” them any more than a man has “lost” his wife after she breaks some small promise to him: like the irritated husband who will forgive his wife, Air America and the rest of the brain-dead left (BIRM) will forgive TAO so long as he keeps blathering the usual lefty talking points. This is merely a disappointment for them, not something to cause a permanent rupture. Anyway, where else will they go?

  • The President pulled the economy out of a nose dive.

    Stock market up.
    Home sales up.
    Car sales up.

    Job fell from 750,000 a month during the end of the Bush years
    to 240,000 a month in July.

    The President’s job approval ratings have held steady over the pass few weeks. Not bad when you consider all the lies and distortions told about him and health care reform.

    The facts are funds from a government option will not be used to finance abortions, or illegal immigrants.

    The political option is basically medicare for the rest of us.

    Personally I support lowering the age requirement for those eligible
    to purchase medicare from 65 down to age 55. What do you think?

    • “The political option is basically medicare for the rest of us.”

      Your other howlers aside, this statement is laughable on its face. “Medicare for the rest of us” is contradictory, as Medicare’s sole purpose is to provide a small segment of the population with single-payer health care. And it is ridiculous to suggest that is what Obamacare is when Medicare itself is utterly unsustainable because of its spiraling costs and the explosion of people entering the age demographic which qualifies for coverage. “Medicare for the rest of us” is nothing more than a codeword for shoddy single-payer, government-run, Soviet-style health care.

      “Personally I support lowering the age requirement for those eligible
      to purchase medicare from 65 down to age 55. What do you think?”

      I think you need to take an introductory course in mathematics. Medicare, as is, is not fiscally sustainable, much less massively increased. What you are suggesting is to instantaneously <a href=""double the number of people covered on the government dole.

    • “The President pulled the economy out of a nose dive. “

      The OMB just reported that the nose dive will continue into 2011, and that this year’s numbers (unemployment and GDP) are worse than were anticipated earlier in the year. Next year’s growth is expected to be less than initially anticipated as well.

      This is from the White House’s budget director, the guy who would want to put the best spin on the numbers.

  • Correction.

    Job loss fell from 750,000 a month during the end of the Bush years
    to 240,000 a month in July.

    • it’s called equilibrium, as businesses scale down their workforce to meet demand for their products or services they will eventually reach a point where they no longer need to cut jobs. To think that unemployment would continue to rise at the same rate is ignorant.

  • Only 68% don’t believe him? So that means that 32% are either caught up in this personality cult or really just have no clue what-so-ever? That’s kind of depressing.

  • The taxes the democrats are pushing are aren’t income taxes on the middle class, they are taxes that would make prices rise.

    For instance, cap & trade would increase your energy costs (gasoline, natural gas and electricity) by 70%, but those estimates only cover the direct costs, your monthly bills. Everything that is manufactured, grown, raised, mined, stored or transported in the US would also pay more for energy. We would be paying an indirect tax in the form of government induced inflation. In order to sell health care, Obama needs the revenue from cap & trade. We should give him neither.