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You Know They’re Reaching …

When this is the best they can do (and they think what they’ve done is funny).

And for some reason, linking to the actual post they cite seems a little beyond them (read the comments – the commenters are no brighter than the blogger – they’re all talking about the garage sale post). I think that may have something to do with the grade level of the “humor”.

BTW, in case you’re in the dark, the guy pictured with me there is Kevin Whalen (the pic was taken at the ’07 Milbloggers Conference). That actually makes the title somewhat funny, but ironically the Sadly, No! kids appear unaware of that (be sure to read the explanation of the “joke” to be found in the title – uh, yeah).

It’s pretty sad when a site supposedly known for its biting humor bites it that badly.

Here’s hoping they don’t “wee-wee” up their next attempt as badly as they did this one.



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3 Responses to You Know They’re Reaching …

  • Bruce:

    Are you sure that Barry didn’t say “Wii, Wii” which would be a more up-to-date expression with an even more indecipherable meaning?

  • Somewhat related, in their post of the Mackey editorial, there is this comment about Mackey pushing for high-deductible plans and HSAs:

    “In the event that you’re not paying attention, what Mackey wants is for employers to pay less, and employees to pay more, into the health care system. Seriously.”

    This is such a fundamental misunderstanding of basic economics, I just want to scream. So what if the amount it costs an employer to supply insurance to an employee doesn’t appear on the paycheck it doesn’t mean the cost of insurance isn’t part of the payroll costs of an employee. The $10,000 the employer pays is still part of your pay, it’s just hidden from you because the current tax rules want it hidden from you.

    • Don’t you get leftist economics? Money that comes out of people’s paychecks comes out of their hide, while money that comes out of companies’ bank accounts is plucked from money trees in the CEO’s back yards.