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Ted Kennedy – Dead At 77

Ted Kennedy died of brain cancer last night at his home in Hyannis Port, MA:

The man known as the “liberal lion of the Senate” had fought a more than year-long battle with brain cancer, and according to his son had lived longer with the disease than his doctors expected him to.

And you can expect him to lionized over the coming weeks. Although I completely disagree with just about everything Kennedy stood for, I wouldn’t wish what he had to suffer on anyone. My sympathies to his family.

However, look for his death to become an emotional rallying point (already begun) for the “reformers” as his death will be shamelessly politicized (also already begun) over the coming weeks in an effort to turn the health care debate around.

On the other hand, the 60 vote “fillibuster proof” Senate is no more. Under MA law the state must hold a special election within 5 months to fill the seat.



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28 Responses to Ted Kennedy – Dead At 77

  • Looks like another version of the “Wellstone Memorial” (this time for health care) is in the offing….

  • I can’t think of a worse reason for ramming through a health care bill than, “this guy wanted it and now he’s dead.” I hope those voting against it don’t go wobbly because of that.

    • They better not. I don’t know about you, but making a memorial bill for a guy responsible for his girlfriends’ death does NOT make me all misty eyed.

      To the contrary, I can’t think of a more fitting epitath for the man than to see his “memorial” bill get defeated (or at least severely neutered)

  • This is a shame. Mary Jo Kopechne never got justice.

  • PS- The Senate seat will be filled shortly. Gov. Patrick is going to push for the law to be changed so he can appoint (another Kennedy no doubt) to that seat.

    I bet we have a new Sen. Kennedy from MA within 2 weeks.

    • sharkGov. Patrick is going to push for the law to be changed so he can appoint (another Kennedy no doubt) to that seat.

      I wonder how the people of Taxachusetts will take that. It would be a blatant abuse of power to change the law willy-nilly to ensure that one party ALWAYS gets the best (if not guaranteed) shot at holding a senate seat. Hopefully, this will not fly and, further, will be another nail in Patrick’s political coffin.

      As for Kennedy himself… I’m sorry for those who loved him. I’ll leave it at that.

  • I realize I should have a modicum of respect for the recently departed.
    I’m trying to decide why I should mourn the passing of someone I personally feel went a long way towards destroying our Republic.

    I can finally, even the idiot population of Massachusetts will no longer be able to elect him Senator again.

    And I would like it noted for the record, that on his death bed, he continued to try and stack the damn deck for his socialist buddies. Now they’ll use his corpse and his memorium to try and move the game forward.
    Goodbye Camelot.

    • …I personally feel went a long way towards destroying our Republic.

      That is exactly how he will be remembered, whether it be Americans or Communists, who writes the history.

    • “Goodbye Camelot”

      Two things:

      1) (Stolen from somewhere)….if you talk about Camelot, don’t forget about the Lady of the Lake

      2) Goodbye indeed. Unfortunately it seems we’ll never really be rid of the disgusting brood that ole Nazi-loving Joe inflicted on this nation. They’ll continue to sit and swell like a boil or (more apropos) a staph infection on our nation.

  • He left quite the legacy: Chappaquidik (sp?), treason – working with the Soviets to undermine RR’s foreign policy (“Verona Intercepts”), drunk, hitting on every woman within reach, defending his nephew during his rape trial, the list goes on. I did not wish him dead, just out of power.

    • “I did not wish him dead, just out of power.”

      Considering he felt that he owned his Senate seat for life, and that his family (the Borgias) was willing to “kill” to keep him there, then death was the only option.

  • Good riddance

    He actively worked with the KGB to undermine Reagan for his own political gain.

  • > I wouldn’t wish what he had to suffer on anyone

    I totally agree. I wished he had died quickly a long time ago.

  • He got what he deserved, the sick bastard.

    He murdered a woman. No question about it.

  • Wow that’s cold, even for you bitter clingers.

    • Oh, now Tom, it’s not nice to be judgmental! You should be more progressive and thoughtful in your attitude and not try and project or enforce your moralities on others. Learn to embrace and celebrate the differences in others! No one is really wrong, just different!

      Really, we’re so shocked by this unexpected development that some of us are just sort of channeling Wanda Sykes at the moment. It’s a kind of solemn humor and you know even President O’Savior enjoyed Wanda’s jokes!

    • And ya know, pretty likely he was drunk that night on Chappaquiddick, so assuming that the conspiracy crap about Ms Kopechne being pregnant with his child and this whole thing being ‘arranged’ was really CRAP, at a minimum he was guilty of manslaughter.

      Probably drunk, and driving, she dies, manslaughter (unless you’re a Kennedy, driving drunk in Massachusetts of course).

      I see you, as a non-bitter, non-clinger, aren’t shedding any tears for his sitting in the US Senate instead of a cell in MCI-Concord.

  • How much you want to bet the idiots in Taxachusettes get another member of the trust fund clan to fill the position?

  • TomD, Ted Kennedy was a through and through dirtbag. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    And if you want to see how the left would react to someone ont he right, you have the last 8 years to examine. The response would have been cheers across the leftosphere. So bite me.

  • Yeah, I don’t care anymore about being nice to leftists, even when they die. Not after the hatefest of the last eight years. This is the result of their following Alinsky and his rules for radicals. They have destroyed all comity in the public discourse.

    It is all out war, and matching hate for hate, this is what they wanted, and it’s what they got. That old reprobate fatass was a big part of it too. He was as evil, and as lying, and as partisan as it gets so, Hope he is in a special place in hell right now.

  • “I’ve never killed a man, but I’ve read many an obituary with a great deal of satisfaction.”
    — Clarence Darrow

  • I am going to say something here, and admit to some things. I am pretty up front about how I feel about things, but not everyone knows my whole story. Here it is:

    First, my name is not “James Marsden.” I use that name to hide who I am. I do this for a reason: years ago, I was a regular participant on a blog like this, and got into a fight with a liberal woman who began a campaign of harassment first by telling the blog owner that I was calling her (I had no idea who she was, much less where she was), then told everyone on the blog that I “showed up at her home and threatened her.” She then tried, using my real name which I posted under, to find me and, as she bragged, to do something to me. I was frightened for a long period of time, until the woman was allegedly put away by one of her friends because she believed that people were coming to rape her. She was a loon of the first kind.

    So, first, I ask the indulgences of all here as I post under the name of “James Marsden.” If that does bother anyone, I will refrain from posting at all. I do not wish to give me real name for the reasons I outlined above: I do not want a repeat of what happened to me.

    Second, as I have told the truth about my family, with all of them being far-out loony liberals, the death today of Edward Kennedy brings to mind my cousin Richard. Richard is, I believe, 65 or 66 years old, and he was a stalwart campaign worker in the 1960s, first as an aide to Senator Jacob Javits (yes, Javits was a Republican, but a New York liberal Republican), then as one of Robert F. Kennedy’s chief advisors. Richard, I believe, has told me that he was at the Ambassador Hotel the night Kennedy was shot in 1968. So, if Robert Kennedy had been elected President that year, my cousin Richard would probably have been one of his aides in the White House.

    Richard is still, unfortunately, a far-left guy – he is likable enough, but he hates me being a Republican and couldn’t stand that George W. Bush got elected and re-elected.

    As for me, you should know that I am an insider. I almost went to work for George W. Bush in the White House in 2001; my good friend Andy Card (yes, that Andy Card, who was Bush’s Chief of Staff) nearly got me a position in the White House, but I turned it down, not wanting to go through the rigmarole of what the Washington media does to people. Further, I have a lot of friends that some Republicans would not want me having, including Maria Shriver (I had her personal phone number in New York when she worked at NBC News), and Geraldine Ferraro (yes, yes, that Geraldine Ferraro.)

    I once met Edward Kennedy, for a brief moment about 12 years ago. At the time, I was talking with Senator John Glenn of Ohio, who was kind enough to sign my book on the history of NASA.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I will tell most everything but my name.

  • I frequently hear of some outrageously rude and immoral behavior by some schmuck who has somehow managed to skate, i.e. ducked responsibility and avoided any repercussion for his/her actions.

    And I think to myself, if that were me, I would expect to have my ass kicked, and rightfully so.

    If I had been responsible for the death of a young woman, and not only neglected to help her when it could have possibly saved her life, but then lied about it to the entire world, I, my family and my name would be hopelessly shamed for all posterity.

    If I then continued on, relentless in my efforts to undermine and to destroy one of the most righteous institutions ever created by mankind, I would expect to burn in the fires of you-know-where.

    But then, I was raised with some appreciation of moral standing.

  • I’m thinking the socialist in the U.S. will now canonize Kennedy by pushing the take over of health-care. The passage of Obamacare carrying Kennedy’s name will be their version of Lenin’s corpse and tomb.

    My dear departed Mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything.” Therefore since I can’t think of anything I ever agreed with him about, I will not say anything about Edward Kennedy.

  • KennedyCare, his final insult.

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    The Lion…Err Dog of the Senate.
    “Teddy Kennedy was the weak kitten in the litter, never able to measure up to his brothers.
    The accident at Chappaquiddick displayed his chronic immaturity. One problem Teddy has always had was keeping it in his pants – even when other people are around.”
    – Cleo O’Donnell – wife of former Kennedy campaign aide.
    Check out my take, and stick around for more good content.

  • “Judge, and prepare to be judged.”

    (Ayn Rand)