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Congress: Get Rid Of Them All

According to Rasmussen, if given the choice of a single vote to turn out or keep all the members of Congress, 57% would vote to boot ’em:

If they could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, just 25% of voters nationwide would keep the current batch of legislators.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 57% would vote to replace the entire Congress and start all over again. Eighteen percent (18%) are not sure how they would vote.

Of course that’s more of a feel-good poll than reality since we all know that incumbents are usually reelected and that happens because for the most part those in each Congressional district feel the problem is the rest of Congress and not their guy or gal.

However, it is a number which does point to the underlying unrest among the population – and not just about health care.

Back in October, prior to the election which saw increasing Dem margins, 59% said given a single vote to turn out the whole Congress, they’d do so. That was in the middle of the “crisis” and frenzy of TARP.

Obviously “turning them out” wasn’t something which happened then, but the fact that we had a rather historical presidential election can be assumed to have had some salutary effect. 2010, on the other hand, is a purely Congressional election year. Again, the probability of turning the whole Congress over is practically nil. But it could be a bloody year for incumbents as we’re seeing some of the early polls indicate. If the anger remains at this level and the politicians continue to ignore it as they seem to be doing, I predict that 20 seat losses in the House may be considered the best outcome to be hoped for when election day rolls around.



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10 Responses to Congress: Get Rid Of Them All

  • I would like to know whether they would want to remove the Representative from their district or the Senator from their state. My expectation would be that the usual paradox holds, thus most Americans want their congressmen to keep serving, but they also once most of Congress to be replaced.

    • It seems as thought everyone has an excuse for why things happen. Washington wants to divide people to have a voter base which deals with feelings and not facts. So all the time you spend arguing with each other they more time they have to rob us blind. Has anyone added millions of dollars to their account with this hope and change? We got the change and the congress (including Special interest) got the millions. Let’s prove it. How much money do these people make? Does that reflect the millions in their bank accounts. While your making 300 a week in unemployment or taking pay cuts at work they still get all of their pay. They live in million dollar home(s) and eat fancy dinners with expensive wine. They want to limit our pay by appointing a zar. Do you think for one minute they give a F*** about the food on your table. If you showed up on their door step and said ” I hungry could you spare some food?” They would have you arrested for trespassing. So if I made my point clear this is a culture war in the country. Its between the haves (Washington) and the have nots(you and I). It’s time to kick out the bums and change term limits to 2 years and out. It will fine time someone is allowed to make millions while we make chicken shit. So this tax year do as they do to us. Write off all of what you owe for all they have stolen from you. If the percentage off tax cheats in Washington equaled the percentage of jailed felons our prison system would have to be located at the Capital. It might be the only way to stop the madness.

  • Love you blog! Keep up the superlative work!!

    ps. Link Exchange???

  • Of course, when (not if) the next great transition happens you know fully well that the veterans of both chambers will left in office. Only in very rare circumstances will critters in safe seats be voted out of office; it took an indictment to get Ted Stevens kicked out by a razor thin margin during a D rampage.

    Expect the likes of Chris “FOA” Dodd and Barney Frank to still be around when Congress swings back the other way in a decade and for those individuals to resume their chairmanships and basically pick up where they left off. Hope and Change!

  • You’ve really got to wonder about the 25% that “would keep the current batch of legislators.”

    • J, said this: You’ve really got to wonder about the 25% that “would keep the current batch of legislators.”
      What is there to wonder?
      They were the honest idiots.
      The other 75% were lying idiots, much like the lying criminals they keep choosing to steal from them. There’s no great secret in the downfall of the US, all you have to do is pay attention just a little bit. There are masses of character flawed idiots choosing character flawed criminals to pretend to be their public servants. As the population increases you get MORE character flawed idiots and the downfall picks up even more momentum. This thing was flawed from jump and its days are numbered, just like all the other attempts are tyranny over the millennia.

    • They’re the pessimists who think the new Congress wouldn’t be any better.

  • I don’t believe we have decent options.

    The election laws have been tweaked over the years, in the name of being more fair, to entrench incumbents, the party system, and the two specific parties.

    The main problem are the campaign laws. The campaign window and financial limits favor incumbents.

    Although I dislike Ann Coulter’s sensationalism for sales, she does make some good points on occasion. Her point was that all a politician needed to run for office was to get a few millionaires to support them. At first this seems exclusive. Until you realize in America there are thousands upon thousands of millionaires and just about any political view can find support.

    To add to that, now the lion’s share of name recognition comes from two possible sources other than campaigning. The media and billionaires. The media can cover any politician they want in any light whatsoever. Incumbents, however have the edge because the current office gives them press for free. Billionaires have the resources to throw enough money at indirect revenue generation schemes. Soros pretty much has that covered (eg. media matters, various institutes, internet whores of various shapes and sizes).

    Yeah, nobody is putting a gun to anyone’s head but when you’ve managed the options that people have in front of them, you don’t have to.

  • I have a dream….

  • Mindlessly silly.

    Votists elected those criminals and votists will continue to be stupid.

    History proves it.