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Health Care Speech Open Thread

If you’re watching the speech and have thoughts on what is being said, feel free to jot them down in the comment section.


34 Responses to Health Care Speech Open Thread

  • same old Obama.

    How about those promises of no earmarks, posting stuff on the web for 5 days before voting on it, no lobbyists, transparent administration, and bipartisianship ( I won WOO HOO)

    Whatever he says today has about as much truth to it as the above statements.

  • do you trust this talk?

    This guy loves to hear himself talk!

  • Wow, he essentially re-introduced HR3200. This. Changes. Everything! /sarc

  • What did the heckler shout?
    What document was it that the GOP members were holding up?

  • Watch and learn. Obama hit the right notes, and you’re seeing a shift in momentum. C’est la politique.

    • Yes, I’m watching him proposing to shred privacy laws, due process and the Constitution in general.

  • Same old crap and very partisan to boot. I don’t know what people thought this Marxist would say. I noticed that the great communicator has had a string of lousy speechs.


  • Had he smoothly moved through the speech without the guff he got — the jeers, the heckle, the boos (did I hear right? That was booing, right?) — this might have been a wash. Those of us who think he’s full of it would go on thinking that, and the true believers would go on believing. But the look on his face when he turned to the left, right after that heckle … well. The charm has worn off. He’s just a guy, no different from any other politician we’ve seen yelled at at these townhall meetings.

    Quite a few dents in the chosen one’s armor tonight. I expect his approval rating will dip a bit more steeply.

  • Scott ERb

    Watch and learn. Obama hit the right notes, and you’re seeing a shift in momentum. C’est la politique.”

    You must have been watching him play the triangle or somethhing. You damn sure werent watching his speech.

  • Listening to some pundits/talking heads earlier today, the consensus was that irrespective of how good/bad Obama presented his case, the “townhouse” meme had gone out for all acolytes to praise to high heaven The One. Good to see Scott got the message.

    And Scott, Obama just called me (and hundred of thousands of others) a liar. Hardly a way to engender “bipartisanship.” Nope, with a Senator and Congressman vulnerable, I have a number of letters to write and phone calls to make.

    I suspect that instead of a mollifying address, Obama just issued a call to arms that he may come to regret.

  • We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?
    Joseph Stalin

    Let me count the ways, to say F**k you; that’s what Obama said tonight. The public option, AKA the road to single payer, is locked in, everything else is pap.

  • Only new thing was a vague promise to start working on the possibility of limited experimental programs to lower malpractice costs.

    Everything else was the same old same old, including demonization of the opposition, while calling for bipartisanship.


    A poll finds a big swing after the speech, 2/3 watching support the health care proposal.

    I tell you, you guys are really in for a disappointment as this gets moving. Though, as I argue in my blog today, the time is not one for partisan left vs. right, but the two sides coming together to constructively compromise. Ideological jihads will only push the country further down the path of decline and decay.

    • *YAWN*

      But I do like the way you left this out: “Bill Clinton got similar numbers after his 1993 address to Congress, but five months later a majority of the country no longer supported his plan.”

      “Though, as I argue in my blog today, the time is not one for partisan left vs. right, but the two sides coming together to constructively compromise.”

      Screw you. The same could’ve been same about a certain party’s conduct regarding a certain war. How’d that go? But at any rate, there IS no compromise with the likes of you and what you support.

      If your side has the votes, show some sack and ram it through.

      • But I do like the way you left this out…

        Heh … and this:

        The sample of speech-watchers in this poll was 45 percent Democratic and 18 percent Republican. Our best estimate of the number of Democrats in the voting age population as a whole indicates that the sample is about 8-10 points more Democratic than the population as a whole.

    • Scott,

      Put down the kool-aid and step back from the table.

    • Erb today:

      the time is not one for partisan left vs. right

      Erb 3 weeks ago:

      I think the Democratic party and Barack Obama need to cease their efforts to create bi-partisan health care reform, and instead use their majorities to pass their agenda

      Erb everyday = a freakin’ forked-tongued idiot.

  • So, Scott, how does one constructively compromise on an unconstitutional seizure of the health care system? How does one compromise with a Democratic Party that refuses to allow the GOP into the deal, much less allow the GOP to present their plans. They don’t plan to “compromise”. They won. To the victor goes the spoils. Ain’t you been watching?

  • So…..does that make Rep. Joe Wilson racist?

  • There is nothing unconstitutional here — but if there is, then the Supreme Court will surely rule as such.

    The GOP is spent. It’s all emotion, fear, and lack of reason. Hopefully the Republicans will ditch the Limbaugh Palin fear and irrationality approach and embrace the more principled conservatism of people like Olympia Snowe. Snowe and Obama represent the pragmatism that can actually prevent the further decline of this country. The partisan and ideological jihadists are pushing us into ruin.

    • You read like a Jack Chick tract for left-wingers. You know that, don’t you?

    • You cretins really are worried about Palin aren’t you? I notice that Baracky himself had to get a jibe in the speech in her direction. Hmmmm. I wonder why.

      Seeing how her latest Op-Ed have got the usual suspects panties in a bunch only confirms it.

      One “death panels” on facebook has so far trumped all the “eloquent” speeches from Baracky.

      Again, stop talking. If your side has the votes man up and ramrod it through.


      You don’t need us to get it done. You never did.

    • Renaming a fine against the uninsured a “tax” to prevent appeals and other forms of due process is patently unconstitutional, just to name one. Good thing you’re not a constitutional law professor.

    • “jihadists”???

      This from the man who claims he never uses ad hominem. You’ve become a parody of yourself, Erb.

      • Chick tracts? Whoa. Blast from the past, Mr. Gipper. Anyway.

        Remember, last week, Erb gave us his post-modern revision of the events of September 11 by telling us it was largely “spectacle”. He’s a pseudo-intellectual who gets paid , horror of horrors, to warp young minds.

      • You’ve become a parody of yourself, Erb.

        Does that mean I’m no longer needed? I was thinking of ramping up my mad-dog impression and doing Eith Kolbermann for a while. Or maybe getting really shrill and doing Antsy Lugosi.

  • “…the more principled conservatism of people like Olympia Snowe. Snowe and Obama represent the pragmatism …”