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Meanwhile On The Foreign Policy Front …

A lot is happening, not that you’d know it unless you’re paying attention.

The North Koreans are happily enriching uranium again, as are the Iranians. We’re in the middle of completely screwing over Honduras while ignoring what Venezuela is in the middle of doing.

And what is that you ask? Well the Washington Post fills us in:

But Mr. Chavez has clearly forged a bond with one leader who is as reckless and ambitious as he is: Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The growing fruits of this relationship, and its potential consequences for U.S. security, have not gotten as much attention as they deserve.

Mr. Chávez was in Tehran again this week and offered his full support for Mr. Ahmadinejad’s hard-line faction. As usual, the caudillo made clear that he shares Iran’s view of Israel, which he called “a genocidal state.” He endorsed Iran’s nuclear program and declared that Venezuela would seek Iran’s assistance to construct a nuclear complex of its own. He also announced that his government would begin supplying Iran with 20,000 barrels of gasoline a day — a deal that could directly undercut a possible U.S. effort to curtail Iran’s gasoline imports.

But remember, it is much more important that we punish Honduras for living by their Constitution. Meanwhile:

Such collaboration is far from new for Venezuela and Iran. In the past several years Iran has opened banks in Caracas and factories in the South American countryside. Manhattan district attorney Robert Morgenthau, who has been investigating the arrangements, says he believes Iran is using the Venezuelan banking system to evade U.S. and U.N. sanctions. He also points out that Iranian factories have been located “in remote and undeveloped parts of Venezuela” that lack infrastructure but that could be “ideal . . . for the illicit production of weapons.”

“The opening of Venezuela’s banks to the Iranians guarantees the continued development of nuclear technology and long-range missiles,” Mr. Morgenthau said in a briefing this week in Washington at the Brookings Institution. “The mysterious manufacturing plants, controlled by Iran deep in the interior of Venezuela, give even greater concern.”

Big deal. I mean, look at what Honduras has done.

Mr. Morgenthau’s report was brushed off by the State Department, which is deeply invested in the Chávez-is-no-threat theory. State “will look into” Mr. Morgenthau’s allegations, spokesman Ian Kelly said Wednesday. Meanwhile, Mr. Chávez is off to Moscow, where, according to the Russian press, he plans to increase the $4 billion he has already spent on weapons by another $500 million or so. Mr. Chávez recently promised to buy “several battalions” of Russian tanks. Not a threat? Give him time.

And, of course, as a little jab at the US, Chavez recognized South Ossetia and Abkhazia and buying tanks in Russia.

North Korea, as mentioned, is back to building nuclear bombs.  But don’t worry, all the signs are present that they’re willing, once again, to do a little bartering.  They’ve announced they’re open to two-party talks with the US.  That means, they’ll talk and the US will pay for them to quit making bombs.  And they’ll agree until the next time they need a little cash.

Afghanistan? Going swimmingly, haven’t you heard?

But don’t worry – Honduras is going to pay the price for their constitutional misbehavior.  And besides, our president gets to play “King of the World” in a couple of weeks might even have the chance to give Moammar Qaddafi a hug while he is at it.

Yup – it’s looking good out there.


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16 Responses to Meanwhile On The Foreign Policy Front …

  • The dirtbag Admin. Worse. President. Ever.

  • Aw, come on guys! It takes a while for the “nice guy” strategy to bear fruit! (Well, you’ll pardon the Honduran people if they don’t quite feel that they’re getting the “nice guy” treatment…)

  • This maladministration is quickly melting down. I really mean that. No wonder The Clown’s™ Job Approval Ratings are going down faster than Bill Clinton’s zipper. I thought that they wouldn’t hit 47% before Thanksgiving, but they are there now, two months before I predicted.

    This means that the American people are quickly becoming tired not only of this doofus’ inability to do anything right, but of his massive spending and socialist infusion into our economy that has left us with 10% unemployment and a deficit which will hit $1.8 Trillion this year alone. His “foreign policy” is an even worse joke than his domestic policy, and that is saying something.

    I saw a sign the other day that really got the gist of what is going on: “The American People Erred in 2008.” You betcha they did. And in 2010 and again in 2012, we will rectify that problem at the polls.

    The Clown™ has done wonders for the GOP. We were near dead in January and now he had done his damndest to get us back into the game. Thanks, Barry!

  • “Yup – it’s looking good out there.”

    It is, if you’re an Obamanite. I’m in the camp that says Obama is attempting to complete what he set out to do. He’s fighting his fight against the United States and what it stands for. It is what the knowledgeable people who voted for him expect him to do. In my opinion, we’re entering the inevitable end game of any system that calls itself a Democracy.

    I’ll never forget how he played the stooge for Hugo and his thugs on the world stage. One of the more despicable things he’s done and he was so comfortable doing it.

  • Cozying up to Chavez, giving Iran enough time to develop nukes, sucking up to various European leaders… all that I expected from Obama and his post-modern foreign policy.

    But screwing Honduras makes no sense unless you assume that Obama just can’t help loving leftist thugs, even the ones who have not gained much power yet. Of all his actions, it’s the one that best shows the measure of the man, and the measurement is woefully short of where a president needs to be.

    • Billy, Neo-neocon made the same point about Honduras. Honduras is, in my opinion, a nice peak into the black soul of this administration (and no, I’m not making a pun or word play here).

    • just can’t help loving leftist thugs
      Yeah, Erb calls the constitutional action a “military coup d’état” since it removed a leftist.

  • The scary thing is not that we’ve got these foreign policy problems and threats. Our country has been doing with such issues throughout our history. But I don’t think we’ve ever had an administration and Congress so intent on doing nothing about them other than sticking their heads in the sand.

    James Marsden says that TAO is melting down. Perhaps. The problem is that, whether he’s melting down or not, he’s doing tremendous damage to our country.

  • >>>he’s doing tremendous damage to our country.

    Yeah, maybe that needs to happen in order to invalidate and repudiate the left for a few generations. Because they will recover, cockroaches always come back

  • Too busy to read much this weekend, but the idea that you’re defending the military coup d’etat in Honduras is sickening. Sheesh. Those guys are EVIL.

    • Now you’re just trolling for a response, Scott. That’s so over the top that it’s too obvious.

    • Erb, you’ve finally convinced me that you know absolutely nothing about political science. To call what happened in Honduras a military coup is so ignorant it defies description.

      The President of Honduras violated his nation’s constitution is such a way as to automatically forfeit his office. The courts and legislature rightly moved to remove him from power. And the person who replaced him was the next-in-line per their constitution. None of that would have happened had this actually been a military coup.

      At long last, Erb, have you no shame?

      • You can either support the Honduran leftwing violations of the Constitution and civil law (storming of the capitol’s airport by a mob in order to seize illegal ballots made in Venezuela) (the mob was led by wanna be dictator, Zelaya)…


        You can support the Constitution, Supreme Court and Legislature of Honduras.

      • At long last, Erb, have you no shame?

        I thought that question was settled long, long ago.

  • Obama, and many others don’t deserve (and may not) survive the next election. I sure hope not! But on the other hand, there are seven million of us, living here in Honduras, being screwed by these turkeys in Washington. And you’re waiting for the next election?

    Look, U.S. Presidents have been evading the Constitution and Supreme Court for a Century. As we know, most Congressmen go to the highest bidder!

    Look, you’ve got to get more aggressive. We, here in Honduras can’t wait for the next U.S. election to hope you guys choose better!

    From Tegucigalpa